‘Auburn is the second-chance university.’

Honestly, have two parties fit together better since Tim Tebow played for Corch than Bruce Pearl and Auburn?



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  1. MinnesotaDawg

    They’re so proud of themselves….they should be required to put “Second Chance University” on each diploma granted from that fine institution. The folks at Auburn are so blinded by the need to win at any cost, I’m not sure they’d care, but it’s the least they could do.


  2. JCDAWG83

    I think it speaks volumes about how bad of a school Auburn actually is that the university admin hasn’t stepped in and done something about the athletic program’s embracing of criminals. These are not athletes who were kicked off of other teams because of academics, Auburn is making it a practice of signing athletes who were kicked off because of committing crimes.

    How much is a degree from a university that accepts criminals so their sports programs can be better be worth? They are already well know as a “second choice college”, I guess now they are the “second chance for criminals college”.


  3. Duglite

    I like driving my truck…….


  4. Doggoned

    Alas, Dr. Joel Eaves, we knew ye well…


  5. raven

    If you are not an Illinois fan you can’t really appreciate what a scumbag he is.


  6. raven

    Since I posted this thread on an Illini Sports thread I’ll post their’s here.



  7. uglydawg

    Second chance, second rate, second largest U in Alabama, Second most sucessful sports program in Alabama….Second Complex…that’s why they will do anything to win so they can try to get out of the shadow of their big brother in Tuscaloosa…While Alabama has walked along he rim of the abyss of lost respect, Auburn has willingly decided it’s worth the cost of jumping right in. Meanwhile, some honest kid who wants to go to Auburn will be denied entrance because his gpa is a point too low, or he’s too ordinary.


  8. jeromefromdecatur

    An Auburn is an Auburn is an Auburn. That is what they do. That is who they are. But I don’t follow the analogy of Tebow and Corch being a natural fit.

    Corch: from Midwestern (Ohio), Catholic (quietly), smug, capable of double-talk, rarely smiles, often points, stares. A Heart-Attack, Obsessive Winner.

    Tebow: from Planet Florida, Evangelical (and how), genuinely happy/sad/enthusiastic, while his worldview might be pre-18th century, he does not seem hypocritical. Gives hugs. A Happy Winner.

    Tebow, whether we like it or not, is about as close to a football player if you combined the forces that shaped Mark Richt and David Pollack and put him at quarterback.


  9. Mayor

    I hate Auburn as much as anybody but this thread is starting to sound a little too much like sour grapes. “Look at us. We’re soooo superior. Auburn wins but they CHEAT and we don’t.”


    • dudetheplayer

      Agreed. I despise Auburn, but these clowns own the all-time series record against us, and they have pissed in our cornflakes way too many times in recent memory. Nick Fairley can still fuck off.


      • They own the series … by all of one game? Really?

        In the Richt era, we’re 8-5 against them. They have never beaten us two years in a row like we did in ’11 and ’12.

        In all ways that you look at a university and its reputation, yes, we are superior to them.


        • dudetheplayer

          Yes, “owning” the series implied they own the lead in the all-time series, which they do. Don’t get hung up on semantics.

          Richt has done a fine job against Auburn, but some of our losses against them have been particularly brutal. 2005, 2011, and last year were some of the most painful, kick-in-the-gut losses of the Richt era. And historically, they’ve made a habit out of spoiling potentially phenomenal Georgia seasons.

          You’ll get no argument from me that we’re the superior school. I never made that claim.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    Interesting the university president is personally involved in recruiting athletes there.

    Their athletic program holds a much higher priority than ours does.

    “Brandon Morris, Jay Gogue is on line one…”


  11. WF dawg

    “Second Chance University” (SCU) sounds lexicon-worthy to me.


  12. IndyDawg

    Auburn is a reform school masquerading as a university.


  13. 81Dog

    I just wonder when AU is going to hire Damon Evans.