Todd Gurley for Heisman.

There, I said it.


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  1. IAmAGurleyMan


    Michel and Chubb also look great. Marshall looks fairly weak, but hopefully he’ll get it together.

    Go Dawgs!

    • Carlton Thomas

      Dead on about Marshall. Would prefer to see Brandon Douglas in there to him. He went for 8 yards on 6 carries.

      Not sure anyone wants to discuss, but we have an issue at QB. Can’t decide if Mason is Joe T or Joe Cox, but he ain’t David Greene or Shockley.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        He hit 70% of his passes. Managed the game and we won. Mehe. GO DAWGS!

        • The Lone Stranger

          Sic ‘Em and a +1

        • Cojones

          Picked up some yards with his feet when we needed him. Go Hutson! He is strong , big and talented. Just what we need with this team. Give him our old hearts and loyalty from this beginning of this year.

      • bob

        no mitchell, no scott-wesley, rumph disappeared again, yrt 18-26, no ints. he did just what was needed.

      • 81Dog

        he completed all his handoffs to Gurley and he didn’t turn the ball over. Sounds about like what we needed him to do to me.

      • Sanford222view

        Marshall received no blocking. He will be fine.

      • Will

        He also didn’t have his two best weapons at receiver, and for some reason we never ran a single post route the entire game. Not sure why, but considering the outcome, I can’t complain that much.

    • Sh3rl0ck

      I was excited when Gurley said that Keith was finishing his runs a lot better. Then, my enthusiasim went away when I saw the interview Marshall when he said that he recognized that he was leaning too far forward, and his solution was to run more upright. Keith, diagnosed the problem and claimed to apply the wrong solution. He still ran with a straight waist and with his center of gravity in front of the balls of his feet. Keith, Bend your knees enough to drop you butt four inches and then bend your waist so that the front of your shoulders are 1 inch in front of your knees.

      • IAmAGurleyMan

        Keith always seems to run straight into piles. I’m not sure with his speed why he doesn’t bounce it outside like Sony was doing. I’m not sure if it’s poor playcalling or Keith’s own errors, but unless he starts going outside, he will go nowhere.

  2. sniffer

    We’re with you, Senator.

  3. Hey Eeyores! How you like us now?

    Let the Dawgrading of Clemson begin.

  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    When that 3 learns the plays he may be pretty good. I thought I saw some defense, too…I must have been hallucinating.

    On to Columbia and the heat. And Steve with his feelings hurt.

  5. Dawg in Miami

    After his 2nd rushing TD, I not-so-calmly looked at my wife and said “He’s gonna win the Heisman.” That was a great game (for a Dawg fan). Thank goodness for halftime adjustments by our defense. That’s new.

    Go Dawgs!

    • The Lone Stranger

      Good Gawd, gotta watch the “Replay” but the 2nd Half did seem “creative”, dare I say?

    • Nashville West

      It has been so long since I saw the Dawgs make adjustments at 1/2 time that actually anticipated the other team’s adjustments. I haven’t seen special teams play like that since the 80’s. Don’t pinch me, I don’t want to wake up from this dream…

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    When’s the last time you saw a Georgia team play a pretty much complete game this early in the season?

    • IAmAGurleyMan

      Our defense looked awful early on. Hopefully that second half will give them confidence going forward. Hard to believe they didn’t try and pick on the secondary more. Stoudt is a bum, Watson should have been in there the whole second half.

    • SemperFiDawg

      Best summation I can imagine. Personally I can’t recall the last time the defense looked this dominant after half. Best special teams play EVER under Richt. My take away is I think Senator was right earlier this week when he hinted that Richt mentality has shifted/morphed especially with regards to STs. I think if this holds, and Richt doesn’t revert back into his shell when we muff the first punt then we stand a good chance of witnessing the beginning of a dynasty. (Please note this unheralded optimism is a direct result of the Red and Black koolaid that was main lined through my system last night, so yes I’m still high, yes it’s wonderful up here, and no I don’t wat to come down.

