Wednesday morning buffet

Another day, another buffet line.


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  1. Jeff Sanchez

    Wow – RBR and the commenters there have some nerve talking “faceplants” for Richt.

    It’s not like Saban hasn’t had some of his own, and aside from his undefeated season, has had twice the luck CMR has had in getting to the MNC game

    • RBR is one of those websites that I stopped perusing a few years ago. There’s a strong contingent over there that could take a conversation about potential peace in the Middle East and twist it into shitting on Richt. I think to be a Bama fan, you’re required to spend more time talking down at other SEC programs than supporting your own.

    • Go Dawgs!

      I mean, I love Mark Richt and am happy he’s our coach, but they’re not wrong.

      • Bulldawg165

        This. At least once a year we completely fail to even get off the bus. It’s unbelievable.

        And “in” before someone pretends like Bama’s recent loss to Oklahoma is even remotely comparable to our hideous losses in years past

        • At least once a year we completely fail to even get off the bus.

          Which 2013 game qualifies for that?

          • Bulldawg165


            • A game they were winning in the fourth quarter qualifies as “not getting off the bus”? Hardly.

              • Bulldawg165

                It’s Vandy senator.

                • Bulldawg165

                  You can’t disregard the significant inherant advantages we enjoy over such a program. Do you also think Florida showed up for the GSU game because they only lost by 6?

                • Vandy won more games in 2013 than Georgia did.

                  Look, I get that the loss was an extreme disappointment. But it’s not anywhere in the same “didn’t show up” vicinity as SC ’12.

                  • Bulldawg165

                    I will concede that 2013 ranks at the top of “seasons since 2006 where we don’t crap our pants” but that is pretty much the equivalent of “least sweaty fat-chick”

                    Also, I noticed that you only brought up 2013. Are you conceding that my point holds true for every season from 2006-2012?

                    • Absolutely.

                      I just think one notable takeaway from last season was that it was the first time in a long while the team showed up for every game. No blowouts.

                    • pantslesspatdye

                      Generally speaking, I disagree about the Vandy game in a measured, nuanced way. However, I had a good chuckle about the least sweaty fat chick.

                  • Preach it Senator….let me add that I think most teams have this don’t get off the bus game every year…not all, but most.

                    • Bulldawg165

                      “let me add that I think most teams have this don’t get off the bus game every year…not all, but most.”

                      For each of the following SEC programs, can you compile a list of face-plants similar to the list I compiled immediately below at 10:42?

                      1) Bama
                      2) LSU
                      3) South Carolina
                      4) Florida (you have a couple from 2013, but not many)
                      5) Auburn (this might actually be possible, so maybe you can bat 20% with this list)

                      One or two games over the past decade isn’t the same. I need at least 1or 2 games EACH YEAR like the ones I listed.


          • Bulldawg165

            Or Nebraska. Take your pick

            • A five-point loss to a team with the same record? That equates to SC 2012? Puh-leeze.

              • Bulldawg165

                Of course it isn’t equal to SC 2012, Boise/LSU 2011, UCF/Colorado 2010, Florida/Tennessee 2009, Florida/Bama 2008, SC/Tennessee 2007, Vandy/Kentucky/Tennessee 2006…..

                To be fair, 2013 Vandy was the least of all the UGA collapses for the past ten years, but it was still pretty hideous. If it weren’t for the above mentioned games I could chalk it up to “just one of those really bad days.” Unfortunately, it’s just another face-plant in the long list over the past decade.

                • No reply button above, but if Carolina and Uf have not had bad losses the last few years, how has UGA won the East so many times? .Roughly half of Richt’s tenure, BTW. I do not have the time nor the want to to go back and see if I thought they had so called not getting off the bus games. Carolina has won 11 games 3 years in a row, I do not recall seeing them in the Dome, did they spit the bit along the way?

                  Obviously we may have to just agree to disagree that Richt has many more of these so called bad games than all the others…all the while his record in the SEC stacks up well over his tenure.

                  • Bulldawg165

                    I’m not talking about “bad” games here, dude. Every team has those. Stop setting up straw men. I’m talking about games where we didn’t even get off the dang bus. There’s a difference and if you can’t see it then yes, we’re done here.

