Fill in the blank

Let’s face it – we’re excited about all areas of play today, but the part we’ve got the keenest interest in is the defense.  So after the dust settles tonight, how do you hope this sentence is completed?

“That was Georgia’s best defensive effort since…”

The home run would be the first half of the 2011 SECCG, which was the high water mark of the Grantham era, but I’d be thrilled to say Florida 2012.  That being said, as long as I could say better than any game from last season, I would consider that a good start.

What say you?



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17 responses to “Fill in the blank

  1. charlottedawg

    Since the last time we took Clemson to the woodshed

    Realistically I’ll be thrilled if we hold them to less than 3 touchdowns


  2. HahiraDawg

    …Alec Ogletree slammed that Techie in ’12.


  3. BigEz

    That’s a tough one to answer because I can’t remember the last time I felt we had a great game on defense. I’ll just be happy if we can stop some teams on 3rd down. Last year we finished 9th in the conference in Opponent 3rd down conversions (we also finished 9th in 3rd down conversions on offense). If we can improve on that percentage I will be happy


  4. oscardagrch

    South Carolina in 2002….I want Floyd to have an interception-touchdown in the endzone.


  5. CannonDawg

    Mercer in Macon in 1906, 55-0. My freshman year.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      And, for us young whippersnappers, the 76 Bama game.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        My future wife took a break from med school and came to Athens. On the way in someone tossed a beer bottle from the tracks and it bounced off my future brides head. I just happened to glance up and saw who tossed it. When they finally separated us my future bride was on the way to St. Marys (6 stiches) and I was in cuffs along with MR Bottle tosser. One of the officers recognized me. I played football with his younger brother at WRHS. He had us both released and sent in two different directions. Later he arranged a ride for me to St. Marys. Yeah, so that is a memorable game.


  6. I just want to see consistency. Make it difficult for Clemson to score. Don’t give up easy points on missed assignments. And, maybe most important to me, if we turn the ball over, don’t just go out there and give up an immediate touchdown. I feel like any time there was a turnover, Grantham’s troops were defeated before they even stepped back on the field. Like they had just conceded the score.


  7. Cousin Eddie

    They embarrassed Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl, but any time last year would work.


  8. Joe

    Clemson, 2003. Shutout would make a statement, no?


  9. pete

    I guess I could pick any number of games in the past that would fill the blank, but to better communicate my thoughts…I just don’t won’t to see any stupid breakdowns where clemson gets a long, easy play. Doubledawg09 has a good word, consistency. I can tell you what I expect we will see. I expect improve techniques and increased passion from the D players. I expect to see a better pass rush and better use of our talent. What I don’t expect our inexperienced db’s, is the ability to ‘read’ a hurry-up offensive scheme like an experienced player would…that comes with time. I doubt if Pruitt had the time to teach them technique and “scheme-reading-on-the-fly” in the time he has been here. I expect we will see someone out-of-place sometime during the game where an inexperience player didn’t get the ‘read’ because of Clemson’s fast-paced offense. We are going to have to be a little patient with the db’s learning curve…as painful as that may be.


  10. slatedawg

    Hawaii Sugar Bowl ideally, but I’ll settle for 2011 Mississippi State.


  11. That was Georgia’s best defensive effort since…

    2007 Hawaii.


  12. budro

    Man, we’re only halfway through the 2nd half, but the 2011 SEC championship comparison seems apt. This has been a great half of defensive football.