Herbie ❤ Pruitt.

He’s “a big reason I like Georgia to win the SEC East”.

Anything in particular you like?

“He [Pruitt] has a way of confusing offensive linemen and quarterbacks,” Herbstreit said.

I have to admit that’s an improvement over having a way of confusing your own defensive backs.


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  1. joe

    “I have to admit that’s an improvement over having a way of confusing your own defensive backs.”

    The Senator folks!!!! He’s here all week and twice on Saturday, and try the veal its on special today!

    Hat tip to you Senator. Comedy gold!

  2. Moe Pritchett

    now Herbie has me confused. I can never recall him giving any respect to the Dawgs! First time for everything

    • budro

      Believe it or not, Herbstreit was really pumping up the Dawgs before the ’07 debacle in Knoxville. In a segment on “dangerous 1-loss teams” or something to that effect that morning on ESPN radio that morning, he picked the Dawgs to put it on UT. I’ve always wondered if that factored into his anti-UGA activism at season’s end.

      • There was a time there even before that, primarily during the Donnan era, that he picked us in several big games over the course of several years, and we laid an egg in just about all of them (usually against UT or UF). He’d pick us to pull the upset, and we’d get blown the freak out. Like it got to the point that me and my buddies would joke that we wouldn’t blame him if he eventually got to a point that he never picked us to win a big game again. He rubbed a lot of Dawg fans wrong starting at the end of 2007, and his comments about a Richt a couple of months ago were a little obtuse, but I’ve honestly never perceived him to have an anti-UGA bias overall.

        • Macallanlover

          No I don’t ever feel he has been ant-UGA at all. I think the ridiculous back-stroke, flip-flop move he made about the 2006/2007 BCS title games gets many confused about his UGA position. I think he tries to be balanced in his picks but that situation made him look dumber than Granny. His other confusion comes on his criticism of UGA/Richt and the discipline issue. Like most who don’t get a proper perspective of it is just laziness. Read the headlines only and judge all disciplinary actions and arrests as equal. All in all, he is pretty fair but those are two pretty embarrassing things he has done to turn many UGA fans away. (Now he does get the Athens “local talent” right though, rates us as elite in that area, and he is spot on.)

    • 3rdandGrantham

      FWIW, UGA is Herbie’s favorite SEC team.

      • RC

        I’ve heard similar from friends in Nashville whose kids go to school with his. Not necessarily that we are his favorite, but that he absolutely loves Athens and Mark Richt. He got under my skin around the end of the 2007 season like everybody else, but I’ve never gotten the impression he has any kind of bias against us. I think he does a very good job, for the most part. After taking in a few minutes of Tebow on the SEC Network last week, I gained an altogether new appreciation for him.

        • 3rdandGrantham

          Right. My brother (former UT all-American and well connected alum) lives just a few houses down the street from him and has gotten to know him quite well. He loves Nashville but really doesn’t have much of an opinion of UT either way. His favorite SEC school overall is indeed UGA with I believe UK his second, given his fondness of Lexington.

  3. Is It September yet?

    It is not necessary trying to confuse the Gator OL, they simply run into themselves on their own.

    • 202dawg


    • Jack Klompus

      Not with the new and/or improved Jeff Driskell they don’t!

      • Dog in Fla

        The Driskeling – In today’s episode of the soap opry that is Gator football, Mr. Roper play the role of Van Morrisson, a self-help psychiatrist/ophthalmologist guru, who is struggling with the double board certification exam but still has lunch at the Steak ‘n Shake by Shands anyway because no one needs an ID badge to gain access to those premises

        “GAINESVILLE — As Florida closes fall camp today, offensive coordinator Kurt Roper said QB Jeff Driskel will begin the season more confident than when the two first met last spring.

        “I guess since I’ve been here, he’s a confident guy,” Roper said about what has changed with Driskel. “He’s got a great look in his eye. He’s a bright-eyed guy. I don’t think he’s ever lacked confidence. I think where you see the confidence growing is in understanding what we’re doing offensively. The more understanding you have, the faster you can make decisions, the faster you can play, which you have to be able to play fast and be decisive.”


        • Oh sure Kurt. He’s a regular Tim Tebow.

          Thanks Fla. Go get a Cigar City Zhukov’s Final Push on me. And send me a case please. PLEASE.

          • I had no idea what Zhukov’s was until I googled it but think I’m about ready to try it except for the fact that as much as I love coffee, don’t know if I’m ready for beer brewed over beans shit out by a civit. Now I’ve got to google civit.

