Getting pounded: it must be mid-preseason camp.

Damn, Reggie. (AJC photo by Chip Towers)

Athens is Walking Wounded City today. Per Chip Towers:

  • The most notable new injury appears to be Reggie Davis. The sophomore wide receiver had his left hand completely clubbed up in a cast. No details on the severity and/or extend of the injury — hopefully coach Mark Richt will provide some when he speaks to reporters after the morning practice — but obviously it’s never good to see that at a position required to use those hands on every play.

  • Lots of green, non-contact jerseys among the receiving corps, including Isaiah McKenzie, Chris Conley, Kenneth Towns, Justin Scott-Wesley and walkon Clay Johnson. There was good news at that position, however, as Jonathan Rumph was back in a regular jersey and looks to be fully cleared.

  • Some more good news on the injury front: Cornerback Shattle Fenteng is out of green and back to practicing full speed and all of Georgia’s tight ends were a full go without limitations, including frequent absentee Jordan Davis.

  • Another new member of the green jersey club, at least from my observation, is outside linebacker Davin Bellamy. But he was fully dressed out and appeared to be participating. He’s out for the first two games via suspension for his DUI arrest this summer. Safety Dominick Sanders remained in green.

  • Fullback Merritt Hall was not on the field at all this morning, and there is increasing evidence that he may be out for a while. That starts with the fact that Detric Bing-Dukes said yesterday that his move to fullback from inside linebacker is for the entire season.

  • Speaking of the fullbacks, the order in which running backs coach Bryan McClendon was working them Wednesday was senior walkon Taylor Maxey with the first team, followed by fellow walkons Cameron Faulkner and Christian Payne and then finally Bing-Dukes.

  • The Bulldogs were missing noseguard Chris Mayes and Lamont Gaillard again this morning. Mayes’ absence should start becoming a bit of a concern at this point. Georgia hasn’t said what his malady is but he, too, has had past problems with concussions.

Man, that’s dizzying.  Can’t make Pruitt’s task any easier, either.

And this just popped up on Twitter.

I sure hate to hear that.  Sincerely hope there are no long-term consequences for Hall.



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15 responses to “Getting pounded: it must be mid-preseason camp.

  1. Rival

    Hate it for Merritt. DGD


  2. Wow, sad for Merritt Hall, but I just hope he doesn’t have any long term effects from the concussions. Best wishes to you, Mr. Hall, thanks for being a DGD.


  3. Rebar

    Hate to hear that about Hall, be was a baller.


  4. AusDawg85

    Damn shame for Hall.

    Beginning to think there is something toxic in the pool water…?


  5. Dog in Fla

    Getting pounded: PH™


  6. DawgPhan

    Sorry to hear that. Bummer.


  7. DWH

    Wow looks like the Injury Bug isn’t going to even wait til the start of the regular season to start screwing us again


  8. Joe Schmoe

    What is it with UGA and having injuries cluster on a single position? One year it’s the OL, one year the RBs, one year the secondary, and this year it looks like the WRs. Pretty shitty luck.


  9. Haywood Jablome

    With all those new green jerseys today it must have been a rough day at the pool


  10. HVL Dawg

    Nobody’s blamed Tereshinski yet?


    • Dog in Fla

      Needs more pickaxe

      Quote Of The Day
      “I think he thought of it maybe in a dream or something. How can we torture the hurt guys today?” — Jay Rome, speaking of Joe Tereshinski’s pickaxe drill, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 8/9/14


  11. Debby Balcer

    Praying Merritt suffers no long term effects.


    • Olddawg 55

      Hate to see it happen to a young man like Hall..DGD and a former walk-on. One “good consequence” to the situation is the next three at the position are walk-ons (counting Bing-Duke as a trainee) and hope they bring the “Hall” determination to the position. Go Dawgs!


  12. Jim

    Hate it for Hall. Good thing we signed so many players and now we are at 82-83 scholarships. Wait, what?

    Seriously does anyone have a count relative to the cap of 85? We’ve got to be in the mid 70s but that is just a guess.


  13. CannonDawg

    Glad that Merritt Hall is stepping away before incurring any additional risk. We all love this game of college football, but as the medical science improves re:concussions, it’s not worth the possible long-term affects when a player is found to have a history of concussions. Good luck, Merritt.

    On another note, UGA lost a great halfback from the Sixties in Bob Taylor last week. Taylor was on the scoring end of the flea-flicker that beat Bama in 1965. He was a fierce competitor on the field, and a terrific person off it. RIP, Bob Taylor #24.