A fine line

Just curious about something, based on a debate some of y’all had in the comments this week.  Take a look at this:

Of the 12 winningest coaches in SEC history, as judged by winning percentage, are active in the conference. Nick Saban‘s .804 on-the-field winning percentage at LSU and Alabama ranks fourth in conference history behind Urban Meyer (.813), Gene Stallings (.810) and Frank Thomas (.805). LSU’s Les Miles is fifth at .798, South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier is ninth at .750 and Georgia’s Mark Richt is 12th at .739.

Where do you draw the line between good and great there?  Fifth?  Ninth?  Eleventh?


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  1. Atticus

    That is interesting, good topic. As far as wins, it is a very impressive record. The things that have hurt Mark Richt are his record against ranked opponents, hiring 2 bad defensive coordinators and a few other bad coaches, not paying enough attention to scholarship numbers (which is why we had 5 true freshmen on the defense last year) not winning an SEC title in 10 years and not winning a national title. Plain and simple. Beamer hasn’t won one and his program has suffered since being in the ACC but he did at least play in the title game. Is he considered “great”?

    As a fan to me the biggest issue I see in comparison to those coaches is I don’t recall any of his contemporaries (Saban, Miles, Spurrier and Meyer) ever getting blown out by teams like UGA has on multiple occasions (TN 07, Bama 08, TN, UF 09, SC 12) and I don’t recall how many times those coaches lost to Vandy and KY. Now Richt has the opportunity to change all these factors.

    • Biggus Rickus

      Spurrier’s blowouts at Florida:

      1990: UT, 45-3 and FSU, 45-30
      1991: Syracuse, 38-21
      1992: UT, 31-14, Miss. State, 30-6 and FSU, 45-24
      1993: None
      1994: None
      1995: Nebraska, 62-24
      1996: None
      1997: UGA, 37-17
      1998: None
      1999: Bama, 34-7
      2000: FSU, 30-7, Miami, 37-20
      2001: None

      None of those coaches lost to Kentucky or Vandy that I can remember, though. Richt has been a good coach. While these words are subjective and everything, I don’t think many would call him great. Nor should they.

      • The 2007 national championship team coached by Miles lost at home to an 8-5 Arkansas and on the road to an 8-5 Kentucky.

        • Bulldawg165

          In triple overtime both times, right?

          • I do remember the irony in ole Les proclaiming they were undefeated in regulation that year after LSU made it very well known that they didn’t consider USC to be co-champions on ’03 (also undefeated in regulation).

            No matter when they lost the game – still doesn’t change the fact that they lost to two 5-loss teams that season.

            • Bulldawg165

              Fair ’nuff. He’s had more good seasons than just 2007, though. I believe they’ve finished in the to 25 for at least 5 or so years in a row, right? Not sure exactly, but I know it’s a lot better than us.

              • BattyIce

                The SEC today, since 2009, is about 3 teams, the Champions, Alabama, AUburn, LSU, the rest are all non-champs.

                Dress it up how you want to, but that’s what it comes down to.

        • Biggus Rickus

          You’re correct. I actually wouldn’t count Miles as much, if at all, better than Richt, really. He’s certainly been luckier.

          • Other than 2007, I wouldn’t say he’s been luckier. He’s a damn good coach that continues to field solid, well-prepared teams every single year and is at the same time good for two losses per year (2011 notwithstanding).

            • Bulldawg165

              Well, we’re good for an average of 3.1 losses per year over the past ten years, so…

              • BattyIce

                we’re also good for 0 championships since 2005.

                • AthensHomerDawg

                  I blame Bobo and CMR has lost control of the championships.

                  • BattyIce

                    It’s Bobo and Richt.

                    Richt’s a very, very, very, very, very poor strategist, trying to win the SEC by passing the ball.

                    Bobo is very poor at picking Championship Qb’s, I don’t think Bobo even picked Shockley, so technically, Bobo has never coached a Championship Qb.

                    • HVL Dawg

                      Which QB won the SEC championship last year?

                      Oh and that McCarron was such a gem.

                    • BattyIce

                      Nick Marshall won it, and Richt went with AM over Marshall when Marshall was at UGA, Richt thought Marshall was a better DB than QB.

