Keith Marshall’s health may not be the only good news.

I noted the other day that Keith Marshall seems to have progressed nicely in terms of his health and being a contributor again.  He’s awesome in open space, but if there’s one part of his game I wish he could improve, it’s fighting to keep his balance when defenders get their hands on his legs.  So needless to say, I find this comment from Todd Gurley of interest:

“He’s been having a great camp. He’s been able to finish a lot of his runs. Last year at this time, if somebody would have grabbed his legs, he probably would have fell. But he’s definitely driving his knees a lot more and finishing his runs.”

I don’t know if that’s a product of rehab, or if he’s simply refined his technique.  But whatever the case, if that’s so, man, he’s gonna be a lot of fun to watch this season if you’re a Dawg fan.


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25 responses to “Keith Marshall’s health may not be the only good news.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    The worst of all time for keeping balance was Richard Samuel. Good Dawg, but he’d fall down if your shadow got too close to him.

    • BMan

      Larry Ware would like to speak with you. He’ll be a little late, he tripped over the 20-yard line on his way to the meeting.

    • WF Dawg

      Except for that one glorious drive against Florida. What a time to have an aberration.

  2. William

    Marshall was much the same as Sameul, except with better top end speed. Shoe lace tackels could bring Ketih down going through a hole the O-Line had actually opened up. It was frustrating because you knew if he got clear of that, no one could catch him.

  3. DawgPhan

    Nicely done. I was wondering how someone was going to throw a negative twist on this post. Congrats.

    Secondly, I really enjoyed seeing old Marshall windmill through the secondary, but this sounds like a huge improvement.

    Overall there is some nice stuff coming out of Athens theses days. The long off season is finally coming to a close and football will be hear before we know it.

  4. JCDAWG83

    If Marshall can improve his balance and be a little tougher to bring down, he will be a force in the running game. His speed is incredible, if he gets in the open, he is gone.

  5. Juan

    A healthy, windmilling Keith Marshall makes me very happy.

  6. Dog in Fla

    He’s tilting at windmills now when no one expects the Spanish Inquisition

  7. W Cobb Dawg

    I consider Marshall “Mr. Outside”. Get the ball to this guy in open space and let him turn on the jets. Green and Douglas were just as good running inside. His speed in the open field is a game breaker. I was pleased to see he had a batch of receptions in the scrimmage – that’s a good omen the O is adapting to his talents. Looking forward to having him back.

  8. Sh3rl0ck

    It has to be technique. Marshall was always an up-right runner who leaned his whole body forward instead of bending at the waist and ankles. This puts your center of balance high and infront of the balls of your feet (hence why he would always fall down when someone touched his legs… gravity). It also keeps you from getting your feet high. As others noted the similarities to Richard Samuel above, Richard did the same thing. I think the poor technique becomes instinctual for the track guys as that his how to run the absoute fastest. Guys that ran hurdles, like Gurley, tend not to do that as they need to keep their knees high for jumping.

    • Skeeter

      ^^^good stuff, man!

    • Great point. I think you’re right.

      When I saw Gurley’s comment the other day, I wondered. His center of balance has to have changed. This will make Marshall a different back, and a complete back. He does everything else well already.

      • Sh3rl0ck

        If Keith would crouch down about 4-5″ and keep his center of balance directly over the balls of his feet, he would not only be a complete back, he would look at a lot like Gurley… but with world class speed.

        The poor stance doesn’t just hurt him with breaking arm tackles around his legs. There is no slack in his knees to plant and cut to change direction while in traffic or to drop his shoulder and explode through a tackler.

        Watch his HS Jr. highlight film. He ran the same way back then as he did until his injury.

        If he fixed his stance, he would be almost unstoppable on those single cut inside zone plays. One quick cut through the gap, break the arm tackle from the LB, and THEN try to break the sound barrier.

  9. Irishdawg

    Oh, more of this, please. 2012 was so much fun watching Gurley and Marshall rip through defenses like a Panzer division in France. Gurley’s fast, but he’s strong and powerful and can punish defenses. Marshall would then come in and rip a 30 yard run with such effortless speed it must have given defensive coaches the shits.

  10. Gene Simmons

    Speed and Power on the field taking the lead. Hungry young Dawgs on the bench ready to get in the game. I am ready for some football!

  11. Will Trane

    I’m sure Marshall would like to have those games he missed due to injury. Would have allowed him plays and time to improve his running skill.
    Would venture to say, he has told Hutson Mason to get the ball to him on an outside pass where he does not have to worry about a corner or linebacker cutting his legs while going for the ball.
    The play for him a UT re injury was like Holmes-Matthews at Auburn.
    Worst injury was Taylor at FSU.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      uT has a serious azz whipping waiting for them between the hedges. That green qb will have to be packed in ice for the return trip to Knoxvegas. If Mr Tennessee across the street starts with his Rocky Top and ginormous T flag again I’m going to let the Jack Russells chase his hound dog through the neighborhood again!! Last time that happened he threatened to have his “attorney” call me. Yikes!

      • Best post I’ve read in a while. .Born in Knoxville, moved to ATL, Ga grad and I hate Orange, whether AU (2 sons attend), or FLA, but mostly UT. Oh yeah, and not crazy about attorneys either for that matter. Got a Jack Russell that would love to join in the chase after the hound or the atty.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          LOL! Jack Russell’s are a breed apart. We’ve enjoyed two. Mother and Daughter. Youngest son saved up and bought the Mother… and sold the daughter to his older brother. ( Youngest started law school today… whoops.😉 …..At any rate those dogs always with the boys in the woods or at the neighborhood pool and slept with them as well. Kinda cool.

    • CannonDawg

      Agree with you, Will, on Taylor @ FSU. Terrible injury for Taylor, and the unbeaten, 4th ranked Dogs (with victories over Alabama and Michigan), were never the same after that. Cost Taylor his senior season and might have cost UGA a NC.

  12. Rebar

    Thunder (Gurley) & Lightning (Marshall)!

  13. uglydawg

    Hampton, Worley, Henderson and Ellis….”Georgia’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”…..The sequel is coming out in August with a new and excitng cast.

  14. As Uncle Verne once said, “If 3 doesn’t get you, 4 will.” Here’s to hoping both Gurley and Marshall (we named our 2 puppies for them) have big seasons. When Gurley gets in the open field, DBs want nothing to do with him, dive and hope. When Marshall gets in the open field, he just eats DB angles for lunch.