What happens in Athens, stays in Athens.

At least that’s how Nick Marshall says it works.

One thing that never crossed Marshall’s mind?

The off-field incident that brought his career at Georgia to a close in February 2012.

The details of that never became public, with the Bulldogs only citing it as a “violation of team rules.” Reportedly, it involved Marshall and two others (defensive back Chris Sanders and receiver Sanford Seay) stealing money from a teammate’s dorm room. Following his dismissal, he spent one season at Hutchinson Community College in Kansas before transferring to Auburn last year.

Marshall said he never thought the Georgia incident would factor into Malzahn’s decision on his punishment.

“What happened at Georgia, that’s in the past,” he said. ” … I’m not worried about that right now.”

Based on the punishment Malzahn did hand out, I don’t think Marshall has anything to be worried about right now, no matter where it occurred.


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58 responses to “What happens in Athens, stays in Athens.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    But of course. Meh. Dog bites man.

  2. Boy, it sounds like Nick Marshall has shown real remorse for what happened in Athens. He fits in perfectly on the Plains.

  3. Ben

    I have always wondered which teammaye they stole from. Has that information ever come out?

  4. ScoreCheck

    On 11/152014 I advise the Dawg Nation to hide your wallets, iPhones, iPads and other valuables.

  5. SirWilliamthe8th

    Nick Marshall leaves UGA where Richt thinks he’s a defensive back, and leads Auburn to the BCS Championship.

    Mettenberger, I’m sure you all heard, led the Titans to a late score victory over the Packers over the weekend.

    Murray, well, he went for -2 yards in his debut.

    Senator, might be better not to compare, thanks for the laugh though.

    • Dawgfan Will


      • SirWilliamthe8th

        Too think this guy could have led us for 3 or 4 years:

        • Anon

          Your act is going to get tired quickly.

          • SirWilliamthe8th

            Yes, now you have to think about both sides of an issue, hang in there partner, you’ll be alright homer.

            • Bob

              Comparing NFL exhibition games are we? How about trying the game in Athens last year..you know, one that counted. Goodness, let it go man, just let it go.

              • SirWilliamthe8th

                Richt is a very poor judge of quarterbacks when it comes to picking conference champions, at least since 2005.

                Some coaches like Richt kick guys off, other like Malzahn, sit then for a series, just depends on how the coach wants everyone to perceive them.

                Richt want everyone to think he is above everyone morally, so he’s more drastic than the other guys with his punishment.

                But as far as getting arrested or breaking rules, Richt isn’t teaching morality anywhere near as well as he wants you to think.

                A large part of the responsibility falls on Richt as the recruiter and Head Coach and moral teacher.

                85% of issues are management.

                • Careful Brad

                  I’d like to respond but I’m still trying to figure out your opening statement. Does Richt get to pick the conference champion quarterback?
                  If you are trying to say he is a poor judge of quarterbacks, I’d say you are very wrong. Stafford was a #1 pick, you think Mettenberger is better than Murray because of one preseason game but head to head it’s 1-0 Murray and Murray was drafted ahead of Mett, also John Eason is one of the top recruits of 2016 and he picked UGA all the way from WA specifically because of Richt’s ability to develop quarterbacks.

        • Ben

          Assuming he doesn’t get in trouble again after being able to get away with lying to the via the first time.

        • Dawgfan Will


    • Greg

      Nick Marshall will continue to be a productive QB in Auburn’s offense, but he has no shot to be an NFL QB. None.

      Right now, he’s too busy doin’ his thang at Auburn to think about his future. If that future was going to be in football, it would have been at defensive back. Oh well, he has the next 4 or 5 decades to think about the consequences of his mistake at UGA. Right now, that’s the furthest thing from his mind, but there will come a day when reality will strike and he will be become bitter about those who “used him and were not looking out for his future.” Of course, he will never accept any responsibility for his own mistakes. It’s always someone else’s fault.

      • SirWilliamthe8th

        Right now, it’s not looking good for Murray making the cut, so what’s your point?

        • James Stephenson

          If Murray does not make the cut in the NFL. He will be coaching football somewhere. If you think for a second that Marshall is going to be an nfl QB, I got a bridge to sell you.

          • Ben

            Or, for that matter, coaching anywhere.