                    • DawgPA

                      Wait…. are you seriously saying that Aaron Murray was less of a quarterback than Nick Marshall? You would rather have Marshall as your starting QB than Murray. If that is what you are saying, you are OUT OF YOUR MIND!!

                    • BattyIce

                      hell to the yeah, Marshall won the SEC. AM didn’t.

                    • DawgPA

                      You are an idiot then who knows nothing about the QB position.

                    • BattyIce


                      We all disagree with you.

                      We feel Mike Bobo has not picked a championship caliber Qb yet, and we do not care about records for passing yards/pass td’s and other vapor bullshit that doesn’t win championships in the SEC.


                    • Jesus Christ, give it a rest, man. You’ve made your point over and over. And over. Along with being snotty about it to people who’ve been commenting here a lot longer than you.

                      You don’t want to bore me. And you’re very close to doing that.

        • Lol! Selective memory can be a hell of a thing.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        I only went back to 2010 but you get my point.
        SOS got beat by Kentucky and blown out by Arky 41-20, and Auburn played smackie mouth with him 56-17 in 2010

        Arky won again in 2011 44-28 Spurrier’s last score was meaningless.

        Agent Mushchomp wore the ole ball coach out in 2012 – 44-11.

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      Mark Richt is one of very few coaches with a winning record against ranked opponents (http://online.wsj.com/news/interactive/COUNT0820?ref=SB10001424052970204616804580100153599965336)….and if you don’t recall Saban getting blown out by this very coach in 2004 or losing to ULM or getting up 24 on Auburn only to let them come back and win OR the beatdown Richt put on Miles in Baton Rouge (54 points in Tiger Stadium is 2nd most anyone has ever scored there) or in the SEC Championship…well…

      I think the issue right now is that fairly or unfairly, Richt is being painted with a brush based on his last 5 or so years instead of his full record. Also, most fans have a tendency to overlook flaws in other coaches that they hang around the necks of their own head men.

      The fine line is the perfect analogy…Spurrier is GREAT because he won a national championship and all those SEC championships…but is Fulmer great? I think maybe I reserve ‘great’ for as small a group as I can and the rest are very, very good.

      • Irwin R Fletcher

        Sorry to piggy back..the criticisms of ‘not being ready to play’ in a few games are warranted. Although, as the Senator pointed out in a different post, that didn’t seem to be an issue last season and hopefully that’s a trend.

        • sUGArdaddy

          Well, Alabama has a 2 game streak running of not being ready to play🙂

          • Irwin R Fletcher

            Saban gets a pass for ‘consolation’ games! Ha!

            • AthensHomerDawg

              Saban,often referred to as the best coach in the SEC, argues to put a second back on the clock to attempt a 57 yard FG with a kicker who was not having a good day. Kick is run back 109 yards to pay dirt.

          • JCDAWG83

            Losing does not equate to not ready to play. Ga/SC 2012 is the textbook example of not being ready to play as is Ga/UT 2007. Georgia is the poster child for teams showing up not ready to play. Teams that show up ready to play lose every week of the season. A loss does not immediately mean a team was not ready to play.

            My problem with Richt is the team’s habit of showing up to at least one game EVERY season not ready to play. With top 10 recruiting classes every year, there is no reason Richt should not have a much better record than what he has. Richt’s problem is he can’t win the games that are important to win and he manages to lose games he should win every season.

            • Irwin R. Fletcher

              Ahhh….the old ‘every’ year, can’t win ‘important’ games, and loses games ‘he should win’ argument.

              Let’s play a game…what is the Clemson game? Is it an important game or an unimportant game? Is it a game he should win or a game he shouldn’t win? In fact, give me the rundown on 2014…let me know which are important and which are unimportant so we can really put your brainbusting theory to the test this year.

              • JCDAWG83

                I’ll make it simple for you. There is no excuse for Georgia to lose to Vandy or KY, ever. Obviously, every game is important, but some are more important, like MO last season, that is a game we had to win to stay alive in the East, we lost. As far as losing games we should win, how about making Brandon Compton at UT look like Peyton Manning or 2010 at Florida, or 2008 against tech in Athens, UCF in a bowl game, CO, Boise State, or the Gator bowl in January against the worst Nebraska team in recent memory?

