Mark Richt finally gets something he wanted.

This brings to mind what was rumored to be a point of strong disagreement between Georgia’s head coach and Todd Grantham last year.

Richt said that constant personnel adjustments kept everyone fresh, a game plan his staff hasn’t always been brave enough to implement.

“It’s nice to get a rest physically, but it’s nice to get a rest mentally, as well. We knew going in we were going to sub a lot,” Richt said. “I can’t tell you how many times over the years we’re in the meetings saying, ‘We’re going to sub; we’re going to sub,’ and then you get into the game and we just say, ‘Oh we can’t put the second team in. The game’s too close.’ But we did it from the very beginning and I’m glad Pruitt and the rest of the defensive staff stayed true.”

There were so many players going in and out of the game yesterday that I honestly lost track on occasion.  But that paid big dividends in the fourth quarter.


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  1. SouthGaDawg

    On offense also. I was a little frustrated that we kept rotating RB’s in the first half, but it payed off big time in the second half with Gurley and Chubb running wild. We also get a week’s rest before SC.

    • I thought we got a little too cute with some of the first half stuff, and after the pick I thought all we had to do was run it in. And it didn’t have to be Gurley, most anybody. But instead we threw 3 straight times and took ourselves off the field. There were a couple of Bobo moments that first half, IIRC, and that was one of them.

      But we did rotate on offense, at every level, and I was proud of that. Bobo deserves credit for having the balls to do that, and for an outstanding game plan.

      And most of all, his unit played a solid game. Not perfect, but solid. It wasn’t easy. But no longer can it be said that a Bobo offense can’t function in a competitive opener. That monkey was obliterated last night.

  2. @gatriguy

    I’ve banged this drum before, but I literally have nothing with regards to why the hell Grantham was supposedly coming back. It sounds like every single person remaining in the program thinks he was a gigantic pain in the ass.

  3. Brandon

    I hope Mark Richt and the Georgia fanbase at large have turned the corner and will never accept mediocre assclowns running our defense for prolonged periods again, it has cost our program soooo much the last 8-9 years. When you score 45 points you should not have to be in a shootout win or loss. You cannot expect any offense to score almost everytime they get the ball, its not realistic, last night we saw what can happen when the defense actively contributes to winning the game. They kept the game close until we wore them down with the offense and turned a close game into a rout, in years past when the offense sputtered in the 3rd quarter we would have been losing 35-24 by the time the offense got on track, then Mason would have to have throwing every down since we were behind. Clemson would have been able to pin their ears back and come after him. Last year we saw Murray could succeed even under those bleak circumstances but Mason (taking nothing away from a solid performance last night) can’t really do that, at least not without Mitchell and Scott-Westley to give him the deep threat.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Mason’s stats this year were about like Conner Shaw’s were last year against Clemson. He’s got an extra week to prepare for uSC. It will be fun to watch him grow and develop. I wonder what is up with Rumph?

      • Brandon

        Yeah, I thought Mason was solid. He’s not Murray but he does have good command of the playbook and made good decisions. If we keep running the ball like we did tonight he won’t have to do more than that. I can’t help but think though that there will be a game, whether it’s because of Gurley getting banged up, turnovers, or just one of those games when we are going to need more from him and we really need those guys (Marshall and Scott-Wesley) back to give Mason the best chance to succeed. As far as AHD I don’t know, I have to think he’s either nagged by an entry or the coach’s simply don’t think he’s an improvement over who they are sending out there. I saw he was dressed out, if he got in at all he didn’t do anything of significance, I am starting to think the situation is sadly the latter. I also had the crazy thought last night that maybe we should think about lining up Keith Marshall at wideout some, he’s lightning fast and has good hands (think 2012 Nebraska game), and I think the kid is a DGD but he continues to have problems breaking tackles or with his vision generally and the way Chubb and Michel played (and Douglas played last year) we might have some better back up options for Gurley at tailback and Marshall could really help us at receiver. That may be too much to ask of him at this point in the season, if he’s willing to do that, anyway just a crazy thought I’m throwing out there.