  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oh, and did I mention the defensive adjustments in the second half?

  8. Gurley is the best player in the country. At any position. Bar none

    • The Lone Stranger

      I f*ckin’ concur — BUT … imma let the associated national population-driven media slugs lodge their opinions and see what comes out of it all.

  9. That pash rush. Good lord have mercy

  10. ST play was a strength. Funny what can happen when you put your best players on the field.

  11. BMan

    Gurley is ridiculous. Offensive line played pretty good too. Special teams were fundamentally sound. And for the first time in I don’t know how long, Georgia looked like the better conditioned team.

  12. ClydeBoogie

    Larry just broke his chair….one of those steel ones!!

  13. WVMtnDawg

    Great game! Go Dawgs!

  14. Rocket Dawg

    No doubt!

  15. IndyDawg

    Gurey was everything I hoped he’d be in this game. The defense…choose your descriptive phrase: caught fire, started believing in themselves (and coach Pruitt), turned the corner, got nasty, gave the finger to Grantham. That’s all I got but you may have more. Go Dawgs!

  16. Big Shock

    Gurley is amazing. Really don’t remember anyone with that vision, power and speed since at least Garrison…maybe since the other guy. Defense in the 2nd half reminded me of the Hawaii Sugar Bowl. Mason still has no arm strength. Reminded me of the passing game against Vandy last year. No throws down the field. But in spite of the QB, I think this is a really good team.

    • raven

      Who was he supposed to throw it to?

    • Ellis

      Why would he throw it? He completed something like 70% of his passes, but with that stable of running backs that that very good Clemson defense had no answer for why would we throw the ball?

      Gurley is on a different level. 198 with a additional 100 kickoff return for a td. Man amongst boys.

    • uglydawg

      Chubb’s TD run looked like Hershel…it was just like a HW run.

  17. Tronan

    No gnawing disappointment. No need for oxygen or nitroglycerine tablets. No yelling myself hoarse at stupid mistakes. What is this feeling called?

  18. WF dawg

    I can’t decide what made me happiest: 1) Todd Gurley doing Todd Gurley things, 2) realizing in the 2nd half that I had confidence in our defense for the first time in quite awhile, or 3) Georgia proving it was better conditioned than the other team. I think I’ll go with 2).

    The first half was straight out of 2013. The second half gave me hope for what the rest of 2014 may hold.

    • WF dawg

      Oh yeah, and 4) special teams was actually great, rather than incompetent. We returned punts. We downed punts near the goal line. We bobbled no long snaps. And Todd Gurley.

  19. Merk

    Heisman?, pfft, I think he just moved to the first overall pick after that game. 298 all purpose yards and 4 TDs…

  20. Merk

    Where is that a-hole troll who was hating on Davis for being a walk-on? Well guy got a pick and a very nice pass break-up.

  21. Hogbody Spradlin

    Psssst. I actually heard, from the broadcasters, the words Georgia’ and the words ‘dominating defense’ in the same sentence. During the second half of course.

  22. Normaltown Mike

    I hope this moves him up the depth chart a bit (starter ++). I like KM, but he was a wet blanket in the first half

  23. Dawg19

    Seems like some players on defense left the program earlier this year.

    That second half blanking has completely erased my memory of it.

    Thank you, Coach Pruitt.

  24. zutadawg

    Leonard Floyd runner up

  25. Bob Loblaw Law Dawg

    For president.

  26. Mayor

    Last season’s D failures were all coaching. I said it at the time. This game proves it. Grantham, GFY. And God Bless Jeremy Pruitt. The D is 100% better and I see his hand in the dramatic improvement in STs, too. Plus, everybody appears to be in shape. We got ourselves a real football team!!