                Obviously, every game is important, but some are critical. If you don’t understand that, I really can’t help.

                • BattyIce

                  It’s all winning championships boys and girls.

                  Since 2005, Richt ain’t done nothing Championship caliber.

                  • Mayor

                    In all fairness Batty, CMR won the SEC East in 2011 and 2012. The Dawgs would have won the SECCG in 2012 if Richt and Bobo hadn’t screwed up another end-of-close-game opportunity by not spiking the ball. BTW, anybody see the end of the GA State game last night? That is exactly how one is supposed to manage the clock at the end of a game to win it when you are behind. The GA State coaches spiked it–twice. The way Richt and Bobo played it in the ’12 SECCG is how you play it if you have a timeout in your back pocket–not when you are out of timeouts. That’s why we lost.

                    • BattyIce

                      It doesn’t matter how you lost, you still lost. Richt’s got a lot of excuses for why he never wins Championships, but the common theme is he doesn’t win them, at least not since 2005.

                    • Mayor

                      It does matter how you lost a game Batty, because if you know what caused the loss, you can learn from your mistake and not do it again. CMR never seems to learn because he is usually in denial about what caused the loss. The 2012 SECCG is a great example of that. Post game CMR quoted Homer Smith as authority for not grounding the ball when Homer would have grounded the ball in that situation every time. He misunderstood Homer Smith–DON’T ground the ball when you have a timeout left because you have the opponent reeling and if things go bad you can still stop the clock, but DO ground the ball when you are out of timeouts because if things go bad you can’t stop the clock. There are several football books that say that very thing. End of game clock management is one of CMR’s biggest weaknesses. Look up how many games UGA has lost in the CMR era by 3 points or less–and the SECCG doesn’t even count because that was a 4 point loss.

                • Bulldawg165

                  ” There is no excuse for Georgia to lose to Vandy or KY, ever.”

                  Yeah, but, uhhh….. this one time a long, long time ago a coach you like lost to a not very good team… uh, derrrr…. so yeah!

                  That’s the rebuttal you’re likely going to get here, even though these folks will be ignoring that we’ve lost to Vandy and Kentucky multiple times over the past 6-7 years

                  • BattyIce

                    Hey kid, nobody cares about how many blowout losses we had, it’s about winning it all, ok? back to middle school now, scurry along.

                    • JCDAWG83

                      I can live without winning a national championship as long as the team shows up ready to play and plays hard and looks like they know what they are doing. No team is going to go undefeated forever. Heck, it’s terribly difficult to go undefeated for a season. Losing to teams with inferior talent and showing up for games looking like the team could not care less is what I don’t like.

                    • BattyIce

                      No, don’t kid yourself kid, it’s about winning championships, at least the SEC.

                      Don’t settle for being better than Tenn or Kentucky.

          • Bulldawg165

            I agree with JCDawg above. Bama losing by 6 points to the SEC champions and almost national champions isn’t even in the same ball park as us losing 35-7 to South Carolina in 2012 (I could seriously rattle off another 5-6 games here but I’ll spare you). I should also mention that Bama had a chance to win the game against OU with about a minute to play before the sack/fumble/TD. OU finished ranked in the top 5 or 10, didn’t they?

            Please, for the love of god, stop acting like they are the same. They aren’t. At all. This is mind-numbing that you would even compare the two.

            • Irwin R. Fletcher

              I guess Saban needs to shut up since he’s the one saying they weren’t ready to play against Oklahoma.

              I guess Saban getting run out of Athens in 2004 or getting run out of the building by Utah gets a pass, too?

              Mind-numbing, indeed.

              • Bulldawg165

                Lol. Utah? That’s your example? They lost by two TD’s to the team ranked #2 in the final rankings. That’s the same as SC 2012 (or a myriad of other games the past 7-8 years)?

                And if you have to go back ten years for an example it’s a sure bet that you should reconsider your position.

                Good grief. Sometimes I honestly believe folks do say this stuff just to troll me.

                • BattyIce

                  Dumbest conversation ever.

