Yeah, that’s a good one.

Hey, did you hear the one about about ESPN’s survey of all 65 power-conference football coaches (including Brian Kelly) in which a bunch of ’em claimed they’d prefer to have only power conference opponents on the schedule?



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  1. Duglite

    I wonder why CMR voted no. UGA almost does it now.


  2. stick jackson

    To paraphrase the old The Onion classic, “Why do these MAC and Sun Belt coaches keep putting themselves on my schedule?”


  3. Slaw Dawg

    Les Miles voted “yes”? The same Les Miles who’s afraid to play Florida every year? The same Les Miles whose team’s 2013 out of conference slate featured Kent State, UAB and Furman, and who will play Sam Houston, UL Monroe and NM State this year? Who is he trying to fool?

    Geez. I wonder what the vote would have been if the balloting had been secret?


    • Dog in Fla

      “Who is he trying to fool?”

      No one. It’s just a side-effect of the grass they’ve been feeding him. They plan on shifting him over to organic but to placate the sponsor they’re not going to start full-on organic until after the 2014 AdvoCare Texas Kickoff against Wisconsin because they’re supplementing his dietary intake with heavy doses of cheese now


  4. Cosmic Dawg

    It’s not unreasonable to think some of them might have voted yes and meant it. If your win percentage is being judged relative to the other programs, then so long as the field is level your job is no more or less safe than before. If the win total for job security in the SEC became 8 or 9 because everybody was playing better opponents, it wouldn’t be quite so bad.

    Additionally, you should expect SEC coaches to be behind it, because the increased competition would not increase so much that they’d lose a lot more games – East Carolina and Wake Forest are both wins for SEC teams, by and large, just closer games. However, lesser teams in the other conferences and Kentucky would be trading cupcakes for losses.

    It may be that CMR likes giving the smaller teams the opportunities and likes the chance to play in-state and regional teams. His son was a QB for a small college, IIRC.


  5. This one is easy. Sure the coaches will say they want challenging schedules. They’re very manly guys. It’s those dastardly athletic directors who schedule cupcakes.


    • 69Dawg

      +1 This is a great example of listen to what I say, don’t look at what I do. Les is just a big hypocrite. I personally think that all the now DI schools in Georgia should have to play each other. Why should Georgia and Tech pay millions of dollars to out of state schools to roll over, hell keep the money at home. This is a job for the state legislature (sarcastic font)