Looking ahead

You had to think Spurrier was tuned in to ESPN last night.  He was.

Sure you’ll wait.


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  1. Chopdawg

    not just Gurley, Stevie


  2. Rusty

    He probably broke out in a cold sweat. My fantasy says we beat him by thirty. I can fantasize can’t I?

  3. CannonDawg

    A win in Columbia would be good any way we can get it, but dropping half a hundred on Spurrier in his own yard would be all the better. Not that I condone payback.🙂

  4. We owe him a good beat down or three.

  5. Cojones

    Careful. Wounded animals don’t give a shit who hurt them, just what’s in front of them.

    Of course we will have another answer if he shows up at the game with a Genuine Draft in his hand.

  6. Cojones

    If he keys on Gurley, we can Chubb him to death.

  7. I think we are going to have to come up big in the passing game to win at USCe. That appears to be their weakness, which unfortunately does not play to our strength.

    • Chuck

      You don’t think I’m putting 8 or 9 in the box if I’m the Evil Genius? I don’t care what we have to do to be able to loosen them up, but we’re going to have to try.

  8. AthensHomerDawg

    Found it. Here ya go! Happy Labor Day.

    • You da man. I was unable to find it so watching the espn skycam feed. It is actually kinda cool. I think when you die this is how you watch the game.

      • hailtogeorgia

        If you close it out and load it a few times from the ScoreCenter app, it will give you the regular feed. Last night when I was loading it it was every other time was the regular feed.

  9. Mayor

    The rope-a-dope won’t work a second time against SOS like it did against Dabo (i.e. saving Gurley until the second half so he would have fresh legs when the D was gassed). SOS is wise to that now.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      We can always save Chubb, Michael, and Douglas for the 2nd half.

    • raven

      Pound the rock.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Unless he thinks we’re wise to him thinkin’ the rope-a-dope won’t work a second time. Then he ain’t gonna be wise to it. Problem bein’, he might also figure we know he thinks we judge him to be expecting it, then of course he’ll plan for it, but CMB may just fox his dogs and sit Gurley the whole game…put that in your pipe, SOS, we got us some keen football people over heah, too, y’know.

  10. rampdawg

    Just get back to work. TA&M is not that good and Sow Cackalacky is not that bad. . Players, Do not get all big headed. Two years ago, you remember, I’m sure the Srs. Do. Coaches show them that 2012 film time and time again. Show them what can happen when we’re not focused. Show the film to Gurley of him gettig manhandled and beat to pulp. . Show them. And then teach them to rip Spurriers head off, and shit down his neck. GO DAWGS!!!!

  11. Joe

    This will be South Carolina’s super bowl. If our guys read how great they are the next 2 weeks, Spurrier will disappoint us.

    I still cannot believe we lost to a terrible Scu team in 2007, costing us the national title. We did not score an offensive touchdown against them with Stafford, Moreno, MoMass, Boling, Sturdivant, etc.

    Even if Scu barely beats ECU, know that we will get Scu’s best effort of the season. Heck, if you look at the recruiting classes coming up and how much longer Spurrier plans to stick around, he may believe that this is his last shot at beating the Dawgs.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      He ain’t beating Georgia with his OL and that qb. And the rb that he is so proud of won’t finish the game if he tries to ride him like he did Connor Shaw. Middle of 3rd quarter there were several Clemson Tigers that were looking to avoid the wood that the Georgia D was bringing.
      just sayin’

    • We are their Super Bowl every year, which is why we always get their best shot… Have to stay focused…

  12. LorenzoDawgriquez

    Whatever they do have, we will get the best of it from them. He had much rather lose to ECU than us.

  13. NoAxeToGrind

    The Old Ball Coach may be down but he ain’t out. Richt, Pruitt et al better take this game seriously and be ready. Don’t come out flat as in 2012. Columbia at night on national TV ain’t going to be a easy.

  14. Mayor

    I don’t want to get away from the love for our team being shown on this thread but I do feel the need to point out something that happened yesterday that has, unfortunately, been a recurring problem for years for the Bulldogs of Georgia–the refs, most particularly the TV ref. Remember all the times over the years where there would be an obvious mistaken call on the field that went against the Dawgs, then it would be reviewed (everyone, including the announcers, expecting the call to be reversed) and then–no reversal by the TV ref? Well yesterday the sh!t SEC TV ref went even further. With the game tied at 7 Michael Bennett (as I recall) caught a pass, ran a couple of steps and was tacked low. He was flipped in the air and came down on his left arm, the one holding the ball. The ball came out with Clemson recovering at the Clemson 10 yard line. The play was reviewed by the TV ref. While waiting, the network replayed the play at least a dozen times and it was discussed ad nauseum. The announcers both agreed it wasn’t a fumble and, even though it was a close call, there was no “indisputable video evidence” sufficient to change the decision on the field, which was “no fumble.” The announcers then called in their “expert” (whom I understood to be a guy who is a former TV ref from another conference) who agreed and said there was no “indisputable video evidence” (the standard to be used in NCAA football) to change the call. The SEC TV ref then reversed the decision of the refs on the field. WTF??? The announcers were stunned and said that was a bad decision. They then called in their “expert” who stated flatly that HE would NEVER have reversed the call on the field because the video evidence was inconclusive. This is yet another example of an SEC official with some sort of ax to grind, using his little bit of power against the Dawgs. This occurred early in the game when the outcome was still in doubt and the TV ref was clearly trying to keep UGA from going in for a score that would have gone a long way toward winning the game. We need to get rid of this guy!!! He needs to be identified and fired!!! The school’s AD and President need to make a formal complain and send a copy of the video of that portion of the game with it. These assholes with grudges against Georgia need to be gone from decision-making roles in games and I mean–NOW!!!!!