                    • Bob

                      What part of blowing a 24 point lead at home against Auburn isn’t a faceplant of monumental proportions? How about getting drilled like no one’s business by a very good, but hardly great Utah? And yup, OU does count. Not to mention begging for one more second only to have fat lineman get blown by on a game winning missed FG return. Some pretty epic faceplanting if you ask me.

                      We have clearly faceplanted before. But Bama is hardly immune to the disease…LA Monroe ring a bell?

                    • Bulldawgs165

                      LA Monroe and Utah are the only ones I’d call face plants. Over the course of what, 6-7 years now?

                      And how does OU count as a face plant? They were down by a touchdown with a chance to tie it up with a minute to go against the team that ended up ranked #6 in the country. You’re reaching monumentally with this one and the 2013 iron bowl.

                      They lost to SEC champion Auburn in 2010 and 2013 by a combined ten points. Sorry dude, the games are for 60 minutes so you can’t just ignore what they did in the first half of the 2010 game. If you think the second half was as bad as SC 2012 then I agree, but I’ve been talking about entire game performances here, so to me they lost by 3 to the national champions.

                      But since we’re only talking about halves of games, maybe you consider the Tech game this year a failure, right? I don’t. But you should based on your logic.

                    • Bulldawgs165

                      While we’re at it, a pretty good Utah team beat Bama by two touchdowns. A pretty good (insert any of the games I mentioned above or below) beat us by 5+ touchdowns.

                      Hardly comparable man. We can still be fans of UGA even if we admit that we typically face-plant a lot more than other teams.

                    • I think we see different differences…no sweat…should be an interesting year…

                • Cosmic Dawg

                  My short list is Colorado, UCF, and that embarrassing disaster in Columbia in 2012. The Boise and LSU games were lousy game planning and some serious unpreparedness / confusion, but I think we at least showed up, IIRC.

            • gatorhater27

              SC inexplicably lost to Tennessee last year got their asses handed to them by FLA in 2012 and lost to a terrible Auburn team in 2011. Even during the year they won the East, they lost to Kentucky.

              LSU’s had some pretty crappy losses during the Les Miles era as well. Auburn went winless in the SEC in 2012, so I have no idea why you are including them on your list.

              • Bulldawgs165

                Auburn was a freebie but besides 2012 I don’t think you can name very many massive face plants they have had.

                As to your other examples, let me repeat myself. I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT PLAYING POORLY. I’m talking about completely and utterly failing to even get off the bus. There is a difference. I have no idea why people continually point to a bad game by other teams and act like it’s comparable to SC 2012 or Tennessee 2007/2009 or Florida/Bama 2008. It’s mind numbing.

                Some of you are so ingrained in your beliefs that your mind won’t let you interpret dissenting opinions and instead you must morph the opposing arugments into caricatures so that you won’t have to acknowledge their validity.

                • .Dash

                  People have given you tons of great examples of other teams failing to “get off the bus”, and you’re continually twisting the criteria around to make your original conceit stick, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. You’re wrong dude. Get over it.

                  • Bulldawg165

                    Tons of examples of schools losing close games to top ten teams? Ok dude. Even still, I pointed out uga games from every year 2006-2013 and a few clowns pointed out one or two by other programs in that timeframe.

                    You’re completely unreasonable if you think one game by Bama against ULM in 2006 compares to the ten I gave. You’re also delusional if you think losing by less than a touchdown to a top 5 team (iron bowls 2010 and 2013) is “failing to get off the bus.” If they built up a 24 point lead without getting off the bus then color me impressed LOL. Not to mention that they ended up losing because auburn began playing lights out and not because they started playing uninspired. Regardless, 3 point loss to the eventual national champions isn’t a flop, no matter how you try so desperately to slice and dice the game to fit your biased agenda.

                    We have multiple from each year except 2013, while other teams have 1-2 TOTAL.

                    Stop feeding me and yourself BS.

        • Slaw Dawg

          Yep. Reluctant as I am to admit it, we do seem to have at least one inexplicable “who were they preparing for this week, if anybody?” games per year. We actually got away with one last year (Tech) and almost another (Auburn). Haven’t been able to figure out if Exhibit A should be the Boise game in ’11 (with weeks to prepare) or the Carolina debacle in ’12–or maybe that puzzler in Neyland back in ’07. But most embarrassing hadda be that UCF thing in Memphis-Gawd!