                  Only by dorks who don’t want to talk about Championships being the standard.

                  Silly posters.

                  • Well shit – man. I guess there’s 13 completely incompetent boobs every year in the SEC and 120 completely incompetent coaches across the country based on your standard. What a bunch of dorks we are!

                    • BattyIce

                      4 teams have won the SEC since 2005, Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Florida (without Meyer they’re toast)), but Richt is not one of them.

                      If you go back to 1999, it was Georgia, LSU, Florida, and Auburn who have won the SEC.

                      But Richt really hasn’t done anything there since 2005. florida hasn’t done anything since 2008.

                      It’s now:
                      Alabama, Auburn and LSU in the last 5.

                • Irwin R Fletcher

                  Wait…so are we talking about final score or being ready to play? Because LOLz Utah was up 21-0 before the 1st Quarter was done. I guess getting down 20-0 against Johnny Football wasn’t an example either because of the ‘final score’?

                  If you don’t want to have your false assumptions challenged, keep them to yourself, but certainly don’t blame ‘trolls’ on pointing out massive flaws in those assumptions. It’s funny how the Richt-loathers use benchmarks like ‘ready to play,’ ‘important games vs. non-important game’, etc. to tear him down yet get so defensive when you apply the same standards to other coaches.

                  • BattyIce

                    Dude, drop it, nobody care about being better than Kentucky.

                  • Bulldawg165

                    The final score is the most objective measurement so yeah, that’s what I go with. Sorry if that’s incompatible with your subjective arguments.

                    • BattyIce

                      No sir, Championships are the ultimate measure. Not how many bad teams you lost to.

                      Good lord, are all the football idiots here?

      • Atticus

        Saban lost to ULM in his first year. He also hasn’t lost to Vandy and KY. But I get your point. I do agree it’s the last 5 years that has really hurt him and no I don’t think Fulmer was a great coach. But yes a lot of very good ones.

  2. Noonan

    If you want to compare, you have to set a minimum number of games to avoid small sample size. (I’m like looking at you, Corch Myers.)

    • Reservoir Dawg

      Amen. Corch is like a one-eyed man in the land of the blind. He plays his inherited trick ponies hard and then lights out for greener pastures. Make him stay more than 5 years in one place and see a regression to the mean.

      • Macallanlover

        Not only a small sample size but take away ONE player, GPOOE, and how would he have done? Sure, Florida was going to have a decent record with, or without Tebow, but that one factor is what puts Corch high on that list. Except for FSU, who did FU play OOC? Not saying he is a bad coach if you judge him or records alone but he is an example of why records and titles aren’t the only way to measure a HC. His record say “hire him if you have a spot open”, his character and demeanor say “I don’t want him on our sideline”. So is that a “great coach”? I will play the hand we have, CMR is worth so much more than an analysis like this. Myopic way to judge “greatness”, imo.

        • Replace GPOOE with Herschel and what are we saying today about Dooley? I think criticizing a coach for recruiting great talent and winning with it is a silly exercise. The inverse is the BS the GTU crowd trots out about Coach Fish Fry and being a great coach despite being a shitty recruiter. Recruiting and winning with great talent is part of the job in college football.

          • Bulldawg165

            “Replace GPOOE with Herschel and what are we saying today about Dooley? I think criticizing a coach for recruiting great talent and winning with it is a silly exercise.”

            Indeed it is. How many coaches do you think could’ve utilized Tebow (Or Cam Newton if we’re talking about Gus) the way those coaches did to get the results they got? My guess is not very many.

          • Macallanlover

            On a record basis, absolutely that applies to Dooley. The criticism is far from “silly” in a small sample size. (And he didn’t actually get the credit for Tebow, he was already recruited. Some say that is why Corch took the job at all over ND.) If you don’t think Tebow dominated those years he was at FU, you didn’t watch the same games I did. They were good, but Tebow made them great….not the coach. How many 3rd downs did they make because of his athleticsm alone? Same with Herschel’s 3 years at UGA.

