Opening day tailgate logistics note

If you want to attend the meet and greet with Hoppy, things will get started at 1:30, which should give everyone plenty of time to socialize before heading to the Dawg Walk (Hoppy is!) and the game.

Assuming Verizon’s network isn’t overloaded, I’ll try to post something indicating where we are in the lot, but in any event, we’ll have some sort of identifying marker up for you to catch.


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58 responses to “Opening day tailgate logistics note

  1. If you can drop a pin showing the location that would help. Sine most of us are from the south/GA a few landmarks will work too…. “You know where the Big Chicken is? Go to the big chicken then hang a left..”😉

    ***If you aren’t from Marietta this might not make a lick of sense

    • I’m not from Marietta, but I know about the BC.😉

      Start with this map. We will be in the lot marked Railroad Lot (29), at the intersection of Baldwin and S. Thomas.

    • uglydawg

      The Big Chicken is destined to make he list of Great American Geographic and Historical Places.
      I know a guy who was visiting New Zealand. He was hiking and met two young ladies who said they had visited the USA before. When he told them he was from Marietta, Ga., they said, “Oh,yes! Where the Big Chicken is!”
      One of our proudest moments in Georgia History is when the people of Georgia stood up to the proposed destruction of the Big Chicken. It was scheduled for demoltion in the name of progress. But the people prevailed and there it proudly stands to this day….a light house giving direction and comfort to those that are mired in the tangle of Marietta, Ga. roads and streets.

      • Russ

        Gotta love the Big Chicken. I’d put that above the Dwarf House in terms of geographic landmark (but not in terms of food).

      • haha Ugly Dawg…I’m taking this. Well done sir.

      • 81Dog

        If the Big Chicken was ever destroyed (fire, tornado, whatever), directions in Marietta would then begin “You know where the Big Chicken used to be? Go there and hang a left….”

      • AthensHomerDawg

        I hate to spoil the proud moment and hurrah over the people standing up to the name of progress… but it was a structure that was always susceptible to wind damage and vibration. A Georgia Tech architect designed a big sail. High winds got it in 1993 and since it was some thirty years old with a checkered history of maintenance problems, Colonel Sanders wanted to demo it in lieu of repairs or the expense of rebuilding it. The newly designed 60 foot sign doesn’t have the old problems but if the right tornado comes along… which reminded me of this:
        The railroad trestle on the back of the first REM album was in the process of being dismantled by the railroad when a group stood up to its destruction. Eventually, in a packed setting the ACC commission spent $25,000 to purchase this partially disassembled and in need of restoration landmark. Unlike the deep pockets that KFC has, ACC is the poorest county of it’s size in the USof A. Yep! Today, some 14 years later the structure is crumbling and dangerous. The proposed green space trail way has been built around it and did not use it. So eventually the county will have to take it down. Something the railroad determined was necessary years ago. But for awhile there it was a proud moment for REM fans everywhere.

    • MT Dawg

      Oh I know “The Big Chicken”!

  2. uglydawg

    Senator Blutarsky, you are a genius. I predict this will become a huge deal. I expect it will draw the attention of the sports media, and you, sir, may end up on TV or at least the radio….You are taking GTP to the next level.
    (this opinion based on the fact that GTP has now had well over 20 million hits and is growing..obviously there is a great, silent following complementing those of us who actually post….and there may be a great, noticeable throng around your tailgate. Dress nicely.)

    • 81Dog

      is it too soon to start calling this Blutofest 2014? Can we get the police involved due to the crowds and general mayhem? Will some attendees take ill after reading bootleg/ fake copies of Phil Steele’s guide claiming UGA will go 5-7 this year? It will be wild. It will be chaotic. It will be glorious.

      Of course, it could just be Bluto and his friends from law school drinking Gatorade, checking their cell phones for important client messages, and talking about the best Medicare part B plans. Sic transit Gloria.

  3. Please take some pics so I can know what to look for next time I make it to Athens! Have fun senator.

  4. Gravidy

    Senator, do you know when the Fabris Pool games will be posted? I’m eager to start losing. 😉

  5. DawgPhan

    Sounds good. plan to make it.

    Sound provide a nice respite in the middle of the day from all the drinking.

    (the walk over there at least)

    I plan on bringing some nice beers if there are any craft beer folks that want to share some bottles.

