Decided schematic advantage is boring.

Bruce Feldman reports that Charlie Weis falls asleep in team meetings.  And, yes, that’s “meetings” as in plural.

Also, this.

I wonder which AD is dumb enough to sign him to a deal after Kansas cuts him loose.  Don’t forget those Super Bowl rings!


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  1. This BCS-level out-of-conference opponent is just a joke. UF will play F$U, we’ll play Tech, and USCe will play Clemson. I wouldn’t mind if Mizzou played KU (or K-State) and TAMU (or LSU) played Texas (or OU/OK St), but the reality is that everyone else is going to play Kansas, Indiana, Iowa St., Rutgers, Maryland, Wake Forest, Duke (yes, I know they’re better but they’re still Duke), Colorado, Washington St., etc. because everyone will look for OOC opponents where there’s no home/home requirement. They’ll only be rent-a-wins with Power 5 opponents who need $$$ or are basketball schools.

    • If it’s perceived it works in affecting the committee, then schools like Georgia, UF, and SC will be scheduling a 10th Power-5 game with those lower-tier teams you mentioned. I wish we would go ahead and do it, if we can get teams that don’t require home/home.

      One less Nicholls State would be good for our home schedule, too.

      • Ivey, completely agree with you. I think we should try to find that 2nd Power 5 opponent where we don’t have to make a return trip to go with a built-in home/home OOC rival. I still want to see the high profile OOC home/home outside of Tech like the ND games, but they don’t have to be every year. We’re always going to have the FCS because that game is always going to sit in the Charleston Southern slot – Homecoming/Tech tune-up. My opinion is if we’re going to play an FCS school every year, let’s play someone like Montana, Northern Arizona, Northern Iowa, or North Dakota State who is a perennial play-off contender.

        • Cojones

          Why do we have to play an FCS school? If “The 5” become autonomous we wouldn’t schedule any so why not start that agenda with the 2015 schedule. “Tune-Ups” are one thing, but an FCS team in the middle and end of schedules aren’t T-Us. More like “Tone-Downs” and don’t-look-at-us warnings.

          It’s the schedule more than the distance. Look at a map: Maryland and Rutgers aren’t that far away.

          • The FCS at the end of the season is now the result of conference schedules. If you don’t have a conference game, no one wants that OOC game that could knock them out of everything late in the season. Even with the committee and the playoff, when you lose will still have an effect on the outcome of the season. No way any team in a conference schedules an OOC game late in the season that has the potential for a loss while the FCS option is still available.

            I agree with you, Cojones. I hate the FCS game, but until the Power 5 state they will no longer play FCS schools, it’s going to be with us. The reserve fund needs the home game.😉

    • Deutschland Domiciliary Dog

      Truth is, the NATS belong with the “Kansas, Indiana, Iowa St., Rutgers, Maryland, Wake Forest, Duke… Colorado, Washington St., etc.” side of the equation, not so much with the F$Us, Clemsons, Kansases, Kansas States, Texas, or Okies of this world.

      • Tech is not with those schools mentioned because they have been a consistent bowl team. That mentality of the NATS as a cupcake is what causes 2008 to happen where we lose our focus on them and get beat. They aren’t FSU or Clemson either although I would make the case they have been traditionally closer to Clemson than most realize. While I love taking Tech’s lunch money at historic Vince Dooley Stadium at Richt Field, I wish we would go to them and say the only way we play them in Atlanta is at the Dome or the Falcons’ new stadium because their stadium doesn’t fit the number of people who want to see the game.

        My point is that we, UF and USCe have a permanent Power 5 rival compared to other traditional power teams in the conference (Bama, AU, LSU) where we play a home-and-home. The other schools are either going to schedule high-profile, neutral site games (LSU or Bama) or call up the dregs of the other conferences for a “rent a win” 1-game contract. I’ll admit I love what LSU did with Wisconsin with a game in Houston and a game at Lambeau, but that was in place before this scheduling requirement was put in by the SEC.

        • Deutschland Domiciliary Dog

          Sorry, the Bees’ consistent annual habit of losing bowl low-grade bowl games does not elevate them above the Kansas, Indiana, Iowa St., Rutgers, Maryland, Wake Forest, Duke, Colorado, Washington State level. Especially in times of 35 bowl games, seventy teams, almost sixty (60) percent of the FBS, feeding the ESPN monster (or is that, master?).

          Yeah, Yeah, Tech beat Southern Cal in the Sun Bowl a couple of years ago in Junior’s final bowl appearance as head coach. Big whoop.

          You are quite right that Bama, etc. should get with the program and develop better non-conference rivalries. And an argument can be made that Georgia’s traditional rivals, taken as a whole, surpass any other school’s traditional rivalries (We have three, after all, UF, AU, GT, plus serious “on-again/off-again” and “developing” rivalries in USCe and Clemson).

          But don’t suggest the Nerds rise to Clemson or Seminole-level competition, regardless of what happened in ’08.

          • Did I say they rise to Clemson or FSU-level competition? No.

            They aren’t Kansas either. They don’t go 1-11 or 2-10.

            They are a mid-level ACC team similar to UNC, NC State, (currently) Duke, Virginia, and Pitt.

  2. Jack Klompus

    Do you know how hard it is to fall asleep on a cooler?

  3. Lrgk9

    Chizik to KU

    • Macallanlover

      They don’t care enough about winning football games to allow what Auburn’s administration and fans let Chizik do. He has “dirty” magic, but not a lot of talent. He sounds like a pretty decent guy on the radio, maybe he got caught up with the wrong crowd and was afraid to tell them no.

  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Fat Charlie the arch-angel slopes into the room.

  5. Ben

    Far be it from me to say something in defense of Charlie Weis, but with his weight, falling asleep like that could be a serious issue. He should be more concerned about that than saving his legacy because that guy is never going to win at the college level again.

  6. Normaltown Mike

    “I wonder which AD is dumb enough to sign him to a deal after Kansas cuts him loose”

    What’s Mike Hamilton up to these days?