            My point remains that using records to make a coach earn the title of “great” is simply a partial analysis. You have to measure the “whole” of a coach and it is those other factors which move Richt above those that the “win only” crowd admire. Richt’s record, and the way he goes about the whole definition of being a HC is why I would take him over the others. Not many can beat him when you measure the total; he isn’t just a good guy, he is a helluva man with an enviable record.

            But I understand that is not what everyone wants in a HC, thus they pursue guys like Corch, Stoops, etc. Can you imagine UGA pursuing and trying to get the Mizzou WR cleared to play this year as an exception because he was “run off” for his disciplinary actions, like Stoops did? Or kept “time to die”, or Hernandez, on the squad like Corch did?

            • Bulldawg165

              ” If you don’t think Tebow dominated those years he was at FU, you didn’t watch the same games I did. They were good, but Tebow made them great….not the coach”

              He’s a bust in the NFL because he isn’t nearly as talented as people like to believe. He did good at Florida because of the talent Meyer surrounded him with, the stout defense, and the scheme Meyer deployed to properly utilize him. Not many other coaches could have gotten that level of performance out of Tebow. That’s why he’s a commentator now. Meyer absolutely deserves credit there.

              • Atticus

                Percy Harvin was the player that should get the most credit. The offense wasn’t the same without him.

                • Gaskilldawg

                  Congregation say AMEN. Tebow is an outstanding athlete, sure, and played in a system perfectly suited to his skills, but it was Harvin and foreskins that made him a legend.

              • Macallanlover

                That entire comment shows how little you know about football and is why debating you would be wasting time. My comment was directed to someone who has credibility here. Buzz off. I am not going to get into a pissing contest with a moron so save your replies to those who want to play.

                • Bulldawg165

                  Wow. Two other people agree with me and I’M the one who is crazy and has no credibility?

                  Whatever man. Don’t worry about me trying to have a debate with you anymore if you’re going to be an ass every time someone disagrees with you. You have proven time and time again that you’re a classless jerk who can’t handle a difference of opinion.

                • Bulldawg165

                  Just saw charlottedawg’s comment below at 2:17 PM. Make that THREE who agree with me and zero who agree with you.

                  But yeah, I lack credibility and you are seen as a beacon of truth around here lol.

        • Bulldawg165

          “but take away ONE player, GPOOE, and how would he have done?”

          I guess he would just have the 2006 national championship under his belt.

      • charlottedawg

        Charlie strong was a much bigger factor in Florida’s dominance than Tebow. Recall they rode two absolutely nasty defenses in 08 & 06 but lost 4 games in 07 when Tebow won the heisman but Florida had a green secondary. Hmmm a HC with an offensive background making sure he’s got an elite DC, hmmm maybe Richt should look into that.

        Also as far as the yeah but Tebow argument, recruiting and assembling a coaching staff is a large component of a head coach’s job so Meyer gets credit no matter how you want to slice it.

        • Bulldawg165

          Yep. Percy Harvin, a solid O-line and a nasty D. That’s why Florida was dominant. Not Tebow.

  3. Alkaline

    Without seeing the full list of 1-12, I do think eleventh may be a reasonable place to draw the line. Fair or not, no coach at a major football school is remembered as elite without winning a NC.

    • Dawgaholic

      The elite of elite of coaches win multiple national championships with different sets of players while playing by the same recruiting rules as everyone else. They prove they didn’t just win because of a particular star player and they show that they didn’t win because they took the NYY approach and just bought a bunch of players. I think Bobby Bowden is the only coach in the last 40 years that fits that criteria. I’d say Spurrier is the next closest and he gets a tip of the hat for making three traditionally mediocre teams decent (Duke, UF, & SC). Got to think Spurrier would have won more had he coached at a Bama, LSU, UGA, Auburn, or UT. Impressive that he has put two programs in the conversation with those 5.

      • That’s very well said about SOS other than UF as decent – he created the monster that was the Gator program of the 1990s. He’s a great coach as much for the context of the programs when he arrived and left. That’s why I said that Richt is a great coach in the context of where the program was the day he arrived and the raised expectations HE has created that have now caused the debate today.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Ya know, EE, that’s a pretty astute comment, because the Georgia program was, in its way, a mess when Richt arrived, in some ways worse than when Dooley came to Athens. Plus, unlike Nick Saban, and to some extent Spurrier at South Carolina, Richt had a fan base who wanted a National Championship regularly combined with an institution that lacked the will to produce a program like that.

