The outrage of fifth place

You gotta love Corch.  He’s never happy.

The voice rose up from the state of Florida eight years ago and cut deep into Big Ten country, where there existed a clamor for a historic rematch.

The voice rang with outrage against the idea that Ohio State and Michigan should play again in the Bowl Championship Series title game after the No. 1 Buckeyes had defeated the No. 2 Wolverines 42-39 in the regular-season finale in 2006.

The voice so contrarian to Midwestern wishes belonged to Urban Meyer, then coach of the Florida Gators.

“If that (rematch) does happen, all the presidents need to get together immediately and put together a playoff system. I mean like now,” Meyer said.

Welp, now he’s got one.  Problem solved, right?  Uh…

“I think I like it,” Meyer said. “It’s good for the fans. It’s good for college football. But there are still a lot of concerns.”

Meyer is worried about fatigue for participants and the financial strain placed upon a school’s fans and players’ families, who might have to travel to a league championship game and possibly two more postseason games within a month.

Oh, bullshit.  He won’t say what he’s really concerned about.  But Mark Dantonio will.

“Certainly the fifth team is going to feel a little bit left out,” Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio said.

I don’t know about you, but I know which program I’m rooting for to finish just out of the money this season.



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14 responses to “The outrage of fifth place

  1. He’s concerned that outside of Michigan State, he might actually have to play somebody worth a damn to with the National Championship.


    • Yesiree, I’m finally heating up to college football temperature and in my preparations found tOSU has what may be its 2nd hardest test this season @ tPSu! (It does travel to MSU) That is 15-player soft tPSu. The remainder of the sched seems soft like cream cheese featuring just 4 true ROAD games.


  2. Dawgfan Will

    I’m waiting for Ohio State to get bad enough for Corch to leave. I want to hear what excuse he gives this time. Does he have any grandkids yet that he needs to spend more time with, who just “want their grandpa back?”


  3. it’s going to be a recurrence of his heart condition that occurred on the plane flight back to Gainesville after he and Tebow lost to Satan in the SECCG. …….Heart condition my ass he is just the urban cryer that he is. Coming in 5th in a 4 team playoff….couldn’t happen to a nicer guy Urban but than we can’t forget Spurrier…..In my happy place tOSU and uSC tie for fifth in in final polls how cool would that be?


  4. Macallanlover

    It is tantalizing to think Corch and the Ohio fan base gets the first shot at winning the almost relevant position at #5 but that would mean they had a good season, I want to see them take a TN, or Michigan, size header for several years. Even with that weak schedule they will have difficulty making the Great Lakes championship game with an untested QB who hasn’t taken a snap in 2 years.

    Never hard to find something to disagree with him anyway, but large schools will have no trouble finding enough “comfy” alums to travel to playoff games. Is he kidding? It isn’t like everyone has to go to every single game, but I doubt the 2 participants will get more than 25K tickets, with millions of fans to draw from, that is a pittance of what true demand will be. Add in the professional brokers and local demand, tickets will be gobbled up. It is wrong to throw folks struggling to pay the electric bill into a pity room, they have more pressing priorities anyway and it isn’t like having to watch your team play a football game in HD is tough duty.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Dickhead will always remain in the mind of S. Jones as a dickhead of the first order. Fifth in the pecking order would be a fitting tribute to a great American. Aaron Hernandez is just the much-publicized tip of a very large iceberg Dickhead left in Gainesville. What a dickhead.


    • HamDawg11

      Why don’t you tell us how you really feel about him?


      • Macallanlover

        Sounded pretty sincere, and eloquent to me. Funny, only fans of where he is coaching have anything nice to say about…….dickhead. And even they turn on him when he moves on.


  6. Cojones

    Was in my favorite watering hole this week and a guy in a red and black windbreaker was a couple stools over. I asked if he was a UGA fan to which he answered he was an OSU fan. Disengenuously, I told him that losing Braxton must have been hard. He said that he was glad and that other QBs were better. Really? Why was he ahead of most candidates in the Heisman race according to the media. “Ah, he just runs a lot and can’t throw for shit”, was the reply. Myers was the only one pushing him up there if you listened to the guy. I then told him we called it tOSU and he may want to wear a different windbreaker in this territory.

    I don’t think tOSU will come close to fifth now. Even before the loss of Miller, I think Criar was and is whistlin’ thru the graveyard while gravedigger Delany is shooting down his schedule (unintentionally).


  7. 69Dawg

    The one and only thing I agree with is the fact that the damn NCAA and the schools should be REQUIRED to pay the cost of the immediate family of the players to attend any playoff game in which their son’s team is playing. I mean full cost, travel, hotel and meals. If the NCAA opposes this it should lose it’s tax exempt status. Rich or poor be damned, the parents should go.


    • Macallanlover

      That is a fair comment.

      BTW, did you see where the Little League is now getting pressure to pay for the images of the “stars” (who watches this shit?) due to ESPN’s big payment for television rights. I am sure there will be some that favor that, I almost threw up. Remembering my days as a baseball player, I would have paid for the opportunity to get my 15 minutes of fame televised. Paying LLers for their images, damn.


  8. On a personal level, I hope it is a loss to Navy that lands them in 5th place!