And we’re officially underway with the 2014 season…

It’s not a visor toss, but the disgust still comes through.

In fairness, he’s got some reasons for that.


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  1. Juan

    It’s quite satisfying to see this confusion from a secondary not in red and black

  2. Kenny Football is showing it is a system – not just Manziel. Wow!!

  3. HVL Dawg

    Beautiful, man it’s beautiful.

  4. raven

    And Mooseburger still sucks.

  5. I told you guys not to discount Sumlin and TAMU.

    • Cojones

      I didn’t . That’s why we are 2-0 in the pool along with 77 others, but that won’t continue for me past today.

  6. Mayor

    When did Grantham take over the D at USCe?

  7. Cosmic Dawg

    The best part is it’s an SEC W team, about which I am largely ambivalent-to-liking b/c of their coach and them effing up UTX.

    I might just drink Lowenbrau tonight.

    The downside is I don’t know if UGA will fare much better if we meet these guys in the SECCG.

    • raven

      It also put SC in an absolute must win against us.

      • Macallanlover

        True, there are a lot of opportunities to gash that defense with short, well distributed passes, and straight ahead power runs but they will be desperate when we roll in. We will get their best shot, usually do anyway but this will be a fight to save their season. This was a national humiliation and the score made it look closer than it was. I am sure our guys got a good look at what will work, that cannot all be fixed in two weeks. Loved the way A&M shut that crowd up.

        Palmer adds zero as an analyst but I thought Musberger was a pretty good play by play guy for a new network. Not my favorite but he is credible, and bearable. The idea of having FBomb pretend he really understands the game undermined it all though, guy (as Ivy has nailed it} is just a Jerry Springer like scumbag. Needs to stick with the one dimensional Alabamians that listen to his show and call in between wrestling matches.

        • The other Doug

          We also get to see everything SCAR has. They didn’t save anything for UGA.

          • Macallanlover

            No, and it looks like they need to go shopping for something new. They cannot play it cool with ECU next week now, they were epically bad tonight. They were converting to a 3-4 front this season, may not have the right guys. It will be interesting to see if they make changes next week because they had little success at stopping the run or getting pressure on Hill.

            • Cojones

              Do you also get the sneaking suspicion that they may have wasted some valuable practice time by slipping in a few days of “Stopping the Run” practice for UGA while overlooking their first two (hopefully) games? Thought that EC would be their toughest game of the two. The best info I had about A&M was that they would play w/o a QB since the media said Manziel was all they had. Looks like Spurrier heard the same thing we did. Yikes!

        • raven

          Yea, on the first deep sideline pass Mooseburger screamed “Over the middle”!

  8. I don’t think “decent” means what you think it means in that sentence, OBS.

    • Cojones

      Yeah, funny. Bet he woke up with an empty beer can in his fist this morning. Ah, he’s probably already hitting the links at Augusta.

  9. USCe doesn’t have the players up front on defense (lost 3 including Clowney) and their secondary was suspect last year (and haven’t improved). TAMU has exposed them.

    While in Columbia on business this week, the Gamecock crowing was at a fever pitch talking about a national championship. The Chicken clucking tomorrow will be priceless.

  10. Wow. Are they this overrated??
    Lots of empty seats for ole miss vs Boise St. That kinda surprises me.
    Damn sakerlina’s D reminds me of ours last yr. gigiddy gigiddy.

  11. W Cobb Dawg

    Gives us a 1 game lead in the sece. Greatest part is the game is so fast I don’t have to sit thru a zillion commercials.

    Now I know why we’re getting ready to sign 10 WRs.

  12. raven

    That pick helps!

  13. raven

    Bye Bye Cock fans!!!! 12:09 in the 4th and they are like Dodger fans!

  14. Cousin Eddie

    Half a hundred on the ol’ ball coach. Gotta love it.

  15. SOS might think twice about another Thursday night opener.

  16. Reservoir Dawg

    Dayum!!! Just walked in at 9:20. What the hell did I miss?

  17. gatorhater27

    Maybe Spurrier should have spent a little less time golfing and more time working.

  18. But we’ve been told that only Mark Richt gets blown out and doesn’t have his team prepared. So confusing…

  19. PansyTheDawg

    He’s eating all his cocky Spurrier talk from this summer. Hopefully, we’ll feed him some more in two weeks.

  20. uglydawg

    Aggies offensive line is very good. Hill had a great, great night.
    Actually, SC had nothing…a couple of long ones of defensive breakdowns and that was about it. I don’t know if A and M is that good or USCE is that bad…probably a little of each.
    I think and hope the Aggies will B-T-S out of Auburn.

  21. 69Dawg

    Wow this was a beat down the likes of which SOS has not been on the wrong side. I can’t wait for the press conference. The only difference is Sumerlin is not an ahole and didn’t score the last minute TD. You know the Old Ball Sack would have thrown for it 4 times.

  22. diving duck

    It really looked like USCe didn’t have the athletes to compete. I’m sure we’ll see a different team in two weeks.

  23. Russ

    Don’t care for the cult of Aggies but it’s always fun to watch the Ol’ Ball Sack get blown out. I’d call the Sackerlina fans red necks but that would be an insult to red necks.

    • Macallanlover

      I like the Aggie traditions, and Sumlin, a lot. They are a great addition to the SEC, imo, and now SC’s designated West opponent every year replacing Arky. Spurrier gets a shot at them in College Station next year, think Spurries is beginning to realize he isn’t ever going to win a title at SC? I do, with all the momentum they have had the past few years they are not really much closer.