        • Alabama has bee much better that UGA that last 6-7 years, who is arguing that Bama has had as many bad losses?

          • Bulldawg165

            MacallanLover did below at 10:53. I knew it would happen.

            • What did he say that wasn’t true about Bama?

              • Bulldawg165

                If you think those losses by Bama that he mentioned are even remotely comparable to the UGA losses I mentioned from 2006-2012 then there’s no hope.

                • Macallanlover

                  I didn’t actually count anything, points or number of games, I said all teams are susceptible to them, including Bama. And yes, some of them were shockers…just like ours. I would have probably bet my mortgage on Bama against OU after the choke in the Iron Bowl (and yes, Bama was a much better team than AU). I would say it was more likely we get stomped in Columbia than Bama would lay down two games in a row at that stretch of their istory (talent and “process” firmly in place.)

                  • Bulldawg165

                    “and yes, Bama was a much better team than AU”

                    No they weren’t and you have nothing objective to back that statement up with.

    • Bulldawg165

      He’s also had twice the one-loss seasons in half the time

      • Bulldawg165

        should’ve been more clear. This was in response to this comment from Sanchez: “It’s not like Saban hasn’t had some of his own, and aside from his undefeated season, has had twice the luck CMR has had in getting to the MNC game”

    • D.N. Nation

      I like the reasoning that Missouri beat Georgia because Georgia was overconfident. Did RBR see the starting lineup for Georgia that day?

      RBR has a “MARK RICHT CHOKES” narrative that just does not quit. I like the guy on there who was rolling with a “Mark Richt will never win anything because he was emotional at the end of the LSU game” argument for some reason.

  2. Re: Jesse Jackson – that falls under the “Damn, I don’t think I’d have said that” category.

  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ehhhh….Jessie…thanks for the thought, but my personal suspicion is that southern football did a good bit for integration, too. In fact, some folks say Bear did more for integration than you did…course I am sure you doubt that.

    • Cojones

      Absolutely! on the role of CFB and integration. It was one of the greater of the upheaval forces that it took to reverse the worst of it. And I’m proud to say that UGA was in the middle of the movement/upheaval. Of course we couldn’t say too much since the quality of the AAs enrolling was outstanding.

      I remember in ’66-’67 that a Freshman AA on the football team won the trophy for highest average of all athletes at UGA and it was presented at halftime to great applause. It was the largest/tallest trophy I’ve ever seen. He dropped off the team in his Soph year and “I wasn’t good enough.” was his excuse when questioned by The Red and Black.

      There ain’t many humble scholars, folks, and generally they are more vain than top athletes.

  4. Tronan

    The CBS Sports preview is prima facie evidence of why “pundit” sites aren’t worth a brass farthing (Nick Marshall! Nick Marshall! Nick Marshall! “Bo Wallace is this year’s Johnny Football.” Don’t count out the Gatahs!). There’s much, much better analysis here and on many other fan blogs.

  5. Dawg in Beaumont

    When I read Roll Bama Roll I can’t help but picture the writers and commenters all being the metro Atlanta kids we knew who “didn’t test well” and suddenly became huge Bama or Auburn fans during their senior year of high school. The constant Georgia discussion over there is peculiar since we rarely play one another and the “backup school” phenomenon is the only thing I can think to pin it on.

    • That wouldn’t surprise me. I was an active participant there years back but there’s a pretty vocal group of both authors and commenters over there that have, for a lack of better words, a big-time hard-on for dumping on Richt and Georgia football.

      It always struck me as particularly funny that one commenter used to talk about how living in metro-Atlanta he would always hear the “this is our year” commentary from Georgia fans and that annoyed him. Like….no shit dude. You’re living n the heart of the Georgia fanbase. What the hell else do you think they’re going to say? To guys like that, it’s a crime to be excited about your team if you’re not a Bama fan.

  6. Macallanlover
    1. Roll Bama obviously doesn’t realize that material they are surrounded by is actually glass. Their “face plants” recently in games they were highly favored in:: losing to Utah, blown out by OU, choked both the Iron Bowls in 2010, and 2013 (the 2010 face plant included blowing a 4+TD lead at home.) They have a losing record against Richt and the same number of SEC titles during his tenure, and narrowly escaped UGA in the 2012 game with perhaps their best team ever. I respect Bama’s football history but they seem to forget, they aren’t all they think they are. All teams have games they don’t show up for.