    • Mayor

      I may not have the exact mechanics of the play but the gist is correct.

      • uglydawg

        I think you got it exactly right, Mayor. It’s more of the same crap Georgia has been getting for years. It’s easy to forget when you win big like Georgia did last night, but the time is coming (again) when it costs a game and maybe a championship. I have called for the AD and Pres. to stand up and raise mortal hell, threats, whatever. As usual I ask, “Do you think they would do this to SS or Nicky?” No. SEC refs should have to pass a lie detector test before each game and after each game, proving their neutrality. Assholes.The guy really should be fired. There’s too much at stake, $$$ and prestige, to let a jerk use his position to feed a personal vendetta against a team or coach….But I’m taking WAGERS that we’ll see it again soon.

        • Pantslesspatdye

          The call was wrong. However, I think the officiating was consistent the rest of the evening. Let’s save getting worked up for wagers and vandy calls

          • BrightOwl

            I do believe that there are crews biased against UGA, but in this case you may be mistaking incompetence for malice.

            • Mayor

              It was the TV ref–not the entire crew. The officiating on the field was unbiased, IMO. I guarantee that the guy has some grudge of some kind against the Dawgs, or went to Tech– something under the radar. It ended up not hurting us last night but it will happen again, maybe cost us a game or a championship, next time.

          • Lrgk9

            Yep, national embarrassment is the only cure. Really like having an ‘expert’ come on to show up the ineptitude.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      I thought the call was spot on – the ball looked to be moving independently of MB’s hand/body and there seemed to be space there. I understand that if they have no convincing evidence they are not supposed to overturn the call, but if what they are watching suggests the call was wrong, they should overturn.

      Agree with PPD that the officiating was excellent overall as well. If the refs were against us, those two pass interference calls would have never happened on both of the two previous plays, I don’t think.

      • Mayor

        Not the whole crew just the TV ref, CD.

      • uglydawg

        Nay, Cosmic…there’s no rule that says you have to hold the ball tight against your body…it isn’t a fumble until the ball is “out” and it wasn’t even close to being out.
        I thought the field crew did a good job…but the TV review guy did a number on Georgia and it needs to be corrected. As I said above, it’s easy to be compacent when you win, but what if we lost by 2 points? All I want is for UGA to be treated without bias.

  15. uglydawg

    Spurrier is expecting to get “The Dawg Pound”..as in “pounding”.
    Spurious is already playing the mind games. He’s suggesting that if the load is placed on Gurley, SC won’t have a chance. He’s hoping to manipulate CMR into being one diminsional….He probably feels he has a shot at stuffing the running game, or he wouldn’t be saying this stuff.
    On the other hand maybe he’s just being brutally honest…he does that sometimes.
    I’d like to see the ball thrown to Gurley or Marshall or Michel in space.,.or Chubb on a screen.
    It may take a half to calm SC down, but it can be done and this team has the confidence to handle it..
    I’d start out banging Chubb onto one side of the los two times in a row and then pitching it to him on a toss sweep for the third play..He’s a brutal runner and it won’t take long for SC to get enough of him…then bring in Douglas and pound that side for a couple of plays and then Gurley..and keep pounding.
    I’d hate to be a linebacker on that side of the ball with that many freight trains pounding me play after play.
    What Spurrier will do on offense will be quick passes..to neutralize the pass rush…and try to draw the DB’s up close to stop it. (He saw Clemson’s recievers drop all those passes too). Georgia will have to come up to stop it,
    It’s going to be a problem for the Dawg’s defense, but nothing compared to the problem the Gamecocks are going to have on defense.
    He’ll also have some razzle-dazzle to disrupt Georgia’s defensive aggresiveness.
    Georgia wins but it’s going to be tough.

    • 81Dog

      it’s hard for me to believe Richt and Bobo are going to base their offensive game plan on a throwaway line in a Spurrier presser, rather than, gee, I don’t know, maybe something like actually watching a few miles of game film, but maybe you’re right. Spurrier is trying the Jedi Mind Trick here, and our staff is weak minded enough to succumb to it.

    • bob

      Fyi, Chubb never caught one pass his Sr. Year in hs. Thought it odd to try it last night based on his history.

  16. Sawyer Covington

    I’ve got a chubby