  24. 81Dog

    It looks like their D hasn’t missed a beat without Clowney, the DT, and their two starting corners, and their O functioned pretty smoothly without Connor Shaw, just like every pundit confidently predicted.


    Maybe Spurrier and Muschamp can form a support group for shell shocked head coaches. They should be able to invite Grantham, Jancek and Martinez by the end of the season.

  25. AthensHomerDawg

    “Well the fun’s over and he’s gone to church”

    Sooooo…for all the football wizards that were praising SOS as a great HC that doesn’t get blown out. Was that a blow out?

  26. JCDAWG83

    Chickens really are missing Shaw and Clowney. Their defense looked awful and Thompson is pathetic if he is pressured. That said, I’m sure they will look like 2012 Bama when we face them.

  27. Scorpio Jones, III

    Cackle and crow….I can’t see anything good for us in South Carolina getting the living shit beat out of them before playing us… South Carolina is better than this I spec, East Carolina will find out, or we will.

    It is good to know Jessie Palmer has bought stock in Johnny Football Inc.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Well I’d lot rather Spurrier get whipped early and spend next week worrying over East Carolina than starting to game plan for us early. Getting beat and getting challenged can get into those kids heads. That suits me just fine. I’m sure the olé ball coach ( a master of getting into his opponent’s head) realizes that. Shaw is gone Murray is too. Mason needs to be 1-0 heading into SOS backyard. Right now beating Clemson is all we need to be concerned about.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        “Right now beating Clemson is all we need to be concerned about.”

        “Right now beating Clemson is all we need to be concerned about.”

        “Right now beating Clemson is all we need to be concerned about.”

        Yep, my mistake…consider this a blackboard with 97 repeats below.

  28. W Cobb Dawg

    Wow!! Not sure if sos got the message clearly enough, but Sumlin just said its time to retire. I think a rocking chair on Funk & Wagnals back porch is sos’s next stop.

  29. JRW7

    I just hope we get to play SC undefeated!

    • Macallanlover

      I hope we leave SC undefeated. Will be a war I am certain, but they may not have the athletes on defense. Think Steve might be joining the ranks of Saban to slow the hurry up offenses down? His guys were worn out early by the precision carving and slicing A&M handed them. Excellent execution.

      • Cojones

        Of course, we all are hoping that Hutson can throw in the 70 percentile like A&M. Since he threw in that bracket in scrimmage against a D we think is better than SC’s, there’s no reason he can’t.

  30. BMan

    Looks like USCe picked the wrong time to switch to a 3-4 and to stop sniffling glue (h/t Airplane). They were gassed in that game on D, and had no pressure on the QB. Also, I’m guessing that Davis sits out the ECU game to heal.

    Finally…Anchor Down indeed. Vandy looks stuck in place while Temple motors around the field.

    • Cojones

      And they had the “Anchor Down” name for all the players. Wow! Talk about anonymity!

      It couldn’t have been a slogan because that is expressly forbidden by the NCAA papacy. Wait! A dispensation you say? How the fuck does that happen?

  31. Red

    Saban lost two after the 60 Minutes spot, Spurrier loses how many now? Blame it on bodysurfing.

  32. raven

    Was South Carolina surprised as A&M’s lead grew? The Aggies never trailed, led by 31-14 at half and kept control in the second half.
    “They were just tired,” said A&M senior left tackle Cedric Ogbuehi. “They didn’t say much.”

  33. It looks like having an NFL caliber D-line makes their defensive coordinator look a whole lot better than he actually was/is, That was one sorry looking D. I don’t think USC beats ECU. We need to drop 60 on Spurrier because as some a**hole once said,”it’s our job to score points and it’s their job to stop us” I would like to stuff those words down Steve’s throat or up his *** and start the retirement talk.

  34. Dog in Fla

    Steve shotputs headset under the bus.
    Loves smell of newly mowed yardage in evening.

  35. Cojones

    Breaking News! : Chaos reigned at Dawg kennels across the country last night and past noon today. Dawgs were barking aimlessly , running in circles and drinking as fast as their buckets were filled. In one Partners for Pets kennel, some were seen to hurl themselves at the next run containing a small banty rooster that had been crowing incessantly all week until he stopped at sundown.

  36. Cojones

    What’s on the menu? Fried Chicken!

    • Cojones

      The ‘Nesian just returned home after a couple weeks in Cal. While she was gone, one of the hens showed up with a newborn at feeding time. Next day, Mom was gone, no feathers left to guess it’s fate, but I found the little one peeping in some muscadines at the edge of the property when walking Priscilla and Fannie Mae. It ran up into our yard and kinda hung with the some of the other chickens until feeding time. I caught it while it fed and placed it into a tall box (couldn’t find the animal carrier that was stored by the ‘Nesian in an outer shed). After it’s second escape, it found an exit hole by one screen porch door and joined the other chickens in the yard and remained near the feeder can stored in the fruit tree nursery and successfully survived another week by roosting with the free-range chickens (the remainder of her flock are in a pen). Old Gimpy couldn’t even catch it again with a net and it survived until the wife returned. She was so proud and immediately caught the little booger with the net. It is now the latest addition to our pet menagerie. We named it “BB” because it looks like one rolling across the yard when it runs. It is the cutest thing you have ever seen.

      She was even more impressed with my management while she was gone and was beside herself concerning the peg leg I had given the big rooster. That is, until she found the drumstick bone in the garbage.

  37. Bulldog Joe

    The headset bounces back and bites him in the ass.

    Much like his words.