Amateurism builds character.

An inspirational story for Mark Emmert.


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  1. Ron

    Sound like college to me. I’m not from affluence. Had a late night job. Lived off $30 per week. And studIed hard every day.

    Today, I’m doing well because of the sacrifice. It’s called life and everyone had a choice. Btw, another option is to become a normal student.

  2. Dog in Fla

    “All over the college universe, perhaps light bulbs are clicking on.”

    Except at NCAA Headquarters where the situation room is always dark when underway in circle the wagon defensive maneuvers with nothing but red lights overhead to protect night vision of Emmert and Remy.

  3. Truth

    HE chose to live off campus where room and board isn’t covered, HE made that choice, I don’t understand how hard that is to follow, HE put himself in that predicament, SOLUTION….move back on campus.

    • Ron

      Or…..stop playing football.

      • School has that choice, too.

        • Ron

          Yes, that is correct. That’s the beauty of free choice.

          • Some choice. The schools aren’t walking away from the money. Why should the players?

            • Truth

              I’ll say it again, since it seems to be a concept too difficult for you to understand. His power was turned off because he was spending $600 per month on rent to live off campus. That’s the choose he made. Move back on campus and he has no power problems and an extra $600 in his pocket. Got it now?

              • Because he lives off campus, there is a monthly scholarship check totaling about $800. There’s $400-$500 for rent, maybe $100 for utilities.

                I guess I don’t have it now.

                By the way, you can fuck off with the patronizing bullshit. I don’t mind the disagreement, but you don’t have to act like an asshole about it.

                • Truth

                  Oh, and If you don’t like it when people get your goat, then stop showing us where it’s tied everyday.

                  • I don’t think you’re getting this. I assume you wouldn’t walk into someone else’s house and take a dump on the carpet. You want to come in here and argue with me, fine, be my guest. I enjoy the give and take. The gratuitous insults, not so much.

                    If you can’t respect my wishes, perhaps you should find another blog where you can be a jerk to your heart’s content. I won’t be offended.

  4. Truth

    There are plenty of reasons to argue players should be paid, this is not one of them. To say your reaching on this one is an understatement. By the way, because someone challenges your view, you take your ball and go home? You’re a real intellect.

    • You argue that staying on campus would mean he wouldn’t have a financial problem. The reality is that staying on campus versus off campus is a wash, because of the scholarship money. He’s still broke. And he shouldn’t be, given what he helps the school generate.

      As for the rest of your argument, again, I don’t have a problem in the world with being challenged. Just with you showing your ass.

  5. Truth

    Seriously? They eat for free. All they want, whenever they want. Again, there are legitimate reasons to argue for the payment of players, but this just ain’t one. Let it go.

    • They eat for free. All they want, whenever they want.

      No, they haven’t. They may be able to going forward, based on the new NCAA rule, depending on the school.

      That was a rhetorical point, by the way. I notice you didn’t respond to my point about the scholarship money.

      • Truth

        Yes, they have. You’re wrong. Scholarship athletes can eat when they where they want at any on campus dining hall. Call over to the Butts and ask.

        I see you chose not to respond to my point that your power doesn’t get turned off when you live on campus.

        • Here’s a breakdown of the rules. Basically, if there was no game, or the kid wasn’t required to stay on campus, there was no weekend meal provided.

          Again, under the new rules, it’s now up to the schools to provide meals all week.

          As for your other point – great, his power doesn’t get cut off, but he still has to get a job, because he doesn’t have enough money to get by.

          • Truth

            Get by? You clearly haven’t been to the Butts lately. I guess those Gucci belts, designer jeans and brand new Nike’s are free. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be paid, but this is simply not an example of why they should be. Drive over to Athens, go into the Butts and talk to some folks. Reporters, workers and the boys themselves…do a little first hand homework before you start calling them Oliver Twist.

            • Soooo… you’re saying Kenny Bell got a job to pay for designer jeans? And all those quotes we’ve seen from players and coaches like Spurrier that some kids simply can’t make ends meet – they’re all FOS? Shabazz Napier was lying when he said he didn’t eat some weekends?

              BTW, you keep saying there are good reasons players should be paid. If that’s the case, why do you care so much about what they spend the money on?

              • Truth

                For the record, you just used Steve Spurrier as a serious source regarding players needing to be paid. Wow. If you think Steve Spurrier gives one shit about any of his players welfare, you’re further in the weeds than I thought. Again, go to the Butts and see for yourself.

                • Spurrier has offered to pay players out of his own pocket, so I’m not sure what your point is here.

                  Look, I get that there’s nothing I can argue that’s going to change your mind. You don’t need to respond.