    2. Cannot argue with Bill C’s pick, SC at home makes them a close call against UGA. We just have to step it up that day or we may have lost the East, it could be that close. The CBS pick was equally split, could go either way.

    3. Bryant Denny should be rated much higher in that listing, Sanford, BD, and Tiger Stadium are the right grouping at the top. No fan should miss those three stops on a fall afternoon/evening. I would add Kyle Field to that but the poor surrounding landscape requires it be a night game.

    • Bulldawg165

      “Their “face plants” recently in games they were highly favored in:: losing to Utah, blown out by OU, choked both the Iron Bowls in 2010, and 2013”

      1) Against OU, they had the ball with a chance to win with a minute left. That hardly constitutes a blow out

      2) Are you honestly saying that these games compare to Georgia’s blow outs? For easy reference, check out the list I made above at 10:42.

      • Macallanlover

        Yes, they fell as short in those games as we did in ours. They were 17 point favorites against OU and trailed by 2 TDs. Similar against Utah. The 2010 loss against Auburn was worse than ours. Doesn’t matter, the point is we all fail to show up so to pick us as a target is pretty stupid. As stated, given the different rules we play by, UGA hasn’t exactly been Bama’s bitch. Go find someone who has accomplished nothing and stop with the chip on your shoulder thingy. They sound as ignorant and scared as their “yell leader” F Bomb. Can’t they recruit without all the cheap shots and hysteria?

        • Bulldawg165

          Lol. In three out of the four games you mention, Bama either lost by less than a TD or had the ball with a chance to win with less than a minute to play. If you honestly think that’s even remotely comparable to any of these:

          SC 2012,
          LSU 2011,
          UCF/Colorado 2010,
          Florida/Tennessee 2009,
          Florida/Bama 2008,
          SC/Tennessee 2007,
          Vandy/Kentucky/Tennessee 2006

          …then I don’t know what to tell you. There’s “not meeting expectations and playing your best” and then there’s “wetting the bed.” The Bama losses you mentioned generally fall in category 1, whereas these UGA losses fall in category 2.

          • Cojones

            This ain’t no time for parsin’ akercy, Bulldog. You let Mac shade these scores any way he wants. They make us warmer w/o peeing on ourselves.🙂

          • charlottedawg

            I think your most telling stat is the number of one loss seasons for Richt compared to the number vs Saban, especially damning considering the length of tenure at each respective school. Georgia consistently beats itself, Bama doors not. That in a nutshell is the chasm between the two programs.

          • .Dash

            So, it’s not wetting the bed when Bama has a chance to win going in to the final possession, but when it’s UGA that has a chance to win, as is the case in half of those games you’ve listed, suddenly it’s wetting the bed. Nevermind that in the games Bama lost they were huge favorites..

            No one would argue that UGA has been anywhere near as successful as Bama over the last 8 years (no team has come close) but UGA isn’t the only quality SEC school to occasionally get the shit kicked out of them on gameday. It probably just feels that way because you’re a Georgia fan, so it stings more.

            • Bulldawgs165

              ” it’s not wetting the bed when Bama has a chance to win going in to the final possession, but when it’s UGA that has a chance to win, as is the case in half of those games you’ve listed”

              Which one of those games I listed did UGA have a chance to win in the fourth quarter? I believe they were all decided about halfway through the first quarter with the exception of 2013 Vandy (and 2010 Colorado and UCF but if that’s what you’re comparing to Bama vs. Top 5 teams then take a step back and ask yourself if that’s really reasonable).

            • Bulldawgs165

              “but UGA isn’t the only quality SEC school to occasionally get the shit kicked out of them on gameday”

              Typical straw man. This isn’t about OCCASIONALLY wetting the bed. It’s been a 1/2 game occurrence for nearly a decade now (though as Bluto pointed out, 2013 seems to have finally started to dig us out of that hole)

          • Macallanlover

            And I don’t know what to tell you either, if you prefer to roll over and lap at Bama’s Johnson go ahead. I suspect you are one of those fans who felt FU had UGA’s number and bowed down to their loud mouthed fans who had the perspective of all of a dozen years. The point is: all teams have off days, regardless of their coach’s rep. Bama and Saban are no different, sorry, the facts show you to be wrong.

