Scrimmage, scrimmage

Stats from last night are here, if you’re into trolling.  The only thing of interest to me out of those is the run-pass ratio of 81/41.  Since that’s not a likely mix for the regular season, it looks like they wanted to test the candidates for the secondary early and often.

As for more general observations, from what Seth Emerson caught, it sounds like it was a sloppy night, perhaps because some of the kids were pressing in light of Richt raising the stakes.

Richt said he made clear prior to the scrimmage that it would be vital in deciding playing time going forward.

“Maybe some guys got a little uptight with that, I don’t know,” Richt said. “But there’s gonna be a lot more pressure when there’s 95,000 (in the stands) and a few million people watching. But there was just too much of that for this time of year.”

On a better note, Richt is keeping hope alive on one front.

Isaiah McKenzie did not participate in tonight’s scrimmage, but he will be ready to go for Saturday’s special teams scrimmage. Richt said McKenzie is in “heavy consideration” for both return jobs, especially punt return.

“It was one of the more exciting things about his high school career, that made me wanna go after him, because I thought his ability to return punts and kicks could help us a lot,” Richt said.

Bottom line:  still a lot of work to be done before Clemson comes to town.



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32 responses to “Scrimmage, scrimmage

  1. Lrgk9

    Pass Heavy is an Understatement.
    However, the number of passes caught by an individual is an interesting stat.
    Check out the top two:

    Towns 10-145 TD
    Blazevich 5-112


  2. Cojones

    Two weeks.


  3. DW

    Glad they took that practice day off to go to the pool…


  4. Cojones

    I also see that our big guns were held back, that several new stars were seminal and the worst pass stat was 59%(Bauta-who also played live). The other QBs went 69%(Park), 71%(Mason) and77%(Ramsey). I’ll take that.

    Like the kid shoveling horseshit from under the Christmas Tree while looking for the pony, there’s too many positive indicators to be down. Now, if I had watched it live, I might have a different opinion, but stats shouldn’t be published as naked feed and not expect a chicken or two to run in and snatch something good.

    Gimme this “sloppy” feed to go against Clemson. What does Richt want? To dominate them? Uh-oh…


  5. Rp

    Apparently Marshall Morgan was a beast in “pre-practice.”


  6. BikerBruce

    Well damn, what’s up with Richt’s projected starters and interceptions? Hutson throws a damn pick 6 gave me AM and Cox shivers Then Ramsey throws a pick too. Looks like Park and Bauta had nice days overall though.

    Give me a guy at UGA who completes 59% but doesn’t throw picks, and I’ll give you and SEC Championship,.


    • Cojones

      Name one CFB QB who hasn’t thrown interceptions. Ints are a part of the passing game or haven’t you noticed. If you ain’t gettin’ interceptions, you ain’t passing. An old CFB coach’s quote,” When you put the ball in the air, three things can happen and two of them are bad.”.


      • uglydawg

        That would be Woody Hayes at OhSU…and ironically, his career was ended when he punched a Clemson player who (I think…this may be inaccurate and I apologize if’n it is) had just intercepted a pass.


    • what’s up with Richt’s projected starters and interceptions?

      If it makes you feel any better, BB, both picks were caused by great plays in the secondary. Not that Ramsey and Hut can’t learn from them. But they weren’t bad decisions or misreads.


  7. BikerBruce

    Anyone know what has happened to the guy Aaron Davis who Pruitt praised for 8 months? Rico, Fenteng, and Sanders look as good as I’d hoped.

    Good to see Michel gettin 8 yards a carry.

    Guess we’ll start the seaosn without our top 2 wr’s Mitchell and Wesley.


    • Merk

      Probably was praised to push other players and also show that he is literally willing to put anyone out there who can play best. Also several of our DBs were not even on campus until mid-summer.


  8. BikerBruce

    One thing I’ve noticed, when you take out the top 2 receivers (Mitchell and JSW), the offense kind of struggles to score td’s. Guess they’re kind of saving Gurley and Marshall too, which is smart. So defense had a big day, but not sure how much it counted considering our top 4 offensive weapons either didn’t play or were super limited.


  9. Dawgoholic

    I’m not taking sides in the QB debate but it’s hard to read a lot into one pick by a QB. A lot of picks happen when balls are tipped, receivers fall, receivers run the wrong route, etc. Some picks are great plays by a DB while some pass break-ups are drops of easy interceptions by a DB. It is very difficult to glean much from the QBs based on these stats. If one guy had 4 TDs or 4 picks it might be different. (Same thing with TDs, sometimes receivers make great plays, sometimes DBs mess up, and sometimes receivers drop TD passes.)

    Hard to tell exactly what these stats mean but, like Cojones said, it’s hard not to think we’re going to have good QB production. (Like we always do under CMR and Bobo.)


  10. Mike Cooley

    Good gracious we are gonna fuss over one int? Isn’t that Mason’s first since last year? Man game week needs to get here. Lol.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Bowl game: Quarterback Hutson Mason completed 21 of his 39 passes for 1 touchdown and 1 interception and 320 yards. We were under a 100 yards rushing.
      But your point is well taken.


  11. Mudcats Impala...

    from Radi….Talking about that 20lbs Jordan Jenkins lost…In UGA’s two scrimmages, Jordan Jenkins has 14 tackles, 4 tackles for loss and 5 sacks.


  12. crowell#1234

    Right. I did say last year but I was talking about last season. Which is to say this is the first pick he’s thrown in spring and camp. Tempest in a teacup.


