Bandwagon much?

Methinks this is a wee bit premature.

But it’s fun to look at.


UPDATE:  This needs to stop.

Right now.


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50 responses to “Bandwagon much?

  1. Mark may did the same thing. Yep, that mark may.

    I hope our guys understand that SOS would give both nuts to crush our dreams next Saturday in Columbia. Better put away the hype and get ready for a fight.

    • Tronan

      Both SOS and Go Gaytuh would give their family jewels to slap us down. (Tech, too, but – hahahaha).

      Every single season since Richt has been coach, the Dawgs have completely shit the bed on at least one occasion. If we can avoid that (and even we do, that’s not to say we may not lose a game or two, anyway) then I’ll jump on the bandwagon. Consistent, disciplined play will make a believer out of me.

      Disclaimer: I like Richt and am glad he’s head coach, but occasional to frequent sloppy play has been an unfortunate characteristic of Georgia teams during his tenure. I’m not hatin’, I’m just statin’.

      • Irwin R Fletcher

        Bandwagon will wait for you and the other bandwagoners.

        Seriously…is this Rod Tidwell’s brother?

      • Every single season. Except the ones they didn’t.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        There might not be any room left on the bandwagon. My memory is a little fuzzy. Exactly which game did Richt “shit the bed” in 2002? I’ll hang up and listen.

        • Tronan

          George Foster dry-humping a UF defender in the 2002 WLOCP several seconds after a play was over and getting a well-deserved PF is indelibly linked in my memories of Georgia derp. That was one of maybe two seasons since 1990 that we had a better team than Florida. We came into the game undefeated, and laid a rotten egg (and I’m not blaming Terence Edwards). We didn’t lose again that year, either, but had to content ourselves with #3.

    • SouthGaDawg

      Take Herbie and May with a grain of salt. If you were paying attention, Holtz has Notre Dame in his top 4…insert joke here…

  2. Argondawg

    There was so much to love about last nights performance. I am thankful to have two weeks to soak it up and prepare for the chickens but it is gonna take more than one game for me to start drinking the Kool Aid.

    Herbstreit has put the cart before the horse on this one. “Just Win” and everything else takes care of itself.

  3. Normaltown Mike

    CMR has lost control of Herbie’s top 4

  4. Bright Idea

    This is what kills me about college football media. Already trying to pick the top 4 and that will be the weekly theme.

  5. DawgPhan

    At least we are in the discussion after week one. Been a while since that was the case. Get stronger and get healthy during the week off and then make sure you stay in the conversation after week 3. That is the only thing that matters right now.

  6. Turd Ferguson

    And good ol’ Lou Holtz had Notre Dame at #4.

    • Careful Brad

      I always laugh at ESPN’s Rudy commercial because when has Notre Dame ever been anything but helped by the “old system”

  7. Coastal Dawg

    Agreed Senator. It is only one game and really one half of one game. Clemson outplayed us the first half. the defense looked shaky, the O-line was getting whipped, we didn’t present a threat to go deep and we got a break on ST for a change ( the missed FG not Gurley’s run back)

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy with our adjustments at half, liberal substitution on D which kept us fresh and the end results. But let’s not get too pyched about one game.

    • Out played us? I do not think that word means what you think it does. When we miss a FG it means we sux. When Clemson misses one it is just luck and they out played us.

      • Sh3rl0ck

        Clemson undoubtedly outplayed us in the first half. Their offensive line had great push up the middle in the running game, they did well keeping the QBs upright, their pass rush made Mason throw the underneath routes for most of the half, they mostly contained the running game with a number of stops behind the line of scrimage, etc. It wasn’t by a large amount, but they outplayed the Dawgs in the first half. Better conditioning (conditioning!) is what allowed the good guys to lay a butt-whoopin’ in the second half. Clemson ran out of gas at the end of the 3rd quarter.

        • What? Did you watch the game? Sober? We were up at the end of the first quarter and tied at half. The stats were fairly even. We had a big special teams play but that was offset by a horrible fumble call. Not sure how anyone who watched that game can say they undoubtedly outplayed us.

          • gastr1

            The stats were not fairly even. They ran twice as many plays as we did and had 275 yards to our 130. You might recall your own sobriety during the game, friend.

            • Ellis

              The first half yardage was a little misleading because of the 100 yard kick off return. Throw an offlense drive there in stead and it makes the yards and plays run pretty even.

          • Coastal Dawg

            I was sober last night and again today when I watched the game again. Clemson was moving at will in the first half and pushing our O-line around. They don’t shank the FG and we are down at the half. But that’s not my point. We did play well, made great adjustments and whipped a good team to start the season.

            My point is it is waaay too early to anoint this young team and we cannot start believing the press clippings. Keep improving, stay focused and beat carolina.

          • Sh3rl0ck

            Yes, I have watched the same twice. I was sober both times, and I saw the same thing as Gastr and Coastal. I said that it wasn’t by a lot, but Clemson outplayed the dawgs in the first half. The second half… not so much.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          It may have looked that way on the field but it looked pretty even to me on the scoreboard.