            • Bulldawgs165

              ” if you prefer to roll over and lap at Bama’s Johnson go ahead. I suspect you are one of those fans who felt FU had UGA’s number and bowed down to their loud mouthed fans”

              Nice ad hominem. Glad to see you realize that your logic has run out.

              “all teams have off days, regardless of their coach’s rep”

              Typical straw man. As I’ve said MULTIPLE times, there’s a difference between a bad day and what we’ve seen UGA do at least once or twice each season.

              Bama losing to Auburn by 6 points on a fluke play at the end of the game (or by 3 points to them when they later win the MNC, or by OU on a sack fumble at the end of the game) isn’t comparable to us being down to SC 2012 or UF 2008 by 35 and 46 at the end (before scoring in garbage time with <1-2 minutes left) or Tennessee 2007 where we're down 28-0 at halftime.

              Sorry, you've mostly pointed out games where other teams haven't played well, but if you think we merely "didn't play well" in the games I've mentioned then you're being disingenous and you know it.

              Losing by less than a TD to a top 5 team isn't the same as losing by 30+ to a top 15-20 team.

              • Macallanlover

                Losing by 6 to a team you are better than by 3 TDs is equal to losing by 3-4 TDs in a heads up game. That is the logic you are missing. And teams showing up un-motivated is the same disease regardless of how quickly it kills you. Mostly, that is what we are dealing with, more so than the coach. Saban is as likely to see a team under form as Richt, or other coaches, imo. I realize you feel differently but the case you are presenting is simply not compelling and often misses the point, again, in my opinion.

                • Bulldawg165

                  “Losing by 6 to a team you are better than by 3 TDs ”

                  As I stated above, you have nothing, NOTHING, to back this statement up with besides your subjective opinion.

                  “Saban is as likely to see a team under form as Richt, or other coaches, imo”

                  If underperforming is losing to the eventual national champions by 3 points (in 2010) or the SEC champions by 6 points (2013), or a top ten ranked team by two touchdowns (OU – when you had a chance to win/tie the game with a minute left before a sack/fumble/TD fluke) then I really wish Richt would underperform more.

  7. Dog in Fla

    Mrs. Zant: “Well, I didn’t know. I thought who is this, oh, this looks like Muschamp.” (laughter and joy)

    Best. Overt. Agent. Ever.

    Muschamp took note of their passion for the Gators as he sat down behind a coffee table with dozens of various alligators enclosed in a glass [menagerie] case.

    “My goodness, you guys have gators everywhere,” Muschamp said.

    “That’s a lot of years right there, sir,” replied Peggy.

    While 77-year-old Peggy Zant did most of the talking with Muschamp, Douglas told him that when Muschamp was a kid growing up in Gainesville in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s that he served as a football official in the community.

    “I probably officiated you and didn’t know it,’’ Douglas Zant said.

    “You would have remembered it,’’ Muschamp quipped. (stare. fin)

  8. Ugh. Reading that garbage CBS piece reminded me of something from CFN. And that’s not a compliment.

    So I guess it’s pretty easy to pick out this year’s memes: SC is going to kick ass despite losing a #1 pick on there d-line plus their second best d lineman behind clown face. Plus their starting QB. And effing really, if you claim to be a professional yet refer to Spurrier as some variation of the Head/Old ball coach or some acronym for that you’re an effing tool.

    Where I come from when anyone, let alone a grown man, tries to give himself and then perpetuates his own nickname, he’s a loser of the first order. All these lazy ass “journalists” completely buy into it because the old douche is a quote machine that makes their jobs easier.

    And then of course there’s Florida. The team where the return of a QB that was mediocre at best before he got hurt and hasn’t done jack in his career and the hiring of an OC from freaking Duke is going to obviously lead to a complete turnaround. I swear some of these idiots have Muschamp as on the hottest seat yet are licking UFs nuts.

    And don’t even get me started on the one moron who thinks Yeldon is better than Gurley. Ask Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson how much of a difference that Bama line makes.

    All in all, just a lazy story.

  9. Jon Solomon: Georgia, healthy after being decimated by injuries in 2013, will knock off Alabama in the SEC Championship Game and represent the SEC in the first College Football Playoff.

    I like this guy.