          Many have said coaching Georgia football is a great job, none have ever said it was easy.

          • Mayor

            Total BS Scorp. The Georgia program was in total disarray when Ray Goof left. Jim Donnan turned the program around, certainly when it came to recruiting. CMR won the SEC in 2002 with Donnan’s players. By the time Georgia won the SEC in 2005 the cracks had already started appearing. Remember the Auburn 4th down and forever pass play at the end to win the 2005 UGA-Auburn game? UGA was a serious underdog in that year’s SECCG but played ,IMHO, the best game against LSU of CMR’s career–then laid an egg in the Sugar Bowl. The program was already slipping then.

      • AusDawg85

        Think you have to include Saban who certainly enjoys free reign and can stretch rules, but I would not say he bought his way to those MNC’s. And I don’t know that Spurrier could have won at Auburn…when they don’t cheat, they’ve really never been any good competing in the West.

        Atticus puts a fair take on CMR in his comments above, but I’m sure there are several around here would would draw the line at one spot above Richt regardless of where he was ranked.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Osborne at Nebraska. Also, while Paterno’s legacy was destroyed by the child molestation revelations, I don’t think he was generally cheating to win games.

      • Irwin R Fletcher

        Interesting that LSU gets thrown in there without a thought…when Saban got to LSU, they had only one outright SEC championship since 1970…he proceeded to win two. He did quite a turnaround job at MSU, too.

        I’m not saying that taking a dormant LSU program or an underachieving Bama program and making them into perennial national powers is the same as Spurrier winning at South Carolina or Duke, but it’s something. I don’t know everyone that is a ‘great’ coach, but I’m reasonably sure Saban and Spurrier are.

        • Dawgoholic

          I took out Osborne because I seem to recall both MNCs were with Tommie Frazier – he’s right there too though. I’m more impressed with Saban at LSU than Bama. LSU plays according to the general rules that everyone else does – not sure you can say the same about Bama. The UF being decent comment is about the state of the program today – not where they were a few years back.

          • Dawgoholic

            JoePa’s out because there’s too much of a cloud there. I’d much rather a coach turn a blind eye to booster’s buying lamborghinis for everyone on the team than allow someone like Sandusky around. (Not sure what JoePa knew about Sandusky but there’s not enough evidence in JoePa’s favor to give him the benefit of the doubt.)

  4. Lrgk9

    At the same point in their careers, would hazard a point of view that Richt is ahead of Saban. May be wrong, but expecting Richt to go to the next level here on out.

    Richt is only 54, does everything as right and fairly as he can. For the first time since Van Gorder left, believe he has a burning desire DC that can do the job .

  5. I think the math is just more complex than simply winning percentage. It’s some combination of that factor plus conference championships, record vs. rivals, record vs. ranked opponents and of course, national championships. Win one of those and Richt gets to be in the conversation. Anything less leaves him just on the outside, though I love him & think he’s deserving.

  6. Slaw Dawg

    Particularly in the modern era of CFB, winning % isn’t as compelling a statistic as it might have been in the past. How many of Saban’s and Meyer’s wins came against cupcakes? Of course, some past records have their own misleading stats–if Bear Bryant had worked under today’s scholarship limitations and academic requirements, would he have been the Bear of legend?

    It shouldn’t be just about the winning % anyway, though. I’m a Richt fan, but his 2 SEC titles in 13 years and no national title alone keep him out of the ranks of “great coaches.” The good news is that can change, as it did for Tom Osborne and Vince Dooley. Dooley said that having an undefeated season and winning a national title was “necessary” for his career to be successful. Not even the Visored One pulled that off. If Richt does, then I’ll contribute to the fund for the statue.

  7. Irwin R Fletcher

    BTW…is it just me or has the worm turned a bit for national writers on Richt? It seems like a lot more ‘Richt will get a break’ or ‘Richt will get it eventually’ talk from national writers than at any time since 2007-ish…certainly no hot seat meme anymore.

