Saturday morning buffet

It’s time to eat.


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14 responses to “Saturday morning buffet

  1. KornDawg

    Georgia Bulldog is best bulldog.

  2. Connor

    We have a bye before UF, so won’t Kentucky just be our second straight game? It’ll still probably be sloppy, we just won’t have a good excuse.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      It’s kentucky’s 7th straight game, not ours. So we go there when they’ll be pretty worn down and beaten up. I’d say it works well for us.

      Not so pleased to see mizzou, ut, fu, and fishfry get bye weeks before playing us. Of course, our bye weeks come before scu and fu.

      • Mayor

        GTU isn’t a problem–the nerds don’t have a team any more with Fishfry botching recruiting. UT probably isn’t a problem between the hedges. FU is a paper Gator. The problems are going to be SCU and Mizzou in the 2 Columbias. Lose those 2 and bye-bye-Atlanta.

  3. fetch

    By my count, UGA is 20-3 when scoring 31 or more since 2011 against similar or better competition. It’s not a 100% record like UF’s, but shows that our offense has done it 118% more times than theirs. If our D could have been more like theirs, or their O more like ours, you could have seen 3 straight MNC.

  4. Bob

    Alabama’s scheduling is nothing new. They have played 4 true OOC road games since 2000 against major conference teams. They also played 2 games in Hawaii as a substitute for not being allowed to go to a bowl. Those were extra games on the schedule as allowed by the NCAA.

    In the same period, Georgia has played 13 road games against OOC major schools.

    • Mayor

      Also, its not only the fact that Georgia has played more difficult OOC opponents, it is the timing of those games. Opening the 2011 season against Boise at a neutral site, then South Carolina. Opening the season at Clemson, then playing South Carolina. Opening the season at Okie State, then playing South Carolina. This is stupid scheduling. I’m fine with playing Clemson and teams like Boise, but for crying out loud play those games later in the season-not as an opener-and not having to play the Gamecocks the next game. Our AD consistently puts the team behind the 8 ball right out of the box. We’re going to find it out again this season. When will McGarity and those other rubes at B-M ever learn?

  5. Dog in Fla

    “How can you take a Confederate school built by Confederates in a Confederate state and say you’re not Confederate?” said Debbie Sible, who helped organize the protest.

    Because black folks go to school there, Debbie.

    That was easy.

    • Dawgfan Will

      DiF, the original Debbie-downer.

      • Dog in Fla

        Only because Little Debbie and her Mid-South Flaggers are poseurs. If they were bona fide, they would have worn Confederate uniforms just like we did back in old days during exclusive Old South KA Parade Marches each Spring when the only things that weren’t white were the horses at least until the carpetbaggers took away our states’ right freedom of assembly for ridiculous purposes

        • Dawgfan Will

          I guess they don’t make racists like they used to.

        • Always Someone Else's Fault

          “They should be so proud if they knew the type [of] men that were in the Confederacy, and we haven’t seen men like them since probably the Spartans in the 300 –phenomenal…”

          Choked on my birthday cake reading that one.