Taking the good with the bad, SEC Network-style

ESPN adds Gene Chizik and David Greene to the roster.

I’m happy about Greene’s gig, because he’s hosting the one SEC Network studio show that sounds promising.  I’m betting on a lot more substance from him than we’ll get from Tebow.



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38 responses to “Taking the good with the bad, SEC Network-style

  1. Bulldawg165

    I guess Chizik has given up on ever getting another head coaching gig again. I like the “film room” idea though and I’m glad David Greene will be a part of it.


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    Gene Chizik?! Couldn’t they at least have gotten Woody Widenhofer or Guy Morriss?

    David Greene is extremely laid back; I’m curious as to how his personality will transition to TV, particularly considering he’ll be sitting down with a slew of ultra type A SEC head coaches. It will be an interesting dynamic, to be sure. Either way, I hope he does well.


  3. pantslesspatdye

    I would ask if Chizik was coherent enough to be on TV; but I think that’s the point. However, I do not think the ying to Greene’s yang is the appropriate analogy. In terms of airtime, I would make the analogy of the Soviet Union vs. Georgia.


  4. americusdawg

    I’m happy for David Greene. As 3rdandGrantham stated though, it will be interesting to see how he interacts with the likes of Boom, Satan & the Old Ball Coach.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      I would think it would be more awkward for Chizik The Barn Burner. I haven’t forgotten the part he played in letting his team maul Murray.


  5. Good gig for DG..and I agree, this one if the shows I thought might be worth catching.


  6. I Wanna Red Cup

    Is the Chizzer hosting a “One Hit Wonder” show?


  7. Good for Greene. I guess that was what the big announcement on 92.9 the fan FM was about this morning. He did a show there. Seems to have some media experience, which is more than Tebows.


  8. Bob

    I’ll bet those coaches are “thrilled” to have to be doing this show. Good luck to David as he might need it.


  9. OhioDawg

    This was the one show on the network that I was planning on making part of my regular viewing. I’m looking forward to it even more now that we know Greene is the one hosting it. I met him at the 2012 SECCG…. super cool and laid back guy. As others have mentioned, it will be intersting to see how that laid back personality works for him here, but he also seems to have enough strength and charisma to his personality to not get run over. I think he’ll do well.


  10. I don’t have satellite radio, but one of my buddies who does says that Chizik’s radio show was actually really good, way more personality than anything he ever showed as a head coach. I think he may surprise some folks.

    Very excited for David.


  11. Cosmic Dawg

    They need to get Russ Tanner to do something – he is awfully funny when he checks in with the 960 morning show guys.


  12. 69Dawg

    I’m sorry but I have tried to watch Finebum but god is he terrible. First he has a face for radio but his whole gig was the crazy callers. This show on a national broadcast will set the South back worst than Reconstruction.