  4. Dog in Fla

    How Herbie got his groove* back.

    • “For some reason I was pressing a little bit,” said Herbstreit, a fifth-year senior playing his last college game. “I never could find a groove.”


  5. Cojones

    The Red and Black reporting of the practice was detailed enough to get an opinion of the starters.

    Reports of backup QBs Bauta and Ramsey not being on don’t affect me very much. It seems the distance between Mason and others is growing, but I attribute that to Mason, not the backups falling away.

    Herbie’s opinion counts by stripping some of the early-on artificial hoopla (contributed by others in the media) from SC.

  6. Thanks Herbie, dickhead. Too bad I’m boycotting you this year. Gonna make that 8pm game on ABC tough, but I’m game. Thank God for mute buttons.

    • Cojones

      Yep, I’m with you (as if you can’t surmise that from my post above). He’s kinda gone from an ahole to being two-faced. He will have to go a long way for me to believe that he has changed concerning UGA; however, he may be a human bean after all.

      • Macallanlover

        I get the stupidity of 2006/2007, and can forgive the flip flop but he is really one of the most balanced pickers on the panels I see. By that, I mean he picks for and against teams based on what he thinks, not his biases. That is pretty commendable because, I believe I heard this, he ended up leaving the Columbus area because of harassment from Ohio fans. I respect pickers that give you their straight opinion, I don’t need any more political correctness by folks trying to please someone and fudge the truth. Many SEC fan bases, including us, take picks for other teams as a personal affront and some sort of “hating” thingy. It drives their opinions of broadcasters and analysts, you are better than Phyillis in Mobile aren’t you? Haven’t been watching F Bomb have you? Take a puff, it’s springtime! Will make you chill a little and forgive the man.

        • I respect you Mac & usually totally agree with you & think you give some of the best opinions on this board. But the boycott is all about the tweets about Richt & disipline. I just can’t take it anymore. Watched football before him, thank God, & God willing I can watch it without him. It just makes me mad.

          • Now Mac has gone too far. Everybody knows Phyllis is from Mulga, not Mobile

            • Macallanlover

              Been a while since I have listened to that drivel, Mobile is the only town in Alabama that I can remember that starts with an M. so I am claiming victory…her name is Phyllis isn’t it? Another point. (If I had said Montgomery you would have sworn I am the ghost of Jefferson Davis returned to start some more shit.)

          • Macallanlover

            Yeah, those have ticked me off as well because I have a hard time understanding how we catch grief for what is so obviously right. It is like living in a time warp. I just think Herbie does the “every indiscretion” is equal thing where a 20 year old having a beer, or taking a tote for something that is legal in two states, is somehow equal to a home invasion. Makes no sense, and I am surprised he doesn’t take the time to explain the issue to the knuckleheads at ESPN, and their audience. As noted above, he respects CMR and likes UGA as a program.

            You are hanging your hat on a good issue, so I respect that. The unlevel playing field is one of my hot buttons as well and it is at the root of what so many here are critical of…..fewer titles than others in the past several years. Dig in and fight on, I don’t like what he has said on that but my issues about that are more with others who run our program down non-stop and never acknowledge the obvious. Herbstreit may have have taken a couple of cheap shots but he isn’t a hater.

  7. Mayor

    For once I agree with Kirk Herbstreit on something.

  8. I have to admit that’s an improvement over having a way of confusing your own defensive backs.

    LOL. Classic.

  9. Will Trane

    Game Day boy. I am the Ohio State University.
    What will he say come October…CMR’s recent game history.

  10. Spike

    Bite me, Herbie…

  11. ripjdj

    my concern is that having Herbie’s endorsement is probably like being on the SI cover ….we’re screwed.. We’re doomed.. Herbie is the kiss of death the only thing that might save us is if we can get Lee Corso to pick against in every game ,in which case we might still have a chance

  12. 81Dog

    I don’t know if this bodes ill for UGA, but I heard Herbie on ESPN this morning. He noted that a few days ago, just before Braxton Miller went down, he was filming something with Pollack and he picked TOSU to win the national championship.

    On the bright side, maybe Irvin Meyers has used up all Herbie’s bad mojo for this season.

  13. If a game is on that I want to watch, I watch it. They can take their picks/opinion shows and stick em. Who has time for that?

  14. Reservoir Dawg

    Big ups, Senator…