The year of the quarterback, or the year of the secondary?

David Ching grades the SEC quarterbacks on how he thinks they’ll do this season.  Here are the grades for those the Georgia defense will see:

  • Nick Marshall, A
  • Maty Mauk, A-
  • Dylan Thompson, B
  • Jeff Driskel, C+
  • Patton Robinette, C
  • Patrick Towles, C-
  • Justin Worley, C-
  • Brandon Allen, D

Certainly there are plenty of names there worthy of respect.  But concern on the level that Shaw and Mettenberger generated last season?  Marshall, yes, but even he is far from a polished passer.  I like Mauk a lot, but as Ching asks, who will catch those passes?  Thompson has a good supporting cast around him, but he hasn’t done anything yet to really distinguish himself.

I’m not saying that translates into a dominating year for Georgia’s defensive backfield.  But I think I can argue it looks like it might be a fair fight most weeks.



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9 responses to “The year of the quarterback, or the year of the secondary?

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    FWIW he gave Mason B+


    • Gravidy

      If Mason earns a B+ this season, I’ll be ecstatic. I don’t sat that to criticize him. I just think that would be a great outcome for the team.


  2. By the time we get to Tennessee and Worley, our secondary will be good.

    If an SEC QB is going to take advantage of our green secondary, it’ll have to be Dylan Thompson when we go to Columbia. The only teams that have a chance to exploit us are Clemson and SC. After that, it’ll be too late.


    • HamDawg11

      +1, I like the way you think, pass the cup!


    • CannonDawg

      I agree, Ivey. The key is SC. If we can win that one (or steal it or whatever/however as long as it’s forever), then “Who Let The Dogs Out” will start to be heard across the Southland.


  3. Macallanlover

    I don’t disagree with the ranking but of all those listed, I think the biggest fall off from last year’s QB is at SC. Thompson isn’t without talent but people are underestimating how many times Connor Shaw saved SC the past three years by extending drives that led to points, or changed field position, or ran more clock for their offense. Then add the spark when he got off the bench and led a comeback. Best QB I have ever seen at SC and they lost more ground on Shaw to Thompson than UGA did Murray to Mason….and I am/was a huge Murray fan. On the flipside, I think Mizzou has the least fall off, and Mauk may even be an upgrade (although the loss of last year’s group of receivers may diminish his stats.)


    • 69Dawg

      +1 I’m with you Shaw had to come off the bench to save SC’s cookies against Mizzou. Mauk as I hate to remember came off the bench to save Mizzou against us. He is > Thompson.

      I think Driskel will be better if he has time to set up but if he gets rushed hard I think he gets happy feet. The boy has been abused for two years and that will wear on your nerves.

      Basically all the QB’s will only be as good or as bad as their Olines.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Shaw was a gamer. With a sprained knee he came off the bench in the 3rd quarter to rally his team and beat Missouri.


  4. JCDAWG83

    Mauk is going to be interesting. Last year, he was in a no pressure situation. If he didn’t do well, hey, he’s not the starter give him a break. This year it is his offense and he will be getting the scrutiny and the pressure. I don’t know how much of their offensive line is back, that will be a huge factor. He definitely does not have the receiver corps he had last year and that will be a big difference.

    He could be great and he could lay an egg. I think we will know fairly quickly.