  8. BattyIce

    You got your 4 tiers in the SEC over the last 5 years:

    Level A:
    Auburn and Alabama-
    Both have 2 SEC titles + 2 Natl Chp Appearances

    Level B:
    Won an SEC title

    Level C:
    South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Miss St-
    (Tex A & M + Mizzou could be lumped here)
    No SEC titles or BCS Chp apperances
    Winning records

    Level D-
    Ole Miss, Tenn, Vanderbilt, Kentucky

    • Warden182

      Lol @ Auburn in the same tier with Bama. I value consistency over rings, though don’t get me wrong the rings would be nice. Bama is in its own tier. Next comes Georgia, LSU, and South Carolina. For those that say UGA should never lose to KY or Vandy, that’s exactly what Auburn did in 2008/2009. When they’re not playing in a national championship, they’re TERRIBLE.

      • BattyIce

        No way.

        Since 2009, it’s all Auburn and Alabama at the top, both are Mutiple SEC Champions not wannabes

        LSU is the other conf champ.

        No other team should be talked about until they end up in the WINNER’S CIRCLE.

      • BattyIce

        Consistency over rings huh, guess you are a big Jim Donnan fan? Love his 4 top 25 finishes in his last 4 seasons then?

  9. BattyIce

    Over the last 5 years, top 25 finishes, it’s 4 tiers:

    Level A:
    Alabama & LSU 5 top 25 finishes

    Level B:
    South Carolina 4 top 25 finishes

    Level C:
    Auburn, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Texas A 7 M, and Mizzou 2 top 25 finishes

    Level D:
    Miss St, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Tenn, Kentucky 0-1 top 25 finishes

    • Dawgoholic

      How about we go with top 5 finishes in the last 5 years – suddenly UGA looks a lot better. There’s lies, damn lies, and statistics.

      • BattyIce

        No one really goes by that odd standard.

        It’s usually, Natl titles, Conf titles, top 25 finishes, or win %

        • Dawgoholic

          Are you a Tech fan?? At real football schools there is a distinct difference in top 5s, top 10s, and top 25s.

  10. Bulldawg165

    Man, Bluto, 5:35 AM? How am I going to get involved in a conversation that starts that early?🙂

    I think it’s a bit disingenous to state that Spurrier is 9th without also acknowledging the inherent disadvantages a program like South Carolina had to overcome when he got there. He absolutely dominated at Florida and he’d probably be in the top 2-3 for winning percentage if he had remained there his entire career.

    It also doesn’t help that three out of the four ahead of Richt on that list are still coaching in the SEC and the fourth (Meyer) gave us the worst beat down I think we’ve received this millenium.

    • BattyIce

      Spurrier’s overrated.

      No titles, no chps, at South Carolina.

      • I really shouldn’t respond to this since I’ve already entertained you once above, but just wanted to let everybody here know how hard I am laughing at your “Spurrier’s overrated” comment. It may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read here.

        /obvious troll is obvious

        • BattyIce

          Nothing will ever be dumber than the troll how keeps trying to compare Georgia to being better than Kentucky and Vanderbilt and Tenn.

          But Spurrier ain’t a champion at South Carolina. He’s no different at South Carolina from Jim Donnan, who also finished in the top 25 4 straight years in the SEC.

          Spurrier doesn’t want to talk about Chamionships, because he ain’t got a leg to stand on there, so he tries to change the conversation to wins, or consistency, or top 25 finishes, or beating rivals, or something more on his level than winning Championships.

  11. BattyIce

    In win % last 5 years, Richt is above 6 teams in the SEC:
    ark, tenn, vand, kent, ole miss, miss st

    Richt is below these 7 programs:
    Alabama, LSU, South Carolina, Texas A & M, Mizzou, Auburn, and Florida

    So richt ranks 8th out of 14 teams.

    • Dawgoholic

      He also has two division championships in the last 5 years – no one has more than two division championships in the last 5 years.

      If you don’t like Richt, that’s fine. Just accept that he’s our coach and will likely be here as long as he wants. If you can’t accept that, go cheer for another program.

      • BattyIce

        Div Champs? Wow, that’s scraping the bottom of the barrel.