  13. Lenny

    Some positives from this scrimmage:
    Qb Accuracy
    Michel ran well
    Several receivers had big days (Towns, Blagevich, 2 other guys I’ve neverheard of)

    Special teams:
    Hit those field goals

    Forced 2 intercpetions and 2 fumbles
    Run defense very solid


  14. Macallanlover

    My favorite take from these two scrimmages is the aggressiveness of the front group, lot of TFL and quasi sacks. Seems we got little from the reactive approach, bet we see more turnovers and negative yardage plays now. No better way to assist a young secondary. Thank you Coach Pruitt, let the boys play….and play hard.


  15. Cojones

    I think that Richt’s pronouncement of “sloppy” was more to the line discipline and other flags that eventually hurt you. It was certainly understandable for the 2nd unit whose players are new to the O line group. Would imagine that there is flavor leftover that could be spread mostly to those newest to the system and differing QB calls.

    Besides, Theus gets 3 mulligans/game. Hope he didn’t go past his average.


  16. It’s an important point.

    Richt did say it was “mostly” the 2nd team OL, but it still bothers me. I’ve never understood why what happens so often to us, and apparently Richt doesn’t either. And I’ve often wondered what to do about it.

    It’s important because our OL hasn’t played a solid game in a competitive opener since Richt himself was OC. And probably no coincidence, but neither has the offense. Every one of them has been sloppy and sluggish offensively.

    If, in the opener, our OL plays like we did in last year’s opener in Clemson? Then we’ll find ourselves in big trouble, just like we did up there. This is a much better defense than we played last year, and they’re not going to give us much. Our OL vs. Clemson DL is a total mismatch, in their favor.

    IMHO, we just have very little margin for error on offense. So we can’t be doing it to ourselves. We’ve got to be focused and sharp. I’m very concerned about it, and was before yesterday.

    I can’t get around the fact that it’s been a long time since we were solid and efficient on offense for four quarters in one of these games. And that’s exactly what we need. We don’t need to be pressuring our defense in this game. Our offense is old and experienced. And they need to do their job.


    • Meant the above to reply to Cojones.


    • Macallanlover

      Not disagreeing with your concern about our ol woes for the past decade but Clemson’s defensive front will be the best we face this year. They were pretty good last year and we put up 35 with a limited offense on the road. They will stifle us if Mason cannot get the passing game going but their lbs and dbs are vulnerable. We wil be fine.


      • Hope you’re right, Mac. I feel like we should win the game, but I’m leary of the offense beating itself, due to the aforementioned record, more than I am the defense beating itself. I mean that’s something, I actually have more confidence in the defense’s ability to be solid vs. Clemson, than I do the veteran offense.

        Of course the ST’s are involved, too. Bottom line, we’ve got to be solid as a team. We need to be solid with all 3 units. If we’re aren’t, then Clemson will determine whether we win or not, like they did last year. And I don’t like that. I prefer we determine our own fate.

        So hopefully, all units can be solid for this game. But I’m just flat tired of the offense not being able to get it done in a competitive opener. This year, these guys are the veterans of our team. They’re the older guys. There’s no excuse for them not to be solid, even if it is a first game.

        Lots of offensive teams do it out of the gate, and I expect nothing less out of this OL and our offense a whole. Play a solid game. Be the leaders you’re supposed to be. It’s time to break the string of poor-to-mediocre performances in competitive openers. Be on time this year, and get it done.

        Geez, I’m getting myself fired up.


        • Macallanlover

          Oh, I will be nervous game week, I am about all of them as I envision all the things that can go wrong. But at this point while I am far enough removed to be rational, I think the 7-10 point spread sounds about right. I will not give 10 points in a series where games have been historically close, but that looks about right. Also with it being the opener, there are just too many things that are hard to feel confident about…….OK, I may be lying a little about it, we should be favored by more.


  17. Cojones

    Both of you have hit the nerve that makes us,..well… nervous. We all have ambivalent feelings, but the opener is as nerve racking on caring fans as it is on the team sometimes. We all wish for the best while bad, goofy or foolish plays rag on us throughout the game. Once it feels secured, we enter a different frame of mind and overlook the idiocy that well-trained teams shouldn’t do. Let’s stand back and look at what can be done about this beer-swilling-w/o-good-reasoning negative ion of fan/team interaction.

    First and foremost, Bobo and the O are the reason games have been won so why should we expect a letup? He won’t and we won’t forget that fact from kickoff to the final whistle. The big shiny O machine with a rabies tag on it’s collar will be even better this year. That rabies innoculum stood for the neg vibes for the health of each O position we worried about last year. Now we don’t do that with Bobo’s Machine. O line did you say? We worry less about them this year than we have for several years. Just look at the passes that get completed in scrimmages. Even the most philosophical doubters of the objective reality of Bobo’s Machine can’t unflavor what we have this year to the nines. QBs throw well in games because they are protected well and we have ample evidence of this. RBs running a piecemeal lineup still made yards against a good D line, but the take-home lesson is a stiff D line against good runners. Wrs? They are still catching the ball and running w/o our top studs. Have we mentioned the Ends on this team? How about the seven-thrills-of-Rome and a Blaze to rival Caligula’s pyromania (for starters)? FBs, HBs for blocking, running and catching fill in the small doubtings to the point of now having two weeks to hone this awesomeness to a disciplined and well-oiled machine of great expectations.

    We have nothing to be nervous about except the Bulldog noise we are able to roar from beginning to game’s end. We are close to the biggest “Sic’em” first game that I can think of in recent history and what better way to take care of our nervousness than letting these Dawgs know from the first roar that we are with them heart, mind and soul. That should help their nerves as well. It may even awaken the D’s Junkyard Dawgs of old and unleash something that will make Spurrier think and worry without time to prepare for it.