    • Guys faking pressure and then running out of it into decent coverage. Instead of running around back and forth like chickens with their heads cutoff thinking this is good “movement”. All the while getting themselves out of position. So nice. And punching the ball out of a receivers hands. Amazing. Not rushing the whole D line around the outside leaving a huge hole for the QB the scramble through. Just so wonderful. So many little things.

      • Cojones

        If you saw any of FSU’s game, you understand the difference he made there. Hope it persists because one game does not a season make.

  27. raven

    Couldn’t find your tent but there was a pretty good fight going on as we entered 29!

  28. Rebar

    Tremendous half time adjustments by both coordinators letting the talent show through with solid results. Todd Gurley is a man looking for a new simile or metaphor or whatever it is that you call somebody who is in a class of their own.

  29. Russ

    Our freshmen looked great also. I guess I was a little too conservative in my prediction. Only called for a two TD win.

  30. AthensHomerDawg

    I was hoping B Douglas was gonna get in during that last series. Would that be piling on?

  31. bulldogbry

    Ask any question right now. The answer is “because Todd Gurley”

  32. ZeroPointZero

    Boom! Rocky start, great second half. I’m shell shocked by the 2nd half D adjustments. I didn’t think that was legal. Watched the game at the beach with Tech fans. They hate us like we hate Florida fans. I get it. Still, unless you went to Clemson, STFU. And if you went to Clemson you’d have nothing to say.

  33. New University add…no passion. Bring back REM.

  34. Irishdawg

    The best part for me was watching our O Line completely wear out Clemson’s stout front 7. After Chubb’s TD, the Tiger defense looked like it had just fought at Guadacanal.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      As the Japs.

      • raven

        You think Guadalcanal was easy huh?

      • siskey

        It looked great live in person. I think Clemson is a good team so its a win that we can build on. Did they mention Vic Beasley on TV? Because he didn’t make any plays from my vantage point. Best 2d half since Ole Miss in 2007. Best Special Teams and Defense since 2005 SEC Championship game. Here’s to staying healthy, hungry and humble. Go Dawgs!

        • Dawgfan Will

          Did they mention Vic Beasley? Only to mention how he hadn’t really been mentioned all night. Heehee

        • Cojones

          Yes. His first half was pretty good, but he got whupped the second half. He got injured one play as well, but he came right back in. The cameras and announcers were on him more than Gurley, probably because Gurley had only touched the ball 5 times in the first half.

  35. HamDawg11

    When I saw #3 back to return a kickoff, I thought the coaches were crazy! 105 yds later my mind was changed. He looks to be in phenomenal shape and is taking a more vocal leadership role as well. We are blessed to have him, to say the least!

  36. Hunkering Hank

    Let me give some love to the OLINE. They blocked. Mason stayed clean. Gurley did the “because Todd Gurley.” He is the best player I have seen since I saw Herschel Walker play as a boy. Chubb – just dude – what a run! Michel – lightning, with guns. Defense – it literally reminded me of when we had a defense in the early 2000’s and I used to say to opposing fans “You better get your points in the first half cause VanGorder is gonna lock you down after halftime.”

    JOY – pure joy.



    Got ATA tonight!

  37. Cosmic Dawg

    My quick thoughts –

    After so much hype about our front 7, I didn’t feel like they were getting to the QB in the first half at all – it felt like 2nd half the LB’s were moving around a bit more to create confusion. Also, did we blitz at all in the first half? But in the 2nd half – man, that was impressive.

    It didn’t feel like the end of the world when our secondary was having trouble in the first half, because they were at least on top of the plays instead of six yards behind them, and they weren’t just getting burned play after play after play. The Clemson QB’s were making some pretty good throws, and they weren’t getting away with murder.

    Maxey did a good job making some room for the tailbacks, I thought, and was great to have announcers pointing out our WR’s blocking, too.

    Bummed about Marshall – not sure if it was partly luck of the draw on the playcalling, or blocking, or bad choices, or whatever, will be interesting to see what it looks like watching the game again.

