Monday morning buffet

It’s game week.  You know you’ve got an appetite.



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17 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. JCDAWG83

    The article about Bama being done was blatant wishing on the part of the West Virgina writer. He conveniently skipped the part about the other dominant programs being put on probation or a coach leaving.

    The AU article is typical of the white trash, UGA wannbe school whose sole claim to glory is being located in close proximity to Columbus, Ga.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    West Virginia is a strange state…a third-world country in many respects, but it is clear the sports writers up there have access to enhancements available to nobody else.

    Yes, those other programs lost their edge, for reasons pointed out above very well.

    I hope the Smoking Musket guy did not, in a fit of enhanced fervor, bet his double-wide on the Neers beating Bama. If he did he is liable to be living in Gilbert and working underground.


    • Mayor

      I hope the guy is right about the Tide. All things do end, sooner or later. Methinks, however, that the Tide’s roll will end when Saban retires (which might not be as far away as some might think.)


      • Mayor

        P.S. Re: South Carolina. I would enjoy that too Senator but would enjoy beating the bastards more–and winning the SEC East.


  3. Beakerdawg

    Auburn = cognitive dissonance


  4. Scott W.

    I’ll take some of whatever they’re smoking out of that musket.


    • uglydawg

      +1 Scott. That’s funny!
      I’m sure the WVU coach appreciates this idiot giving Saban the ultimate in bulletin board material.
      I honestly thought the opening, personally disparaging remarks about Saban and the State of A were a bit unclassy.


    • Dog in Fla

      Best thing ever if Buffalo Bill can skin Nick in the Mother of All Upsets


  5. timphd

    And Pearl quotes Martin Luther King as if he’s been liberated from some tyranny. Wasn’t any of his own doing right? What a douche.


  6. Will Trane

    MSU hydration. Pickle juice has been around. Like D1 programs have a lock on hydration.
    Might want to check what the GHSA and those teams who played in the Corky Kell Classic went thru on Saturday when the state was in a heat wave. All game played outdoors this year at Powder Springs on artificial turf. You have to commend the GHSA. You have to commend the four teams who played during the hottest part of the day [11am thru 5pm] …Mill Creek, Colquitt County HS, Valdosta HS, and Brookwood. In essence 2 two of those teams had traveled over 200 miles to play a day game.
    Saw little or no cramping from those players.
    Do not think most people understand what coaching staff, trainers, and programs in 6A football have put into nutrition and hydration. Saturday was as brutal of day to play football as you can get. If you want to compete in Georgia high school football you had better be on the cutting edge of nutrition, conditioning, and hydration.
    Those teams who played Saturday and others are there. That is why you see players coming out of high school who level of play and conditioning are very good.
    In south Georgia we want to commend the GHSA for their efforts. Outstanding considering the situation they were put in in not being able to be in the Dome this August.
    The Corky Kell classic is the premier high school season opening venue in the entire country.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      “The Corky Kell classic is the premier high school season opening venue in the entire country.”

      That’s good to hear. Corky and I became friends when he was coaching girls’ basketball and an assistant football coach at Wheeler High. His gals were a helluva bunch…they finished second in the state, like five times in a row…I made the trip to Thomaston for the fourth or fifth state championship game. Corky lost in the last few seconds of the game…and the sight of all those crying girls..Corky crying, girls crying has stayed in my head all these years. Tough thing to watch.

      Tougher to write about it, which I did not do very well.

      Corky was an outstanding person and a helluva basketball and football coach.

      Man, Corky Kell…a blast from the past.


  7. Duglite

    Auburn is the gift that keeps on giving. They have no morals and values and they are proud of it. I hate living in Columbus with so many Auburn fans.