Let the po’ mouthing begin.

Richt expresses concern for Ramik Wilson’s game readiness as Wilson returns from a concussion.

Spurrier sees Richt’s Wilson concern and raises him Mike Davis worries.



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18 responses to “Let the po’ mouthing begin.

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    Both clemson and scu lost QBs who could tuck the ball in and really hurt you. The replacements are far less mobile. I expect clemson to try to go at our secondary, and to be in more passing situations. So maybe Wilson might be on the sideline more often anyway. Sounds like he’s practicing, but not getting enough reps to suit CMR.

    Per scu, I checked shaw’s stats from last year: 24 tds and 1 (one) int?! Throw in 6 more tds rushing. That production is very tough to replace, and there’s no way thompson can replicate it. Since the scu game is a few weeks away, I’m pretty sure we’ll see davis – but he’s gonna have to be a much bigger part of their offense. And the injury to their best OL doesn’t bode well for scu at all. Not so sure sos is po’ mouthing. Get that visor-throwin arm ready!


    • JCDAWG83

      I think the chickens are going to miss Shaw’s running more than anything else. Thompson has a good arm, but he is no danger to extend a drive by running the ball. Shaw was maddening to watch on third and long when Spurrier would send the receivers downfield and roll Shaw to the open side and he could take off and run for 15 yards. Davis is very good, but he is no Lattimore. I think if we can show up and look like we realize there is a game that day, we have a reasonable chance of winning.


  2. godawg

    “Richt said that offensive coordinator Mike Bobo would remain in the coaching booth this season and that defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt would roam the sideline like his predecessors. ..”

    But is he going to use a towel?.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ramik’s concussion is really worrisome for the future. Even though he’s too slow to play linebacker, Wilson was the best player on the defense last year…concussion problems are not a good thing for a linebacker to have…much better to be a carrier.


    • 69Dawg

      I’m not a doctor but I do play one on the Vent. Concussions become easier to get once you have gotten one. Merit Hall is now out of football because of multiple concussions. Unless Wilson can protect his head and still play fast and tough he will get another concussion this season. Our Trainer is not going to let him play and risk his future health.


      • Macallanlover

        And the glare of the spotlight on concussions will, and rightly should, cause there to be quadruple the amount of concern from the training staff on head wooziness. They will pull them earlier and wait longer to clear them for additional play. The NFL settlement and NCAA vulnerability will impact all teams significantly going forward. I expect a dramatic change in headgear equipment soon, much the way NASCAR made changes following Dale Earnhardt’s death. To me, that is a better approach than trying to change an integral part of the way the game is played through official interpretation on the field.


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          I hope nobody thinks I am, in any way, advocating Wilson play if he is not ready, medically. What I am saying is that, medically, it would seem to me that causing concussions is better than having them.

          I am glad to see Georgia keeping kids out of contact in this case, and while I would hate to lose Ramik on the field, I certainly don’t want him to risk the rest of his life by playing.

          I don’t care what any other team is doing about this, I am just glad Georgia appears to be trying to do things in the best way for the players. The complicated reasons this is being done don’t matter, what matters, it seems to me, is player health, long term.

          If there is money to be made on dramatically improved headgear, and I would suspect there is, then we can count on the manufacturers to be “on that”…

          That said, I am not convinced there is any way to remove the exposure to concussions from football, mitigate the effects of contact, yes, remove the danger, no.


        • RocketDawg

          The headgear makes virtually no difference in getting a concussion from a hit and not getting one. A concussion is a bruise on the brain which is caused when the body suddenly stops and the brain continues in motion and collides with the inside of the skull. No helmet on earth is going to prevent that from happening.


  4. RocketDawg

    There have always been concussions in football we are just hearing about them more and more these days due to the litigation from former NFL players against the league. There were concussions in the leather helmet days, no facemask, single bar facemask, and now with the “Bane” from Batman style facemasks. Until someone can slow players down and make them lighter (Force=mass x acceleration) then concussions will continue to happen.


  5. AthensHomerDawg

    “Concussions are caused by a fall or blow to the body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth, causing impact on the brain.”
    If you get tackled hard to the upper body or or land hard on the ground your susceptible to a concussion. Your brain is like a ball floating in a bucket of water. Strike the bucket or the table the bucket is sitting on and ball can bump the inside surface of the bucket. Bump it hard enough and the ball and water will move outside the bucket. Over simplification but the brain moving violently while in its fluid and striking the inside of the skull is what causes a concussion. As for anyone advocating removing face masks keep in mind the size of players and speed of games. Some face collisions are simply split second affairs which neither player is prepared for. Taking off face protection is an insane proposition.