That explains it.

From Paul Myerberg’s Louisville preview:

So the defense needs help; the secondary in particular needs help. That’s not a concern to Parker, obviously, and not really a concern to the staff, and not really a concern to this program: Louisville has shifted from defense-first to offense-always…

If you’re not concerned, Grantham’s your guy.

I bet that was one helluva job interview.  His 2013 resume must have thrilled Petrino.




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15 responses to “That explains it.

  1. @gatriguy

    Petrino, for all his a-holeness, can score some points. He must have a lot of confidence that we can win a lot of 45-42 games. For the life of me, I can’t understand what Louisville saw that looked so appealing.


  2. Noonan


    Bobby P: “We are looking for a mediocre coordinator who is particularly bad at coaching the secondary. Salary is a million a year.”

    Grantham: “Where do I sign?”


  3. Chadwick

    Did I read Myerberg correctly? Michael Dyer, formerly at Auburn and Arky State?? Louisville is truly home of the misfit toys.


  4. Gravidy

    Semi-serious question: If all of this is true, why dole out the huge salary? They could have gotten “afterthought-level” defensive coordination for a lot less.


  5. mwo

    I don’t care how big a douche Petrino is. I was mad when he left the Falcons like he did but he more than made up for that with the hiring of Grantham.


  6. CardDawg

    I get, for whatever reason, that there are high hopes among the UGA faithful, for a dump truck of schadenfreude to run over CTG.

    As a Louisville grad/fan and a UGA follower, it is a strange position to be in. However, those hoping for that dump truck may be disappointed as I think how he’s measured here will be different from from there.

    With Petrino’s propensity at coaching offense and the weapons he has this year, as long as the defense is average we’re going to be fine.

    Granted, after getting used to Chuck Strong’s defenses the past few years, it will be an adjustment. But having a video game offense to offset those changes will be pretty nice.


  7. Mike Cooley

    I don’t see how Petrino can get his offense to score with any more rapidity and consistency that Bobo and Murray had us scoring last year. Especially early on. And it still just about wasn’t enough.


  8. Mudcats Impala...

    A freakin’ million dollars for nothing…SMDH, Grantham’s agent must have a deal with the devil. Louisville isn’t even acting like they GAS about defense…. Wow…


  9. 3rdandGrantham

    As I’ve been saying for a few years, CTG reminds me a lot of that sales guy. You know, the one who looks the part, talks the part, does all sorts of b.s. brown nosing and such at various meetings throughout the year, and can even spit out crafty, motivational group emails on occasion. But when it comes down to actual sales numbers and performance, he’s mediocre at best while still garnering all sorts of praise.

    After a few years, he moves on to another company (just as they’re finally starting to figure him out) and starts the process all over again. Often for more money to boot.