          • W Cobb Dawg

            Comparing marshall and AM is indeed a fools errand.

            AM was an early enrollee, remained a top student for his entire time at UGA, and I think picked up at least 1 advanced and/or post grad degree. If he quit football today he’d have a load of job and career offers. Considering his work ethic, its likely he’ll be a leader in whatever field he selects. Like all of us, AM will have his share of problems in life. But its doubtful money and career achievement will be among those problems. He’s worked hard to capitalize on his opportunities.

            If marshall doesn’t make it in the nfl, and IF marshall gets a degree from auburn, he might be able to get a mid level job. If you think petty theft and smoking weed leads to career advancement, put your money on marshall.

  6. CannonDawg

    Cam’s past was never an issue. Why should Malzoom concern himself with Nick’s?

    Answer: He won’t.

  7. SirWilliamthe8th

    I think the plan is to sit Marshall for the first series of the 1st game for getting caught with pot.

    This article can’t take away my pain from the dagger Marshall wielded on that hailmary to take us down:

    P.S. Hope Aaron makes the cut in KC, doesn’t look good…..the other 3 quarterbacks in KC looked terrific over the weekend.

    • gastr1

      He might sit for the first play, even. This would surprise you?

      • SirWilliamthe8th

        Didn’t surprise me one bit, he was just smoking a J, I’d had given him a warning.

        • gastr1

          I’m all for legalization, but the thing is, it’s illegal where he got caught. And it will always be illegal while driving, anywhere. So…a DUI is still a DUI. One or two plays off for that, yeah, sounds about like Allbarn.

    • Olddawg 55

      Re the “hail Mary”….Auburn gets a bonus in Tray Mathews and Louisville gets the other part of the tandem that tipped the ball…had nothing to do with Murray’s play that was superb in that game.

  8. WarD Eagle

    What is Marshall’s punishment? All I’ve ever read was that he was being held out of some portion of the sasnakrA game. I’ve never heard the details on the other expectations.

    • SirWilliamthe8th

      He doesn’t get to start the Arky game, that’s his punishment. He’ll sit as long as Auburn’s winning easily, if the game tightens up, Marshall’s coming in.

      It was just smoking a J or something minor.

  9. Malzahn has shown that he is no different than the rest of the people at Auburn. Of course he wasn’t going to suspend Marshall for the Arkansas game, we all knew that the whole time Malzahn pretended to agonize over the decision.

    If the opener was a cupcake? Yeah, he probably would’ve, because it would look good. They’ve tried to make out that things are different under Malzahn, in terms of discipline, morals, standards, etc. But they aren’t.

    The way Auburn wrote it’s drug policy, players who are caught smoking don’t get suspended. Yet they get to claim one of the toughest drug policies around. It is tough on hard drugs like cocaine and heroin, which football players don’t do, but the policy excludes marijuana, lol. How very convenient. Pretty slick, I might say.

    Auburn is the way it’s always been. Anything to win, just don’t get caught. In this case, they don’t even have to break their own rule.

    • Mayor

      Ivy, we’re the one’s with the crazy policy. Sit a kid down for a big game and maybe lose the game for lack of his participation–that’s our policy–for the kid doing the same thing that everybody else on campus, including faculty, is doing with impunity. Hell, 2 states have legalized pot already. 10 years from now it will be legal in every state in the Union.

  10. Mayor

    This is the point I was trying to make a couple of weeks ago about how CMR metes out “discipline,” but didn’t get it across very well. Where’s the real punishment? A Dawg player does something he shouldn’t have done, maybe even something pretty bad ,like stealing or choking a girl. The HC kicks him off the team immediately without even an attempt at internal punishment. Charges either never get filed or get dropped altogether. The player then gets a scholarship offer from a major college with a pretty damn good team–maybe even plays for that team and has a big role against Georgia in a game. Maybe even beats the Dawgs in a game. I repeat–where’s the real punishment? Except, that is, to the Georgia Bulldog football team and its fans, of course.

