The many faces of Agent Muschamp

Man, it seems like everyone you ask about Boom has a different opinion.

He’s squarely in “Danger, Will Robinson!” territory on Dennis Dodd’s hot seat list.

Herbie thinks he’s destined for a major rebound this season.

And he’s got a “no worries, mon” from the guy who really counts around Gainesville.

Foley has supported Muschamp as public criticism of the embattled coach has intensified, saying on the Paul Finebaum show in July that “We’re going to be better, and we’re excited about the future under Will. [We] feel the same way about him as the day we hired him.”

As long as Muschamp keeps coming up short at the Cocktail Party, Foley can stay as excited as he likes.



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16 responses to “The many faces of Agent Muschamp

  1. mwo

    Do Foley’s comments count as the dreaded “vote of confidence” from the athletic director? That usually means the search process has already started in earnest.


  2. JCDAWG83

    I think UF is going to be much better this season. They got hammered by injuries last year, worse than we did. I look for at least 8 wins from them and Muschamp knows he needs to beat us.


    • Macallanlover

      Not worse on injuries, not even that close to equal, but they did get smacked. I also feel they will improve their record and see them with 8 wins during regular season, maybe 7.


      • RobG

        they finished the year with 17 scholarship players that had season ending injuries so Mac I respectfully disagree that they were not worse on injuries than us


    • The other Doug

      You don’t lose to GSU because a couple starters are out.


  3. uglydawg

    They would almost have to be improved. That said, I don’t look for an Auburn type turn-around. They’ll win seven or eight games, but will lose to a very good UGA team in the WLOCP.


  4. All summer I’ve had this feeling in my guy that UF is gonna be a lot better than most people seem to think. Now I don’t think 10 wins is their ceiling, I think 9 wins is their ceiling, mainly due to that schedule. I mean, they’ve got Bama, LSU, and FSU in addition to the SEC East grind. That’s brutal. But they’re gonna beat one or two teams this year that they aren’t “supposed to”. Just hope it’s not us!


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Gators first SEC team to get beat by Georgia Southern. Eagles drain the swamp! You don’t bounce back from that and beat the Bulldogs. 😉


  5. watcher16

    Wondering how Richt goes from a 1.0 last year to a 1.5 this year?


  6. Reservoir Dawg


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Dodd’s rating system is counter-intuitive…he gets a 1.6.


  8. Kevin

    You guys are giving UF waaaayyy too much credit. That program is a loss from having another train wreck of a season. Third O coordinator in 3 seasons. Driskel is not that good even when he is healthy. And lots of new starters on D. They have max 6 players on the O line, not deep at all. I am giving them 6 and 6 most likely, 7 and 5 at best. I will be shocked if they win 8 games.


  9. Jeff Kuykendoll

    GeorgiaI Southern drains the swamp never gets old. At least Flordia dodges them this year.