Sunday afternoon buffet

Eh, let’s clean out the pantry.

  • Gus Malzahn promises “clarity” on how he’ll use Nick Marshall in the opener.  Won’t that be dependent on how much of a game Arkansas gives Auburn?
  • Tennessee claims it drew 40,000 to an open scrimmage.  Let’s see how they turn out in November.
  • DJ Shockley is as puzzled by Georgia’s SEC championship drought as anyone:  “It’s beyond amazing, and I can’t even imagine how this has happened,” Shockley said. “It’s almost like a string of bad luck. I look back at all the talent that has been there since I left and the guys that Georgia has put out, and it’s just amazing. It’s one of those things that has baffled me just like it’s baffled the fans.”
  • Can you believe Will Muschamp has had a hard time recruiting élite offensive talent to Gainesville?
  • Brandon Larrabee makes a solid point about how LSU does a good job surviving its NFL departures.  But, man, the Tigers sure have to replace a lot of skill position experience this season.
  • I don’t think it’s a good sign if Ted Roof thinks from watching Tech scrimmages one of the things his defense needs to improve is the pass rush.


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14 responses to “Sunday afternoon buffet

  1. Bulldog Joe


    The answer is easy. Defense and special teams.


  2. Dolly Llama

    Is anybody else sad that Stingtalk has shut down lurkers like myself? I’m in mourning. Yeah, there’s “The Hive,” but it’s just not the same. I miss that early ’90s interface.


  3. Cojones

    Do you men to tell me that D,J. and some fans have never heard of “snakebit”?

    I look at the players we lose to the NFL plus other attrition and it still doesn’t stack up to LSU’s D personnel loss for two yrs running. Miles is still in the thick of things while starting Ds from scratch for two years. He and his D coordinator have my undivided respect for what they have come back from for the last two years running. If LSU can do it twice, we can do it once, at least.

    What happened at yesterday’s ST practice? Nary a sound down here.

    Saw the 2015 Class grow like a big Dawg eats. Flippin’ back from Bama helps the most. Now it would be funny as hell if the senior Ledbetter makes the playing team; – like icing on the cookie. Two more championship OLs couldn’t hurt in this class.

    Think I’ll take an Early Worship hit. After all, it is Sunday.


  4. If they can’t get a pass rush on the one trick ponies known as the chop blocking Tech line, CPJ better be working on his resume and not using the O’Leary Method.


    • Mayor

      Tech can’t fire Fishfry–can’t afford the buyout. Tech is still paying off their former basketball loser coach.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    So Florida hasn’t had a dynamic guy on offense since Percy Harvey in 2008? Who gusty play won him the game ball?


  6. Pre

    Why the sec champ drought?

    2 things:
    1- Got to finish in the top 3 in rushing in the SEC to win the SEC.

    We didn’t do that in

    Aub was No 1 in sec in rushing in 2010/2013

    Bama has been in the top 3 in rush in the sec every year 2008-2013 except 2010 & 2013.

    2- Offensive turnovers
    Bam only gave away 57 turnovers
    UGA gave away 82 in last 4 seasons.


  7. uglydawg

    Tennessee got 40K to attend by adverstising that there was a can of smokeless tobaccoo taped under a dozen scattered seats…and to get the girls there, half the cans were colored pink.


  8. H. Boots

    I hadn’t realized that Florida’s offensive recruiting was that far in the tank. It all makes sense. I like where this is going.


    • Bad M

      Yeah, I really don’t understand the hype (small but growing) concerning Fl possibly winning 10 games this season. I just don’t see how. Sure there were a lot of injuries, but…not even counting us, they have really tough games in Fl. St., Bamma, SC, and LSU. And pretty tough in Mizzu, and Tenn in Knox. Granted no Ga Southern this year. If Driskel gets hurt again then the wheels will come off. But they also can’t protect him in the pocket, because he’s just not the same QB back there.