“That’s why I’m so impressed with him now — the person he has become through all of this.”

You know whom Tom Jurich reminds me of?  Mike Hamilton talking about the Laner.


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  1. Jurich, through the goodness of his heart, has given Patrino a second chance. What a wonderful feelgood story.

  2. Bulldog Joe

    Bless his heart.

  3. Whiskeydawg

    Patrino’s autodestruct countdown clock started the day he arrived on the Louisville campus.

  4. CannonDawg

    Whether Bobby Petrino is a changed man, only time will tell. I believe in redemption, and I see Michael Vick as a man changed for the better. But I have to say I have my doubts about Petrino. If he has indeed learned from his years of deception, dishonesty, and world-class arrogance, then fine, the world will be a slightly better place. But I would no sooner hire him as a head football coach as I would hire Bill Clinton as an airline executive and put him in charge of the flight attendants. As for Tom Jurich, if Petrino reverts to type, then Jurich should be fired twice–once for being a win-at-any-cost scoundrel and another for being a fool.

  5. CardDawg

    According to Thayer Evans, so take it with a grain of salt:

    “…Sources with ties to the Cardinals’ football program and Petrino said there’s significant friction between Petrino and feisty defensive coordinator Todd Grantham. The two have repeatedly feuded often since Grantham’s hiring in January.

    So much that one source insists Petrino would have already gotten rid of Grantham if not for his guaranteed five-year contract that pays him nearly $1 million annually. He came to Louisville after four seasons as Georgia’s defensive coordinator. “He’s stuck with him,” a source said.”

    • Dog in Fla

      We, and the Academy, owe Todd’s agent big-time

    • The rest of that is pretty good, too.

      There’s also still lingering dissension among players about Petrino’s arrival. Some were so unhappy with Petrino’s frigid, explicit demeanor that they considered leaving early for the NFL’s supplemental draft in June according to one source.
      “He’s a mean guy,” said Jamaine Brooks, a former Louisville defensive tackle who left this past spring. “He cusses you out. You’re never doing enough. He’s still Bobby Mother——- Petrino.”

      Brooks initially supported Petrino’s hiring, which he quickly came to regret. “The way he came in doing business I didn’t like it,” Brooks said. “The way he treated people. He just wasn’t a good coach.”

      Sure is a different story than the one Jurich’s telling.

      • Dog in Fla

        Wait until they check the GTP Lexicon and learn what Bobby Mother——- Petrino means when he says, “We didn’t come to paint.”® (n.)

      • CardDawg

        To be fair, Brooks left the team before spring practice, so his window of judgement was pretty small. Was kind of surprised that the post-coaching-change attrition, even with bringing in a coach with the level of baggage as Petrino, was actually pretty low.

  6. Mike Cooley

    Dude is a pos. I hope he fails on an epic level and hope Grantham is a thorn in his side every minute.