Ed Aschoff, Todd Gurley and short memories

ESPN’s Ed Aschoff predicts Todd Gurley won’t be this year’s SEC rushing champ, which is okay, but not for the reason you might think:

Georgia’s Todd Gurley has yet to make it through an entire season healthy…

Did I miss something?  Was it another Todd Gurley who finished second in the conference in rushing attempts in 2012? How unhealthy can you be and do that?

Those 222 attempts were nineteen more than Davis had last season, by the way.



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41 responses to “Ed Aschoff, Todd Gurley and short memories

  1. I could see Gurley not leading the SEC in rushing because he’ll (hopefully) be sharing more carries this year with Marshall, et. al.


  2. Castleberry

    Yeah but he only played in 14 of the 14 games that year. Any chance we run wildcat if Mason goes down this year? Seems like we score touchdowns 50% of the plays where Todd gets the snap.


  3. gastr1

    What can one say, but…Aschoff?


  4. timphd

    First Adelson, then Aschoff. ESPN needs better talent writing about college football.


  5. Jack Klompus

    I know he played in all of the games, but I recall him being injured his Freshman year. Maybe I am wrong, but that is my (and seems to be others) recollection. Deep thigh bruise maybe?

    I’m excited for Keith Marshall, interesting what Gurley pointed out earlier in the camp about him not going down as easy as in the past. That was always a mystery in my mind- he never seemed to get many yards after first contact. Sounds like that might change. Wonder if the arm whirl will still be in there.

    There are a lot of UGA in the playoff predictions out there which scares the hell out of me. Also, Desmond Howard has predicted us to go to the final game. The curse of death, I’m guessing.


  6. H. Boots

    Hasn’t Aschoff said some stupid shit about Georgia before?


  7. With people like Aschoff and Adelson writing for them, how much longer will the WWL be the WWL?

    Senator, GTP is better than pretty much everything that pretends to be serious sports journalism today. Most of the commenters here could be better opinion people than the idiots who actually get paid to write this drivel.


    • ESPN will be the WWL as long as they dominate the live event coverage. That’s what people want. That’s why FS1 is struggling. No studio show will drive ratings. Live content people want (games) will, however.


      • Point taken but their online content is not befitting the WWL moniker.


      • Governor Milledge


        I was watching Fox Sports South tonight for the Braves game, and the FS1 commercials were pushing the Wofford vs. Georgia Tech home opener (with Tech’s “prolific offense”… seriously) as their big opening-day game in the 12:30pm timeslot, as well as the “Bates & Bowden” (Terry) college football show. Yuck.


  8. Slaw Dawg

    Just 4 more days until it begins to be proven. When Sir Todd and company strap on their gear and hit the field of battle, all the yammerers and trolls will have their chance with the rest of us to find out how prescient they (and we) were. I’m a Chicken Little about Georgia Football from way back. But when you actually check out TG’s past performances, it’s not injuries you walk away thinking about. It’s his rare combination of speed, power, endurance and grit. So listen up, whippersnappers: us old timey Dawgfans know a thing or two about college football running backs. We have seen the very goldurned best, and then some. This ol’ boy says Todd Gurley is for motherf-k–g real and will prove the Hell out of that in 2014.


    • Damn, slaw dawg. I’m all fired up now and ready to go Terry Tate ‘office linebacker’ on my co-workers right now. Is it Saturday yet!!!

      I’d post the youtube clip but this computer illiterate might need somehelp…


      • Slaw Dawg

        Hadda look it up on you tube, but it was worth it. Me and my HS OLB son laughed our butts off. Thanks, BO III.


        • glad you enjoyed it. One of the funnier things on the internet along with key and peele’s substitute teacher… Good luck with your son and his HS football season. Hope he gets to wear the silver britches some day. Go Dawgs!


  9. Brandon

    Journalism has sunk so low. You really can’t believe hardly anything you read these days.


  10. The other Doug

    Y’all need to go and check out last year’s predictions for some perspective.


    Aschoff isn’t even good enough to be a weatherman.


    • BrightOwl

      Well, he was right about Vandy pulling off an upset, and he was right about the targeting rule costing a team a win.

      I doubt if he expected both of those to happen in the same game, though.


    • BosnianDawg

      Actually, don’t go and check that out. By getting clicks and readers is how that clown stays employed. Vote with your time, stop reading his articles, and we’ll see how much longer the WWL keeps him around when he doesn’t have an audience.


  11. John Denver is full of shit...

    heads up their asses


  12. John Denver is full of shit...

    thumbs too


  13. uglydawg

    He’s a dumbass who is too lazy to do his homework and research. So he just mails it in with his phoney regurgitating of what he’s read or heard somewhere else. Waste of time to read him.


  14. stuckinred

    Any other faculty-staff get their Ga-Fla tix yet?


  15. scrambledawg

    Ed Aschoff is the very definition of NTAC (no talent ass clown for the acronym impaired). He’s awful.


  16. Hacks fill the landscape.

    Listened to Bo Mattingly tell Brando today how the Hogs have the best running backs in the league, the best DE and how their QB is vastly underrated.

    It never hurts to dream I guess.


    • I can’t stand Brando. He acts like because he sits in front of a camera, and we don’t, he’s smart and we’re dumb. I’m so glad he’s not on the SEC Network as the main anchor.

      He almost makes F-bum seem like a good guy.


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