          • Sh3rl0ck

            Yes, the scoreboard looked even at the half, but it looked GLORIOUS at the end.

            • ScoutDawg

              Well I was pretty drunk but we WERE tied at the half. First game, lots of rookies. Seemed to gell later, could not asked for anything better really. Honest to GOD best game scenario.

  8. H. Boots

    Enjoy it guys, it’s not a bad thing. What’s better? Being called a top four team after your opener or getting blown out at home like Carolina? I know which start I prefer…

  9. Dawgfan Will

    Honestly? I won’t believe we’re in the playoffs until it happens, but I’ll take any positive press the pundits want to put out there about us. It WILL affect the committee’s selections at season’s end, regardless of what they might say otherwise.

    • Have to agree. The exposure will sway the committee. Its human nature. And no matter what sort of cautious optimism you propose on this blog, any loss we experience this season will still hurt like hell, so lets just enjoy it while we can.

      • Chuck

        Speaking of swaying the committee, do you think there’s any way Richt doesn’t kneel down at the end instead of trying to hang half a hundred on the Tigers if not for the committee? Me neither.

        • Dawgfan Will

          Nope. He’s classy to a fault. Then again, that’s what makes it so much fun on the rare occasion when “Evil Richt” does show up.

          • I’ll chalk that one up to having respect for Dabo since he recruited Richt’s kid and there are some family connections there. If it was Spurrier I would like to think he throws a few toward the end zone.

  10. Cosmic Dawg

    Yeah, but I’ll say – the team I saw last night can hang with anybody. You have to feel pretty good about all the questions….the coaching, the secondary, the OL, special teams, depth, conditioning…and QB keeping it together on the big stage.

    If my job was CFB punditry, I think I’d find a lot to love about the 2014 Georgia Bulldogs, even one week into the season.

    Barring injuries, given the fresh faces and new coaches performing at such a high level in game one, it seems unlikely this team is gonna do anything but get better…and that’s pretty cool.

  11. Gee minetti. I knew it would happen but not quite this fast.

    I agree with the sentiment here. Just this week we were talking about how we’ll have to handle things mentally as we go through the schedule, and how we haven’t been good at that at all.

    And how that would especially be true, and tougher to handle, if we win the first two games. Well, now it’s already here full force and we’re going to have to handle it. Along with learning how to playing winning football again, we’ve got to learn how to handle success. And there’s not a player on the team who knows anything about either.

    So it’s up to Richt, and the coaches to some extent, to make sure we handle it. But it’s primarily Richt’s job. As the other changes, that made yesterday possible, have taken place this year, I suspect Richt has also given thought to managing the mentality of the team through the schedule. After all, that’s part of it, part of winning.

    A big part of it.

  12. Biggus Rickus

    As long as they keep the team grounded, the hype isn’t a bad thing. It helps in recruiting and may win Gurley the Heisman if he stays healthy. That said, we still don’t know much about anyone. We won’t know how good anyone is and what these games demonstrated for a few more weeks.

  13. Will Trane

    Good to see Pruitt’s defense use a lot of players and solid play. They played fast but under control. They seemed to play with confidence and with good technique.
    In SEC it is a long season. And all road games in the SEC are very tough. More so against a Spurrier team. Hard to wathc a defense play that solid and wait for the offense to get untracked but we have seen that in the past.
    Mason has a way to go. Lack of deep threat will be an issue in Columbia. And can Mason get the ball to them.
    But USC in young and inexperienced in the secondary, too. But Carolina is a much better team Clemson. No doubt Clemson has issues on both sides of the ball…more so on defense.
    Not sure how Clemson was even ranked in top 20 absent a running game.
    But looks like CMR has learned one thing…if you sign them play them. Apparently that has sunk in with him. Have to play a lot of running backs in the SEC as well as lineman. Long season and a lot of hits, blocks, and tackles. Days of a feature back are long gone.
    Be good to get Scott Wesley back in the rotation. Plus put JJ Green on kick offs.. Would not like to see a Gurley go down with a leg injury on a kickoff.
    Best play of the game for me was Davis’ interception. Where in the hell has the coaching been for breaking and going for the ball.
    Good things in the game but a long way to go. This time next week hopefully Mason and the Dawgs have their first ’14 SEC win.
    Lot of SEC teams looked really good first weekend. So some of the celebration needs to be taped down. It is going to be very competitive in the SEC in ’14.

  14. PansyTheDawg

    Herbstreit and May are attempting to sabotage us with high expectations. I expect Mark Richt has more than learned from that, and Pruitt does not seem the kind to like that sort of thing.

  15. rampdawg

    Just got through watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High. When UGAs Dawgs start looking as good as Phoebe Cates Knockers. We can start telling ESPN to bring on the hype. We ain’t reached that status yet, but if we keep on working, and playing sound and learning each and every week. By mid Oct. We can take hold of those gorgeous globes, and tell any team they’ll play hell getting them out of our hands.

  16. Based on what I have seen so far this weekend, I agree.