Todd Gurley’s 2014 numbers

Bovada has post some over/under player stats.  Here’s what it’s got for Todd Gurley:

NCAA 2014-2015 Season -Total Rushing Yards – Todd Gurley (Georgia)          

Over/Under                               1260½


NCAA 2014-2015 Season -Total Rushing Touchdowns – Todd Gurley (Georgia)

Over/Under                               13½

Looks like some baby-splitting going on there, based on his first two years’ production.  If he stays healthy, those numbers are way below his freshman results.

Would you put money on it, either way?



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20 responses to “Todd Gurley’s 2014 numbers

  1. IAmAGurleyMan

    Even if he stays healthy, he will may have trouble with those numbers because of his use in the passing game. His total yards should demolish his freshman year, even with the RB depth behind him.


  2. DawgPhan

    I think over on the rushing yards and probably under on the rushing tds.

    Gurley is talking 2k yards. I hope he gets it.


  3. Mayor

    Take the over on both.


  4. Kevin

    I think I would take the over on both.


  5. americusdawg

    I’d take the over on both. But my betting history shows that I’d be wrong either way.


  6. Juan

    Both under. He’ll miss at least 3 more games this season.


  7. Mark

    Depends on how good the other RBs turn out to be. If anyone is close to Gurley, then the coaches will want to make sure Gurley is healthy late by using him less. That will impact his numbers.


  8. gatorhater27

    Mark Richt hasn’t picked a championship caliber running back in 8 years!! (Sorry, the Bauta trollfest from earlier this week is still in my head.)

    I’ll take the under on the rushing yards and TDs; I think he’ll be more of a factor in the passing game this season.


  9. SouthGaDawg

    Yds – under, TD’s over. If they are both over, look out CF Playoff.


  10. No, I wouldn’t! Why? Health issues. He could end his UGA career right up there with Herschel or he could be Robert Edwards and that’s not a knock on Edwards…freakishly great but injuries. Seeing studs like Gurley and Edwards banged up like they have been makes me appreciate, even more, how tough and how much physically tougher Herschel was than his competition. It also makes me appreciate how all all the positions have gotten bigger, faster, stronger…tougher.


  11. Gravidy

    I’m not a betting person. But my guess is definitely under on the yards, and I’m less sure about the TDs, but I’d probably go over.

    My rationale (such as it is) is that he just won’t get that many carries. I’m hoping that is because of the overwhelming talent of the other members of the backfield, but it may be because of injury. He could also see reduced carries because of increased use in the passing game.

    The reason I think he might go over on the TDs is that I believe he’ll be in the game in goal line situations more so than the other backs.


    • IWanaBDaveGrohl

      I agree on the goal line situations, which is why I think the TD’s are an easy over if he stays healthy. He may get close to if not surpass 20, which would put him in line to pass Tebow if he stays for his senior year.

      I’m less sure on the yardage, but for a guy with 100 yard per game career average, 13 games minimum gives him 1300+ yards. 14 games mean he’d only have to average 90.1 yards, and 15 games would mean 84.1 yards per game. Marshall had 750 yards as a freshman, and Gurley still had 1400. I think Douglas and at least one of Chubb and Michel will get a few carries also. But I still think Todd finds a way to top 1260.


  12. sUGArdaddy

    Can someone please explain to me how/why Gurley is seen as ‘not durable?’ He played his entire freshman season uninjured, toted it A LOT, and pretty much dominated from Buffalo to Nebraska.

    Last year, he gutted it out to finish the Clemson game, then came back from an injury most RBs don’t (the dreaded high ankle sprain), pretty much scored the first time he touched it back in the Florida game and carried us the rest of the season. He was obviously not healthy the last half of the season but was a warrior.

    He never got hurt in high school. He looks to be in the best shape of his life. Lord have mercy. I mean, IC was a bit of a queen (though I thought it was overplayed among our fanbase, too), but these thoughts on Gurley are ridiculous. He’s the most talented back we’ve had since #34. Herschel missed a few games, too, you know. Gracious I don’t understand people.


  13. W Cobb Dawg

    I look for Gurley to have an outstanding year. Because he’s an outstanding player, and he rises to the challenge if he’s on the field.


  14. Keese

    Tough one. I say between the dink/dunk passing from mason, teams zeroing in on RB and the limit of carries letting the young studs get PT….under on both


  15. Macallanlover

    I am just not that into individual stats in football because the overall situations are made for the team’s benefit based on what is needed. I would rather see an overall UGA rushing total, say 2000+ yards, and passing yards to RBs and FBs. Those numbers will be more of a reliable predictor to our success. I hope we don’t have to rely on any one player to rush for 2000 yards because it would mean the offense, and/or defense, did not jell.


  16. Cojones

    Don’t you think that in some games where we outmatch our opponent Gurley will run up good yardage just to help the average in the Heisman balloting? Funny how we can look at everything several ways when we openly worry about injury. If he’s getting yards in the first half and it still may be called a contest, I could see him running gangbusters in the second half; however, if it isn’t a contest by halftime then fear of injury could have him pulled for the second half.

    No matter the situation, there’s reasons for and against him running on every play. Can’t you just hear the announcer warning that something bad can happen with him tiring, that the game is no longer in doubt and he should come out or he may start planning for the next game at our coaching’s expense. The players are out there still having fun while we chew our nails or down a 6-pack by halftime and don’t remember drinking the first one.

    I’m with you, Mac, in that watching for stats to roll up just to please the announcers is folly and a bad way to watch the sport. Two cookies by halftime should mellow the game flavor. It will certainly be considered. I take them medicinally to save my liver for the SECCG.


    • Macallanlover

      Don’t partake of the substance, but would like to if I get back to CO again, only used it 2-3 times 35+ years ago. But I did check out the medicine shops when I was out for the UGA game. The whole brownie/cookie thing is weird to me but I guess it is a much more efficient way to use the chemicals. The idea of munching before you get the munchies seems to be cart before the horse type thing. Splitting a cookie with your date, how long has it been since anyone did that?