  6. I Wanna Red Cup

    To those of you coming, I suspect if you listen for James Brown music and follow the tunes you’ll find it. Too bad he can’t appear live.

    • DC Weez

      Of course if jdjrip provides the Block Rocker for music, tunes will last only 15 minutes until the battery runs out.

      • I Wanna Red Cup

        Bluto has better functioning Block Rocker. Not to blast your ears with loud music but loud enough to drown out those with poor musical tastes nearby.

  7. Senator, any chance you’ll have one of those industrial misting fans set up like they use on the sidelines? 🙂

  8. RC

    Maybe you could just run Mandy Pepperidge or Babs Jansen’s panties up the flagpole and use that for the landmark…

  9. I guess this points out another bad thing about playing some conference opponents once every 17 years…guess some of us will never make a GTP meet up.

    Y’all have fun.


  10. Cojones

    Cojones Preseason Award goes to…ta-daa…The Senator, for having the daring courage to depart from blog anonymity so that many can live and drink in his gtp sunshine. Hoppy will be proud.

    Damn Good Dawgs!

    • 81Dog

      he’ll be easy to spot. He’ll be the guy who combines the mature charm of Pierce Brosnan with the gravitas of Henry Winkler. I love the guy (not in a weird way, of course)

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Not that there is anything wrong with that!😉

      • I’ve occasionally wondered what the Senator looks likes (but not in a weird way of course)…it vaguely resembles Lewis Grizzard. Maybe without the mustache. I’ve occasionally scanned the UGA crowds and imagined finding out who he was and thanking him for the great work on the blog.

        On a side note, I wonder, is everyone gonna refer to themselves by their handle? Sounds kinda dorky Dragon Con like to me, but probably the best way.

        Red Cup-You know what you need to carry
        Hogbody-I imagine you in one of those scooters, kinda well…lets say ‘out of shape’
        Cojones-no comment.

      • ripjdj

        is you going to be there?

  11. PTC DAWG

    Sit in chairs and drink BEER. Good times.

    • Dog in Fla

      That’s probably half right

      • AthensHomerDawg

        It’s about time you showed up. See if you can’t get Cojones to come and bring some of his Famous Cojones Cookies. Promise him that there will be Dalusapi and Mayahin roosters and he will come.😉 I’m running the concession booth. As you are the most prodigious poster here at GTP maybe we can spin some DIF t-shirts too? We gotta cut Bluto in for his 40%. K? If Cojones wants to free lance I’d probably let him. We could sell munchies?

        • Dog in Fla

          I’d love to be there but I’m so booked I’ve got to make a guest appearance in Richmond, VA to babysit a 1 year old grand-daughter while her parents go the US Open.

          I’ll be superfluous there as I am often am here, because it’s my wife who will be doing the actual babysitting and there’s no way my daughter or her husband would let me handle this on my own because I have no idea what to do with or how to take care of a baby.

        • Dog in Fla

          btw here’s wife 2.0 who looks amazing in a pair of Rocket Dog Cowboy Boots teaming with a cute pair of black denim jorts. She can be a pouty bitch from time to time and sometimes is not the life of the party like I am all the time

          • AthensHomerDawg

            Congrats on the granddaughter! Given the education road my sons are on it will be awhile for me. You’re where you are needed.😉

  12. AusDawg85

    Any truth to the rumor that SEC-TV will live broadcast this monumental event?Brent Munsberger: You’re looking live from Railroad Lot 29… and special reporter Maria Taylor to do the interviews.

    Also, everyone should occasionally use a word entirely out of context in your conversations and then blame auto-correct.

    Damn…wish I could be their. (see what I did there)

  13. DC Weez

    Watch out for the Alcohalic Genius. That Dawg’ll bite you!

  14. I’d come by if you guys were gonna get there before traffic gets bad but we tailgate at my rental property on Rutherford so I’m certainly not walking it. Maybe another game that won’t be so crazy….

  15. Reservoir Dawg

    Could you arrange to do it again in Little Rock? That’s gonna be my first one this season.

  16. americusdawg

    Hate that I’ll be unable to attend. Y’all have a blast!

  17. Nashville West

    As usual, all of us on the left coast will be watching this one on TV while eating a late lunch. I’ll reimburse you, Senator, for one of Hoppy’s beers next time I’m in Georgia. GO DAWGS! Can’t wait for this season to start!