Tonight’s scrimmage

Chip Towers did a nice job setting up where fall prep is at with what he wrote yesterday:

At this point, the Bulldogs are pretty much done with playbook installation. They’ll put the finishing touches knowing the playbook this morning, prepare for tomorrow’s scrimmage this evening, then finalize the few remaining gray areas as far as playing time through the competition of the Saturday scrimmage. By Monday they’ll get hot and heavy into Clemson game plan preparation.

In other words, today’s scrimmage is a pretty big deal.

There should be a little more energy and motivation for Saturday’s scrimmage. It promises to be the most intense and competitive of preseason as players will be battling for last few spots on the team that can expect to play against Clemson.

“In essence when you say your first- and second team is set for today’s practice, you’re saying if today was the game who would be going.” Richt said. “So I would say we’re close in that regard. There’s some guys that may be missing a practice or two for whatever reason and will be back soon, so you’ve got to factor that in, I guess.”

In some cases, like the offensive line, it sounds like it’s more about figuring out where the starters will be deployed than who the starting five may be.  Then, despite yesterday’s trollfest here, there’s the issue of who Mason’s backup will be.  But when you get to the defensive backfield, whether it’s because of how Pruitt has talked about his charges, or the way he’s trained kids at multiple positions, it’s hard to see who’s got anything in hand, other than Swann.  So, it’ll be interesting to find out which DBs hit the field this evening.



UPDATE:  Gentry Estes gives us five names to keep an eye on.



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19 responses to “Tonight’s scrimmage

  1. gatorhater27

    From Towers: “Clemson is freely sharing its injury information with the press, which of course represents the public’s right to know in this relationship.”

    Does the public really have a right to know? Seems to me it might be quite the opposite when it comes to someone’s health.


    • rob10274

      While the public may feel it has a right to know it certainly does not outweigh CMR right to not discuss team business to the degree where it could give the opposing team some valued intel


    • He really means the press’s right to know, which is baloney in substance and honesty. Journalists hide behind ‘the public’ to cloak themselves in moral purity. Since when does a college football injury affect anything other than the player, and college football.


  2. I don’t know how it could be more interesting. Hopefully we’ll have some good reports by nightfall.

    Secondary, LG, TE/ H, backup QB, all need answers.


  3. Olelineman

    Davis, the current walk on, future All American, will likely have 6 interceptions today. The way Coach Pruitt talks about this kid, Can’t wait! Hopefully some other walk ons can makes some plays today on defense.


    • Cojones

      That’s interesting. Gets the heartbeat going right away. That’s something worth noting, not whether players are picked for a position yet. Monday we will begin to get answers by observing who is involved most at positions training for Clemson. Until then, I’m praying for no injuries during the determination phase.

      The O could run all over the D today. What then? Does coaching and player-blaming begin early, before we even get through Fall Practice? Hell no. Pruitt will be picking guys for positions until gametime and it won’t affect us nor the media as to how long he takes.

      Folks, we’ve waited this long, why not wait until kickoff? I like surprises, especially if it blows the other teams practices out of the water.


      • Pruitt will be picking guys for positions until gametime …

        There may be several. Not only that, some that don’t start may play significant roles in the game.

        The biggest question I have is, who can play? How many do we have on defense, at all positions, that can do it right? That’s what I wanna know. I’m hoping we have more than 11, maybe even closer to 30 for this game. Because that’s what we need.

        We’ll really have to wait ’til the second scrimmage is over to get a good, close look at where we are, IMO, with many of these positions. But this is no ordinary first scrimmage. A lot is on the line today.


    • Duglite

      Wasn’t Richard Tardits a walkon for Erk Russell?


  4. Olelineman

    Kind of think the backup Qb battle is a foregone conclusion. Guarantee you Coach Richt will not name the depth chart after the scrimmage today, so it won’t really matter. Coach has made up his mind at Qb, it’s Hutson Mason, even if Mason goes 2 for 16. Let’s go Hutson–4 year back up to starter let’s get it done.


  5. Cojones

    Why the pressure on the backup QB? If Mason gets hurt, a QB will be designated to take his place. If CMR wants to keep that close to the vest, then I’m with him running his own ship without pressure from media, fans or administration. If he waits until the need; fine. If he waits until the season starts; fine. If media says he can’t make up his mind; fine. Screw them.

    CMR is running this team bus. He can let the curious know whenever he wants. Media-driven inquiries are boring as hell, trolling and waiting for the hanger-ons to twist their underwear waiting for an answer.


    • Like Ole said, we won’t see a depth chart. And even if we did it wouldn’t mean all that much for the backup QB. Who’s ahead after today isn’t even important to me. I just wanna know how they did. And I need more than stats to find that out.

      The backup QB battle will be ongoing all year.


      • merk

        Better that way, though. As one of the guys who is a current back-up will have to start next season, regardless of how great or crappy Mason is.


  6. Hopefully, we’ll know who the backup is somewhere in the middle of the 3rd quarter on September 20 when Troy shows up.


    • I Wanna Red Cup

      I would rather know with about 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter of the Clemmons game. Wait…I thought everyone knew who should be the back up QB at G Day….


      • Oh, no – everyone knew that Bauta outplayed Mason at G-Day. He should be the starter according to some expert commenters.

        I’ll take 4 minutes to go against Clemson because that assumes the game is well in hand.


    • I think the only way it’ll be settled this season is if Mason goes down. They’ll continue to battle it our for snaps all year, IMO.


  7. uglydawg

    Mason will go down for at least a play or two. CMR may have two guys to call on, depending on what kind of defense he’s seeing from the other team and what the score…time left, etc. are. Whoever he chooses to send out there, he’ll be wearing a red helmet with a “G” on it.


  8. Macallanlover

    I don’t care who is the backup QB today, or in October. I only want top know that we have 2-3 guys who are tightly grouped and showing improvement weekly. I want them to all get some snaps this season but I want the competition to continue until they are needed, and that shouldn’t be until next summer.

    I know that won’t happen because young men progress at different levels but there is simply no need to publicly identify any of them as #2….just a changing, temporary pick all of which have different strengths and are getting more comfortable with every passing month. Screw the media and fans who have to know any more than that our staff is pleased and confident in the backups. Mainly I hope for no serious injuries.