      • JCDAWG83

        So, accept the coach and don’t question what kind of job he is doing? Based on that logic, we should have kept Goff and the people who were unhappy should have cheered for another program.

        • Dawgoholic

          No JC, the logic is that when he has the highest win % of any coach at the school since the 1920s, he’s been there for 13 years, and was very competitive in the de facto national championship game just two years ago, only the extreme lunatic fringe would support ousting him. He’s here, like it or not. I’m sure there were lunatics that wanted to fire Osborne and Bowden 13 years into their tenure as well. I know plenty wanted to fire Dooley 13 years in.

          • BattyIce

            yeah, jc, that Mark Richt win % last 5 years is just terrific

            0 sec champs
            0 Nat Chmps

            Awesome baby!!

  12. Obviously many of y’all want a different Head Coach. I think you’re nucking futs.

    • BattyIce

      Richt’s pretty lucky he coaches in the SEC East and not the West.

      In the SEC East, there are no championship caliber coaches over the last 5 years who win SEC titles, so the competition is light.

      In the West, you got Alabama, Auburn and LSU all Championhip caliber.

  13. charlottedawg

    The data also definitively shows richt is the 4th best coach in the conference 5th when Meyer was here.

    He’d probably been in the top ten if he was a great coach but there’s other metrics to consider.

    We haven’t been to a bcs bowl in 6 years abd counting.
    We haven’t won the sec since 05
    Richt’s had one season of one loss or fewer.
    Great coaches don’t
    – get blown out on an annual basis
    – let underachieving assistants hang around especially not coordinators. We haven’t had a
    Competent dc going on 8 years and it would
    be 9 had Grantham not quit.

    I’m not discounting the guy’s winning percentage, it’s impressive. But to hear some commenters on here you’d think Richt was just the most snake bit coach of all time which was the reason for the recent lack of hardware. The truth is we consistently shoot ourselves in the foot and Richt won’t be a great coach until he figures out a way for Georgia to stop beating itself.

    • BattyIce

      I would rate Richt right now as No 6 in the SEC.

      Here’s how I rank them:
      South Carolina
      Texas A & M

      The reason I have South Carolina and Texas A & M higher, is their coaches figured out how to beat Saban recently, where Richt and Mizzou havn’t.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Hold on…. let me check my I give a shit where you rank them meter.
        ……….. Nope. Nothing there. Who gives a shit where you rank or what you think. I’ve never seen you post on GTP before today. If I missed your earlier drivel I count myself lucky. Don’t you have somewhere to be? Honestly, I’m getting weary of you droning on and on. I wish Bluto could check ID’s or IQs. Im sure you’d be gone. GOSH put a sock in dude.

        • BattyIce

          So you can’t make an argument against my rankings, and choose instead to ramble about personal attacks, you have a feeble brain, so now we know. Thanks for the post.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            This is a big boy room. All the real GTP posters have forgot more than you will ever learn. Yeah I pretty much said your full of shit. Didn’t you get it the first time. Go wipe that runny nose and find another playground. I haven’t the patience for your foolishness today. We done? Damn you’re slow.
            Your welcome.

        • AusDawg85

          We’ve seen this pathetic little idiot countless times this off-season. Same troll / sock puppet who keeps getting banned. You guys have GOT to learn to quit feeding him. Has to keep creating new free email addresses just to get in.

          Must have some beef with the Senator’s success. Can’t compete, so comes here to piss all over the place. Price of fame for GTP.

  14. BattyIce

    Richt is better than the programs at:
    Tenn, Kent, Miss St, Florida, Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt

    Richt is not as good as the programs at:
    Alabama, Auburn, LSU

    So, Richt’s in the middle tier with programs like:
    South Carolina, Georgia, Texas A & M, Mizzou

  15. BattyIce

    Richt is the 6th highest paid coach in the SEC.

    Money talks.

  16. 69Dawg

    Senator for the love of God please stop the trolls.

    • BattyIce

      another newbie, lord boy, go back to grammar school. try putting out some kind of useful info on the topic ok, newbie?

      You don’t see why Richt’s the 6th highest paid coach? Great, if he’s so much better, why isn’t he paid more than the 5 guys in front of him?