It’s only special teams, but I like it.

Interesting note about Georgia’s scrimmage tomorrow:

The Bulldogs practiced in full pads for two hours Thursday and will hold their second scrimmage tonight and scrimmage special teams Saturday night.

A scrimmage devoted to special teams?  I can’t recall that Richt has done that before, but I must say that if this is an indication that he really means to get serious about improving the unit’s performance, I’m not gonna complain about it.


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  1. GaskillDawg

    I am not complaining, either, but you can be sure that first time the defense allows a couple of TDs someone will complain that we did not practice defense enough. Never underestimate the Dawgnation’s ability to find things to criticize.

    • 202dawg

      This. You can please some all of the time, all some of the time, but not all can be pleased all the time…

      • RocketDawg

        Or if you are some of the folks that comment on here you can please them none of the time. I seriously think that CMR could win 2 or 3 MNC and people on here would want to know why we didn’t have 4 or 5. There is a segment of our fan base that isn’t happy unless they are complaining about something and all that they see is the negative in every situation. Come to think of it they are probably that way in their pathetic real lives as well…..

      • Timphd

        I’m not so sure about pleasing “all some of the time” when it comes to Dawgnation. I am constantly amazed at how some are able to find fault no matter the circumstance. The “yeah but” group in this fan base is pretty large. Definitely glad to see some specific practice of special teams!

      • Macallanlover

        Good comments about the vocal group of negatrons who will always see a black crowd. Certainly there will always be things that we wish had gone differently but the worry warts are a load to carry and make it tougher on the program. Best for us to ignore those who prefer misery to looking forward and enjoy being Dawg fans. We have much to look forward to, why take the low road? Their definition of realism is to be prematurely pessimistic in an effort to not be depressed when something does go wrong, which means they are permanently unhappy about the future. I don’t think that is the way to maximize one’s life. There are far more good things going on with UGA football than negative…..get on the bus and enjoy the ride.

        • Macallanlover

          “black cloud”, obviously.

          • AusDawg85

            Good thing you corrected that or DIF might have started tossing tear gas and shooting rubber bullets at you.

            /stirs pot

            • Dog in Fla

              Exactly! Until Mac’s subconscious auto-corrected itself, for a moment I thought he thought the Ferguson SWAT combat infantrymen were a vocal group of negatrons

              • Skeeter

                I come here for the politics. I stay for the sports.

              • Macallanlover

                Maybe they should have shown up in khakis and polos, after all, I am sure the lawless ones just wanted to dance. I mean a 6′ 3″, 18 year old male resisting authority, pushing and hitting on a policeman while trying to get his weapon should have been given a chance to get the first shot off at an unarmed representative of the community shouldn’t he? How dare a policeman defend himself and the community by doing his job? I am sure the same group would have turned out for his funeral had he let this punk get his gun and blow him away. And I am equally sure you would be horrified about another policeman becoming a victim. You are such a staunch defender of what is right and abhor all things evil. Maybe if they beheaded the officer and drug him through the streets you would feel more comfortable. That is the way the way the Gitmo and Hamas brothers you defend would do it. Once again, you have to bring up politics in a football thread. But you see, I don’t call you a retard because your aren’t, you are just a Leftist who supports evil and works to tear down what I stand for. I never fire the first shot on politics on politics here but folks like you need to know we won’t ever go away, and you won’t ever win. You never do, you know?

                Why do you always defend criminals and terrorists DIF? Bet you think OJ was a victim too. There might be less crime in areas if residents would support law enforcement and stop fighting them. Progress is unlikely to be made until one side decides to join in and adopt a more peaceful culture. I think Brother Martin had a vision of having a chance to work together, not tear asunder. Jesse should act like a leader, not be a pot stirrer for his own financial benefit. He, and other black leaders, should look at what has held blacks back in this country, it wasn’t lack of opportunity.

                Hopefully during the season you will allow more focus on football and you can go have your meetings on how to stir and organize for the next off season.

                • I mean a 6′ 3″, 18 year old male resisting authority, pushing and hitting on a policeman while trying to get his weapon should have been given a chance to get the first shot off at an unarmed representative of the community shouldn’t he?

                  Why should we automatically accept the cop’s version of what happened?

                  You ought to read Radley Balko’s column at the Washington Post sometime, Mac. It’s a real eye opener. There are a lot of good police out there; there are also plenty of folks who have no business wearing a badge, whether because they’re not up for the job or because they were never trained to do the job properly in the first place.

                  • Macallanlover

                    No argument there, good and bad in virtually every organization. I think punishment for bad cops should be more penal than for other citizens. We cannot tolerate bad cops. But I will always support the right of anyone, police or otherwise, to defend themselves, their family, or their property. Media continually calling this an “unarmed teen” is a way of inciting violence. None of this changes if the victim is white or Hispanic, except the reaction if the community and the media.