    Mason looked fine, NO INT’s, a big upside with him that is not often discussed, I think. He really was a game manager. Biggest thing I saw with him was a couple of questionable choices for where to go with the ball, but watching it on TV who knows if you’re seeing everything?

    As others have mentioned, conditioning on both sides of the ball was terrific, as well as a kind of steady, controlled intensity. Those Dawgs had just the right mix of poise and fight.

    Flawless execution in general – think of all the tackles they DIDN’T miss tonight. When they got beat, they just got beat – but rarely looked lost out there.

    Was great to see such big contributions from freshmen and walk-ons, to see players (like Sims) coming in from all over the depth chart. It seems ridiculous to talk about this win as a team effort with Gurley so dominant, but aside from Gurley think about how many different contributors there were tonight.

    I love everything about Tracy Rocker. His dressing down of Carter after the RTP penalty looked like just enough chewing out and no more.

    • Pretty much what I saw too Cosmic. Nice summary. Oh, and Go Dawgs

    • Just watched the replay. Andrews got shoved around some. Clemson was already in the backfield when Marshall had his carries. We didn’t go with the swing passes to him…still gun-shy? Mason was solid. Incompletions on the short and intermediate routes were receivers not reading the play. I don’t buy in to the weak arm criticism, but his long balls were not good. That bears watching once JSW is back (and Mitchell if he makes it back of course).

      So much good on ST you can’t list them all.

      But the storyline is Gurley. DGD.

      • Cojones

        Your last sentence should also include: “ Gurley”, ‘but moreso the team that made him’ “.

    • uglydawg

      Great review, Cosmic…I might add that the Georgia Crowd was wonderful and intrumental in Clemson’s second half collapse!

  38. Chuck

    The Duh statement first: We need to get out to some leads this year (Right, who doesn’t). Because if we put teams in passing situations where Floyd and the boys can pin their ears back, we’re going to win many ball games.

  39. Doggoned

    So many positives — conditioning, second-half defensive domination, Gurley, Chubb, Michel, Hicks at the end, O-line opening huge holes. Damn, it felt good to win a tough opener in convincing fashion. It’s been a while…

    • Cojones

      Put Richt at the top of that list. Go back and look at his words to clubs and press confs. Then look for his one-word descriptor of this team – “Wow.”

  40. Simple mission now: RUN THE BALL until somebody proves we can’t.

  41. Dawgfan Will

    Aaron Davis. The receiver puts up his hands to catch the ball, and Davis puts his own hand up in the same area to knock it down. I wasn’t sure our DBs could do that anymore, especially after they failed multiple times in the first half.

    And that interception…

    • 81Dog

      Could it be that we have a solid but unheralded player who has concentrated on his techniques, rather than an arrogant, dope smoking 5 star player who would rather rely on raw athleticism than put in the work of learning the correct way to play?

      • I’ve always thought so, 81. Good observation. And good observation, Will. That was a big play Davis made, a great play, the kind good safeties are supposed to make, but the kind we haven’t seen much of for so long.

        We still have work to do on making sure our defenders always know where the ball is. But there was definite improvement. Big difference. And it can get a lot better.

  42. I can’t remember the last time an announcer described our D as disciplined

  43. I’m not usually one for I told you so’s but… I told you so!

    Big Ones III
    August 29, 2014 at 3:18 PM
    Very excited about seeing Gurshall against this Front 7 tomorrow. I agree with the prediction of Gurley in New York and what gets me most excited about tomorrow’s game is the possibility that we get to witness the beginning of a Heisman award winning season from him. Ah, what the hell, I’m going all in and predicting Gurley winning the Heisman this year. 2000 all purpose yards and 24 total TD’s (five of those coming against Auburn btw).

    • Puffdawg

      You might have underestimated Gurley – or at least his stats.

    • Cojones

      Big O – Gushing at the right moment is great. It can help us all through an up and down season. You lived up to your moniker by predicting with Kool-Aid on your breath.

