I really didn’t feel like taking the time to fisk this absurd post about Grantham because it was such obvious bullshit on its face, but Tyler brings the smack here, if you’re so inclined.

One thing in particular he writes bears repeating:  “On the most obvious of passing downs, Georgia allowed a staggering passer rating of 192.77, a full 25 points higher than Arkansas.”  That’s a stat I’ve taken note of before.

If that’s a situation Jeremy Pruitt can’t improve dramatically this season, then we’ve seriously overestimated the guy’s coaching prowess.



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  1. gastr1

    I agree. Last year’s 3rd & long performance was historically bad, IMO. I can’t believe we wouldn’t be at least closer to average even with all new players, because surely the vast majority of college coaches in the country can take the players we have and do better than that.


    • Dog in Fla

      No doubt but h/t to the due diligence needed to take a historically bad 192.77 passer rating and turn it into $5,000,000 guaranteed


  2. Russ

    It is almost impossible to be worse than that, and the vast majority of coaches did better. I have to believe that Pruitt will improve even if he doesn’t try to.


  3. Doggoned

    Sounded like the same Grantham quotes we heard before Year 1 in Athens.


  4. DWalker

    That does not look good.

    The young defense really struggled that one year.

    I thought Grantham did a fine job in 2011 & 2012 though.

    Grantham was also top 20 in the nation in 2011 and 2012 on 3rd and 10+.

    Better than Pruitt at Alabama both years.

    Yes, you can cherry pick stats if you wanna though.


    • Bulldawg165

      Our SEC schedule consisted of the 8 worst scoring offenses in the league. Think about that. He couldn’t have had things lined up in his favor any more if we tried, and yet we had what, the third or fourth best D in the conference?


  5. DWalker

    Grantham’s scoring defense improved in 2010, 2011 & 2012.

    He took over a def that finished 63rd with Martinez, and finished 36th in 2010.

    Then finished 23rd in 2011

    Finished 18th in 2012.

    But good try there boys.


    • If your point is that Grantham was an improvement over Martinez, I doubt you’ll get much of an argument.

      But how come you don’t mention 2013?


    • 69Dawg

      So what you are saying is that as long as Grantham had upper classman and NFL type guys he could coach but that since he didn’t have that in 2013 he was not capable of changing his NFL system to suit his player’s lack of experience. He was not a good fundamental coach, he was a good symmetric coach. I’m sure that if the guys had been were CTG wanted them to be his defense would have been good. Problem was that they did not know 1. where the heck they were suppose to be and 2. what the heck to do when they were actually there. Pruitt may not be that great and CTG might take Louisville to the promise land but I think that is not going to happen.


  6. Macallanlover

    Certainly not excusing Grantham’s performance at all, because it was his job to be better than the average, at least, but listening to a Big 12 coordinator this past week helped me few the UGA situation differently. He talked about how the speed of the college game at changed dramatically, and why that differed so from the pro game.

    He identified the biggest problem as one of communication since there was no longer time for sending information into a Mike LB and having them relay it to others, often in a semi-huddle. The offense being at the line immediately after the ball is placed, even in a check-with-me scheme, precludes any chance to operate a defense in college they way the pros still do it. The towel and smoke signal method CTG used is still open for ridiculing but his inability to find a way was enhanced by his NFL background. Remember the problems the defensive guru, Kiffin Sr., had with spread offenses at both TN and USC? He was toasted every time he faced teams that did not employ NFL style offenses.

    While CTG was certainly inept in teaching players at the collegiate level, I feel our not having an idea what to do and where to line up prior to the snap is more related to the inability to get the defensive call in. Ultimately that may all relate back to his inability to teach players to recognize a situation/set but it does lend some validity to using HS and college coaches who are more familiar with the pace of the game at lower levels. As we throw the last dirt on his UGA grave, he was never a good fit anyway for UGA’s needs, or Richt’s staff.

    Good riddance for sure, but more importantly we may need to learn a valuable lesson about this the next time we are shopping for coaches: the gap between the collegiate and pro games have increased significantly the past 15 years and fishing in the NFL pool may not have much value.


  7. DWalker

    Pruitt finished 75th on 3rd and 7-9 yards in 2012 at Alabama in passing yards.


  8. DWalker

    Grantham gave up less passing yards on 3rd down in 2012 than Pruitt at Alabama.


  9. DWalker

    Auburn has an easier time passing the ball on Pruitt in 2013 than Grantham about any way you want to measure it.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Ok, I will feed the troll, Dude, what is your point? That I (we) should be sorry Grantham went to Louisville? That we should be sorry we hired Pruitt? What? Or do you actually have a point?


  10. Scorpio Jones, III

    I note the former defensive coordinator at Georgia is doing all his own talking at this point.

    I wonder how long that will last?


  11. Dawg19

    I see that Thomas Brown changed his name again.


  12. SouthGaDawg

    Petrino must have given his staff the weekend off. I think CTG is trolling on GTP.


  13. Macallanlover

    Does this ignorant tool even know enough about football to be here? This is a team game, to assign an individual the blame, or credit for a team’s record is simplistic. Wonder what UGA’s record would have been with AM at QB if he had an LSU, Bama, or FU defense? The SECCG loss was Murray’s fault and not the Grantham coached defense? Seriously? Last year UGA had to average over 30 points per game just to tie, and that was against the overall average. Anyone who assigns blame to Aaron Murray’s effort/skill in hius tenure in Athens did not watch UGA play and shouldn’t be here.


    • BrownBear

      So what’s your theory? You really want us to believe Grantham was worse than Martinez? The stats say otherwise.


      • Macallanlover

        I didn’t say anything in my comment about Martinez’s time as DC so I don’t understand your comment at all. I did like Martinez better than CTG but most of all I am grateful that Pruitt has arrived in Athens.


    • charlottedawg

      It’s amazing to me how some folks want to give Murray grief for his struggles against ranked teams but somehow Grantham gets a pass even though he got destroyed every time we faced a decent offense. Boise State, EVERY freakin’ USC game , LSU both times, Alabama, Auburn in 2010 and 13. I could go on and on.

      I remember Murray giving good defenses all they could handle, but I can’t remember a single instance of a good offense having a bad game against Todd.


  14. charlottedawg

    If we’d have won the Auburn game Todd would’ve given himself credit for making “the stops when we needed too”, including the one where the the two two auburn players ran into one another on third down.


  15. BrownBear

    Before 2010, Richt won 66% of his games against ranked teams.

    2010-2013 dropped to below 35%, Grantham was better than Willie, so must been some other reason.


    • Bulldawg165

      Our scoring offense was ranked higher than our scoring defense most years (cfbstats.com only shows 2007-2013), so if your insinuating that offense was the problem then I think you need to reconsider.

      Special teams though, that’s another story


  16. 69Dawg

    Senator I thought you had a rule against “Sock-Puppets” seems like Thomas Brown has nothing to do at his web site so he has found a way to change names every we notice him. Everybody ignore this shit and he will go away.


  17. I’m curious as to what Dwalker’s agenda is. I mean, seriously, can anyone say with a straight face that they are sad Grantham was replaced by Pruitt??

    UGA’s D was horrible last year. You don’t need to even “cherry pick” stats to see that. Hell, a blind man could even see it!

    UGA needed a change in leadership on the defensive front. EVERYTHING that has been posted about Pruitt has been positive. If nothing else, it’s hard to imagine that Pruitt could be worse than Grantham was last year


  18. AusDawg85

    I saw the headline and figured it was Bauta’s QBR rating from scrimmage the other night and our favorite troller would be out. I was half right about the half-wit.