Don’t sleep on the Coaches Poll.

There are times when I think Matt Hayes is America’s dumbest CFB opinion writer.

Today, he manages to equate the Coaches Poll with public opinion as a source that could pressure the selection committee.

Let’s say UCLA has one loss and is third in both the coaches and AP polls but doesn’t win the Pac-12 and doesn’t get selected to play in the CFP. Well, suddenly, we have problem with our grand new system.

Because if 60-plus coaches think UCLA is one of the four best teams, and 60 media members think UCLA is one of the four best teams, how in the world can the 13-member committee release its playoff field without UCLA?

Gee, Matt, it isn’t that hard.


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6 responses to “Don’t sleep on the Coaches Poll.

  1. siskey

    If I were an Ohio State fan, I would be crying conspiracy as ESPN is showing on the bottom line how weak their schedule is this year. Bit I’m not so I hope that they get left out in the unlikely event that they win out.


    • If I weren’t an Ohio State fan and I were the Mayor, I’d cry conspiracy because the Selection Committee website shown here a few daze ago about humans on the Committee already shows the Ohio State field so with Notre Dame that leaves only two spots open


  2. uglydawg

    No matter how perfect or FUBAR the selection committee performs…there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth (or tooth if it’s coming from Knoxville) by teams and fans of teams 5 thru whatever. Of course, it’s always been that way…don’t most of us feel Georgia has been screwed once or twice in the BCS selections? It’s going to be entertaining…but will the long knives come out before the final seledtion or wait until the deed is publicized?
    Do you think the ESPNonauts will restrain from trying to sway the committee? Outspoken coaches? I wouldn’t want to be on that committee.


  3. You couldn’t pay me enough (ok – maybe you could) to be a member of the selection committee because this is completely different than the committee that selects the at-large teams and seeds the field for March Madness. There are maybe 1 or 2 teams typically you could say gets screwed by the selection committee, but even at that, the bubble team has significant flaws that will be exposed in March. I would hate to be a committee member the first time Alabama gets left out of the field – protect your house from bricks and your trees from the arborist.

    Yes, this committee is going to be swayed by the WWL’s talking heads, the rest of the media, and outspoken coaches (pointing and staring at you, Corch).


  4. Cojones

    You gotta admit that he chose a good PR subject. UCLA is already ranked above us in preseason. Wanna tell me where that thinking came from? Think they were there last year? Probably. If you put a company logo on the poll(Amway) then why wouldn’t they want to just pick representatives from each big conference for their ad mony’s worth? That way they sell all over instead of just to the SEC and they wouldn’t offend 3/4 of the nation.

    Point is, the objectiveness can leave relative to the lowest number to be selected. Less problem with subjectivity whenever the pot is larger. Polls thru the season tend to get the wrinkles ironed out and the top 8 would be representin’ by the last whistle.

    This subjective “pickin'” is a hard nut to crack, no matter the number of teams.

    While on the subject, really hope they decide by midseason how to configure and count the Conference Championship games. If not then the teams should be picked before CCs are played. Either way, the SEC is getting set up to never have more than one, no matter the relative natl strength of the East/West representatives. It will be the same rationale forwarded by FU to play and lose in the Sugar Bowl instead of selecting UGA because we had one more loss to Bama. Nick and I don’t know yet how they got away with that shit.


  5. Dog in Fla

    ” UCLA is already ranked above us in preseason. Wanna tell me where that thinking came from? ”

    The Son of Playoffs You’re Talking Playoffs?