        • Brandon

          I’m talking about Rumph there in the middle of the paragraph, just made a bonehead move and left his name out.

        • americusdawg

          I’d bet that Marshall is up for doing whatever he is asked to see the field more and/or to help the team in any way he can. IMO, Marshall is a different style running back than Gurley … and isn’t interchangeable with him in the same type of play calling (yes, I’ve read all the comments about him leaning forward, running on the balls of his feet, etc), but I do think that he can still be a valuable asset to our team if he is used in a scheme/formation that fits his skills more.

          • Sh3rl0ck

            Marshall could be a great slot receiver, especially running the crossing routes Bobo likes to call. I dont’ like a LBs chances 1-on-1 against Marshall. Then it becomes a foot-race. I like Marshall’s chanes in that as well.

            I’m not sure why they didn’t throw it more to Marshall when he was in the backfield. I’m thinking wheel routes and middle screens.

  4. That strategy will be wise in Columbia too. t

  5. heyberto

    I woke up this morning still giddy thinking about how our defense looked… Just stoked about watching them all swarm to the ball, play without hesitation and being conditioned to make it through all 4 quarters. The defense we were promised under Grantham was finally delivered by Pruitt. I’ve been waiting for this for years.

  6. Bulldawg165

    I see two major benefits to frequent substitutions:

    1) everyone is fresh later in the game (obviously)

    2) year over year you have a lot fewer question marks because last year’s back ups (who are now this year’s starters) already have a ton of game experience. This means we aren’t constantly breaking new guys in at pivotal positions.

    It really does seem like a short term loss long term gain, for both the fourth quarter and overall rebuilding each year.

    • Daniel Simpson Day

      This exactly. We have suffered over the years due to new starters with very little experience – and what experience they had was largely garbage drives. Further, I think with the increased reps in practice and the increased playing time, the backups will have a lot more motivation to work harder. While Carter and Kimbrough both looked good last night – even after next to nothing of game time last year – I wonder how much better they’ll be after actually playing meaningful snaps + extra reps in practice. GATA!

    • Yes. Substitutions keep players fresh and gives the second team more experience. That’s really my biggest gripe with Grantham last year. I kept asking why we had SO many inexperienced players? Why didn’t we have depth? Did we miss out on recruiting? It now looks like the unwillingness to substitute players contributed to the inexperience last year. It makes so much sense now in hindsight. Thank goodness for CJP

    • +1 to 165, DSD, and Twist.

  7. Dawgfan Will

    That Quote of the Day, tho.

  8. We looked like the better conditioned team on both sides of the ball. While the Clemson front 4 had their moments, we generally neutralized their ability to cause problems behind the line of scrimmage.

    I’m worried about a cornered SOS now. After another 12 hours, it’s time to focus on the Gamecocks and end their season in its 3rd week.

    • Bulldawg165

      The good thing is that, judging from the small sample size we have, we should steamroll them regardless. 52 points to A&M? Sheesh.

      • Maybe. But like Thomas, I’m very concerned about a Spurrier team who’s backed in to a corner. It’s still a tough place to play, and they’re gonna be crazy for us, since their whole season will be riding on the game.

        Could I see us steamrolling them? Yeah. But it’s still very dangerous, IMO. And keeping our heads and not getting ahead of ourselves has been a problem for some years now.

        I’m keeping a close eye on our mentality, and how Richt manages it.

  9. Russ

    The way it should’ve been for a long time now.

  10. Nashville West

    Last year:
    Minimum subs and maximum injuries
    This year:
    Maximum subs and minimum injuries

    This is not rocket science.

  11. rampdawg

    One day to celebrate, then back to work. Keep on their asses coaches. That is all.

  12. 69Dawg

    Mark’s not the only one that’s glad. I’ve waited a long time for the return of defense to Georgia. To me the only thing more exciting than Gurley is to see our front seven GATA. Erk would be very pleased.

  13. HamDawg11

    Watching the replay now….defenders punching the ball out before receivers can complete the catch is a thing of beauty!,,