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Decided schematic advantage is boring.

Bruce Feldman reports that Charlie Weis falls asleep in team meetings.  And, yes, that’s “meetings” as in plural.

Also, this.

I wonder which AD is dumb enough to sign him to a deal after Kansas cuts him loose.  Don’t forget those Super Bowl rings!


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“This depth chart, I wouldn’t go too crazy about right now, to be honest with you.”

Georgia, where they settle on a depth chart before they actually, you know, decide on who’s going to play.


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Chris Conley puzzles the NCAA.

You should read Ivan Maisel’s piece on Chris Conley because it’s a terrific piece on Chris Conley.  Then, you should chuckle over this part:

… Hines is working with Conley on his next film, about a superhero of Conley’s own creation. Conley petitioned the NCAA to allow him to raise money for the film on Kickstarter, the crowdsourcing website. The NCAA said yes, albeit after extensive head-scratching. No student-athlete had ever asked to use Kickstarter.

It’s probably a good thing for Conley nobody understood.


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Ed Aschoff, Todd Gurley and short memories

ESPN’s Ed Aschoff predicts Todd Gurley won’t be this year’s SEC rushing champ, which is okay, but not for the reason you might think:

Georgia’s Todd Gurley has yet to make it through an entire season healthy…

Did I miss something?  Was it another Todd Gurley who finished second in the conference in rushing attempts in 2012? How unhealthy can you be and do that?

Those 222 attempts were nineteen more than Davis had last season, by the way.


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Fabris Pool reminder

It’s not too late to jump in.  Click here and sign up.

And for those of you who have already signed up, don’t forget this week’s first game is Thursday’s TAMU-South Carolina meeting.


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“If Clemson can hold Gurley in check…”

Shorter Andrea Adelson:   Never mind that Clemson opens in Athens with last season’s offensive superstars gone, because the defense that gave up 545 yards to Georgia at home last year rules!


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Joker Phillips and the street people

So word is Florida is pissed that Miami turned in Joker Phillips for violating the bump rule and none of the cool kids will hang out with the ‘Canes these days.  At least that’s what a bunch of unnamed sources claim.  I’m not exactly sure it’s such a bad thing.

“There’s a lot of street people in Miami,” one of the assistants said. “How do you think they feel about what the University of Miami did to Joker Phillips?”

Yeah, because if you’re a college football program trying to shake off the aftermath of the Nevin Shapiro mess, you really don’t want to mess with the street people.

Whoever that assistant is, he’s an idiot.


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Tuesday morning buffet

It’s getting closer.  So eat.


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More adventures in “it’s what’s on the front of the jersey that counts” land

Here’s Georgia’s 2014 schedule poster.

Recognize anyone?

Yeah, no way to know for sure that the big dude in the middle wearing number 3 is Todd Gur… or number 14 to his left setting up to throw the ball is Hutson Ma…  well, you get the idea.

Can I say thanks to the advertisers?


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