    • Macallanlover

      Mayor, you would be so much more comfortable on The Plains, or following Corch around wherever he goes. Those type of losers always justify having no morals or character if it results in Ws. They just don’t mean that much to the rest of us, I would rather drop football as a program than sell my ethics and stand for nothing…nada. You continually spew this crap and only a few other lost souls are buying it. You want to get the the wins and titles up take a stand against the SEC and NCAA that doesn’t make others adhere to the laws. Maybe you and loser, Billy the eighth can get a pair of tickets to all of Auburn’s games. You can wallow in the gutter but don’t expect others to join you.

      • Olddawg 55

        Well said, Mac. Mayor probably would agree with Germany’s reationale of the end justifies the means…Mayor, just re-read your comments…and if you’ve ever had to supervise young men and guide them maybe you’d change your mind…I’d hope so.

        • Mayor

          55, you misconstrue my meaning (Mac is incapable of rational thought so this is not directed to him). I am all in favor of disciplining players when they need it. But where is it written in the Constitution that UGA must always do it in a way that maximizes the negative impact on the team? You kick the bad actor off in such a way that he can go anywhere he wants–and he ends up playing against Georgia. Plus, since he never got punished in Athens and he doesn’t get punished at his new school–he doesn’t get punished at all. We need to reexamine how we do it so this Mettenberger/ Marshall/soon-to-be Taylor thing doesn’t continue to come back to bite us on the rear. Also, is it “punishment” for a player to be sat down for a game? He either is allowed to dress with the team and watch the game from the sideline or doesn’t dress out and watches it on TV laying in bed with his girlfriend. Some punishment! I say run ’em til their tongues hang out–clean all the stalls in Sanford–something really unpleasant that will get their attention. Missing a game doesn’t get anyone’s attention–UGA players have proved that time and again. The UGA “policy” on discipline is like having a 55 MPH speed limit with traffic cops citing anyone who goes 56 and above. Why don’t we save it for violations that really mean something? The only thing the present policy accomplishes is to put the Georgia team at a competitive disadvantage.

          • Macallanlover

            You really don’t get it do you? You don’t let the sadness of someone being punished cause you to allow everyone to act badly just to get an easier win. I don’t like the damned drinking laws or the pot laws either, but use your efforts to change the bad laws because, unlike Emperor Barry, you don’t get to decide which laws get enforced. UGA has taken this position, it isn’t changing. Grow up or move on to the folks who allow thugs behavior if it means a win. You are in no position to define “rational thought” with your continual rant that puts you far closer to your rivals than your own program. People change, you will much happier, and aligned, with Auburn; they feel exactly like you. You can go on Rivals or Scout and hear your philosophy espoused daily, lot of kinfolk for you to hang with. But you are out of touch with UGA on this, and have been for many years.

  11. Debby Balcer

    Mayor I don’t want to win with people who give UGA the thugga reputation. Mettenberger was convicted. The others only got away because people chose not to prosecute.

    • SirWilliamthe8th

      If you’ll remember, Mark Richt was known as the team drunk when he played at Miami, so he’s not the Saint he wants everyone to think he is.

      Richt violated team rules at Miami, and his Coach showed him grace to only suspend him for 1 game.

      Richt has not shown the same grace to others as he was shown.

  12. I see that Thomas Brown changed his name again.

    • SirWilliamthe8th

      Thanks for the irrelevant comment.

      By the way, did you know Richt used t be a bartender in Miami?

      Saint? Richt makes Nick Marshall look like Mother Teresa.

  13. I see Thomas Brown hasn’t changed his game again.

    • SirWilliamthe8th

      Man, no one on this blog has any debate skills.

      • SirWilliamthe8th

        Pretty good bet the 1st person (Hi Dawg19), to try and accuse someone else of being someone else, probably is that person, so Dawg19, you must be the Thomas Brown you speak of, nice to meet you Thomas.

      • “Debate”? As we like to say at GTP, I do not think that word means what you think it means.

        I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here.

      • roswelldawg

        You are the one without the debate skills. Making inflammatory statements without any documentation. Debate involves presenting facts in the context of critical thinking. You are simply a douche bag.

  14. Athens Dog

    Dual threat QB: ability to smoke weed and steal from team mates.

  15. uglydawg

    Will Rogers never met SirWilliamthe8th.

  16. Spike

    We have a winner with AthensDog!

  17. sUGArdaddy

    Thank you, Senator. The funniest comment was about Richt picking QBs. Um, didn’t he pick both Mett AND Murray?