                    I agree the facts, which none of us know fully at this time, should come out before we act. That is not what has happened in Ferguson. The reports of witnesses I heard indicated the victim had resisted arrest, or obstructed the police and there was a physical altercation that followed. Anything that occurred after that is on the victim, same when cars dont pull over for a police car. Obeying the authority is paramount in a civil society. This victim would be alive had he done so. Facts can be sorted out later in an investgation or in court. That is the way the system works. I will read the article though as you suggest.

                    • Dog in Fla

                      “Obeying the authority is paramount in a civil society.”

                      That sounds so much better in the original German:

                      “Without law and order our nation cannot survive.” Hitler, A.

                • Dog in Fla

                  “and you won’t ever win.”

                  Somebody alert the black guy that he may not win a third term as President

                  “works to tear down what I stand for”

                  Officer Friendly’s already doing a good enough job of that without my help

                  View story at

              • RobG

                nothing says civil rights like “Kill the police” chants

  2. DawgPhan

    At this point, I just want the guys to all get healthy and be ready to play against clemson.

    Very ready for football to start.

  3. Marc

    Hope this doesn’t dampen things, but turns out that Georgia had a special teams scrimmage last August as well at the stadium.

    • It doesn’t.

      I tried researching that before I posted, but couldn’t find any info on it.

      Do you know if last year was the first time Richt did that?

      • Do you know if last year was the first time Richt did that?

        We’ve had ST ‘practices’ in the stadium every year, generally the morning of Picture Day. Whether they were live or not, I’m not sure, but I think some of them were.

        Regardless, I like the way this is set up.

        • Maybe I’ve misunderstood the note, but it sounded like Georgia was dedicating a scrimmage to special teams play. Am I reading that wrong?

          • Macallanlover

            That would be surprising indeed. And I might add, overkill. A portion of the scrimmage I can certainly see, but we only have three live scrimmages I believe so that would seem to be out of proportion even for those who are panicked about this segment of the game. In the past I remember seeing the amount of time in practice devoted to STs and thought it seemed very light, don’t want to see the pendulum swing too far back the other way. I feel this is a misstatement or misinterpretation to what they will do tomorrow. My biggest are of concern with STs this year is the net punting distance, and the long snappah of course. Unless Barber has improved his kicking I would expect a change.

          • Keese

            Thought I remember Gentry saying that the scrimmage was moved to tonight (Friday) and the special teams practice tomorrow before picture day

          • Maybe I’ve misunderstood the note, but it sounded like Georgia was dedicating a scrimmage to special teams play. Am I reading that wrong?

            Don’t think so, that’s what it sounded like to me. I know we’ve had a full practice at Sanford dedicated to ST’s almost every year, if not all. Whether they were live or not I can’t be certain, but I remember having that impression a lot.

            If the last one was thud, as Richt said, then it might make sense that this one is live, which means like a real scrimmage. If so, the unusual thing to me would be two live scrimmages on consecutive days.

            Not sure I remember anything like that.

  4. W Cobb Dawg

    At the risk of opening myself to fellow commentors wrath, to be honest our STs, or more accurately our ST coaching, fully earned all the criticism they received. I mean, who the f#*k leaves a wide open gap on the OL with open lane(s) to the punter? Directional kicks?! Excessive use of punt safe?! Seems we were almost intent on having poor STs.

    I think ST coaching has changed significantly. And I have good feelings about most of this coaching staff, and am really looking forward to a great season. I think we win the sec east in a cakewalk.

  5. Normaltown Mike

    Let’s hope our punt and kick return men have sticky fingers…

  6. Marc

    I don’t. It might be semantics. They usually have some special teams practices in the preseason.

  7. hot12dog

    It amazes me as to how many Dog fans have complete settled for mediocrity in there football team!

  8. CannonDawg

    It amazes me as to how many Dog fans have complete settled for mediocrity in there football team!

    What gives you that impression? I certainly don’t see large numbers of DAWG fans settling for anything other than a highly competitive, successful, well-run football program. The fact that this blog, among other things, has hits numbering in the millions doesn’t seem to indicate an abounding interest in mediocrity. Georgia has a reputation among college football observers as a demanding fan base, and I can’t disagree with that. Not sure where you’re coming from.

    • Dog in Fla

      “Not sure where you’re coming from.”

      The peanut gallery. They serve foot-long hot dogs there too

  9. Special teams scrimmages have been an ongoing thing since coach Richt got here. We had them in ’04 and ’05…they were dedicated full on live special teams only scrimmages.