The opposite of coachspeak

You know, this is kinda… refreshing.

Harold Gutmann of the Durham Herald-Sun then asked Fedora why he’s going about this this way – why, without exactly asking it, he won’t just name a starter [at quarterback] already. Fedora was ready for that one, too.

“Because it bothers a lot of people,” Fedora said, dryly. “And that’d probably be the number one reason – is that everyone wants to ask about it, and so it just gives me pleasure. And it just gives me pleasure.”

Take your jollies where you can get them.



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4 responses to “The opposite of coachspeak

  1. Brandon

    Larry Fedora, any time I read about him I think of the Spencer Hall quote: “In Mexico they call him Lorenzo Sombrero”.


  2. That’s old hat for Larry. It’s good to see that his winning personality hasn’t changed much since he was in Hogtown


  3. Cousin Eddie

    Fedora is actually controlling the press conference. Without naming a starter he knows that will be the main topic of discussion.