Loran, whad’ya got?

You know, this is a nice piece and all, but I can’t help but wonder how a post-game radio interview with Jeremy Pruitt would come off after Loran asked him one of his patented off-the-wall questions.



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  1. Coach Pruitt do you like boiled peanuts?


  2. Rex

    Just don’t ask coach about anyone cramping up during the game.


  3. Loran spoke at the Griffin Bulldog Club meeting on Thursday last week, my dad went. He said Loran started out sounding great, but by the end you could barely hear him even with the microphone, his voice just got weaker and weaker. Said he told some pretty funny and interesting stories though, but Father Time is definitely catching up to him.


  4. ScoreCheck

    IMO Loran’s got nothing. Never has … never will.


  5. Cojones

    It definitely was a good piece when compared to the deification pieces that I think hurts Pruitts image later if shit hits the fan. I like the human interest stories and think later is a good time to have in-depth-thoughts interviews after a few successes.

    Rah-rah stuff will take you so far and is a killer if you aren’t athletically endowed above most. Pruitt takes our great athletes and instills loyalty to team above self to bring out the athlete most don’t know is present. I’m pretty excited with installation of team belief in itself w/o artificially pushing sales puffery.

    Who knows, maybe Pruitt is the reincarnation of Erk. It only enhances the image of both.


  6. TomReagan

    I hope for Pruitt’s sake that it goes a lot better than Donnan’s first. He lost a lot of Dawg fans right off the bat with how he treated Loran.


  7. RugbyDawg79

    Scorecheck lost me with his–a legend like Loran deserves respect


  8. 3rdandGrantham

    I too remember the Juan Daniels bit from the ’96 game (from the linked Georgiasports blog above). That was a classic one and I recall Munson referring to the cart (that took Daniels away) as a “squatty little thing.”

    Based on memory, the best Loran bits were from roughly ’95-00.


  9. Gene Simmons

    I, for one, would love to see Pruitt earn those comparisons to Erk.
    Can you imagine how good we could be with a “new” junkyard D and Bobo’s O? There really is a tremendous upside here. GO DAWGS!