      And Puff may be correct.

      • Just to be clear, I wasn’t trying to claim how smart I am with that post but was really just getting pumped up over how much I believe in this kid. He has every tool that you want in a RB, especially when you add the intangablies. He has elite abilities along with Spidy instincts, and is so far from being a prima donna, I just sense that he will be this year’s Murray and will us to victories when needed. I hope I do underestimate his stats, although it looks like he’s going to be “competing” with the others for plays. All of the running backs, minus douglas, were getting more carries than I expected. But with Michel, Chubbs, & Marshall, I can really appreciate Bobo’s strategy in doing so.

        Hell of a game last night. Lets get a good two weeks of work in and Kick the Crap out of Spurrier and the Chickens!

  44. Did Marshall get dinged? TV announcers were talking about it.

  45. The lack of points and first downs surrendered in the 2nd half, special teams were pretty good (gasp) the offensive line play was pretty good. Mason not throwing a pick. Who are these guys?

    PS Robert Patrick Petrino is one of my favorite coaches.

  46. Go Dawgs! Good comments all. Great second half.

  47. I know this is a Gurley thread, but may I say one word: Floyd?

  48. Will

    If we drop 50 on Spurrier in Columbia, I will be soooooo happy.

  49. Scorpio Jones, III

    Now comes the hard part for us….

    “If you can dream, and not make dreams your master, if you can think, but not make thoughts your aim…

    On to Columbia and the belly of the beast. The biggest game in the history of Georgia football.

    • You are right about that, SJIII. The talking heads this morning are more full of love for UGA since, well, I can’t really remember when (1980, maybe). Beat SC, and the sky is the limit.

      • Irishdawg

        They loved us last year after the LSU game, before the injury Armageddon at Tennessee.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        One of the reasons 80 was so special was the lack of airborne bullshit.

        The only folks who knew, or thought they knew, anything were the folks who could read what they saw on the field.

        It is hard not to get carried away with a small results sample.

        What I will say this morning is that this team has potential.

        • Airborne BS is here to stay, though. This morning commentary already has the tone of the college basketball season, with folks picking their top four playoff teams as things stand now. And UGA is in that mix, until they lose. I hope they stay there. Starting off strong is important, more important than ever now.

  50. Slaw Dawg

    Damn right. As I said on here a few days ago “This ol’ boy says Todd Gurley is for motherf-k–g real and will prove the Hell out of that in 2014.”

    Plus we’ve got Chubb “insurance,” an actual D and lordamercy, special teams.

    And an extra week to prepare for Karliny.

    Good times!

  51. Is tied for 11th in the pick’em….with a bunch of others. 🙂

  52. So I woke up this morning and came here to make sure that that just happened last night.

    • Beakerdawg

      Agreed. I haven’t felt like this on a Sunday morning since we crushed LSU under Nick Saban.
      Confirmed we have a Heisman contender.
      Confirmed we have a QB that can manage a game.
      Confirmed we have a special, special teams.
      Confirmed we have a DC that can make adjustments and they actually work.
      Confirmed we have a DC that doesn’t need a white towel to mystify the opposing OC.
      It’s only one game but man, we looked like a championship contender and this feel really, really good…

  53. Goat Balls

    We played defense.
    We played special teams.
    We played for field position.
    We ran the ball.

    I have a man crush on Pruitt.
    Where was JJ Green? I didn’t hear or see him. Did I miss something?
    Who was number 20 for Clempson? That kid was good.
    I see why Lorenzo Carter is held in such high regard but he looked lost yesterday. Big strong fast kid, are they gonna line him up at end or LB?
    Was it just me or did our Db’s tackle well? I saw Mauger really stick his nose in there a few times. Love it.
    Who was that Kimbrough? Love it.
    Hicks ran like a train. Bless him.


  54. Rampdawg

    He be BADD!!!