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Time served.

Florida suspended three players for its opener against Idaho.  You know, the game that was suspended after the kickoff.  One play.  So…

The answer is as obvious as the heat on Boom’s tuchis.



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“… an A+ performance in the opener…”

You think you were impressed with Georgia’s game Saturday night?  Bill Connelly really dug it.  And check out this chart:

Before Gurley’s kick return After Gurley’s kick return
Score Clemson 21, Georgia 14 Georgia 31, Clemson 0
Yards Clemson 208, Georgia 117 Georgia 342, Clemson 83
Yards per play Clemson 5.6, Georgia 5.6 Georgia 7.4, Clemson 2.1
Sacks Georgia 1, Clemson 0 Georgia 4, Clemson 1
Turnovers Clemson +1 Georgia +1

I guess that return was kind of a big deal.


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Labor Day buffet

Dawgly tidbits for your dining pleasure…


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Now comes the hard part.

The national fawning over Georgia after its convincing win against Clemson has commenced.  In response, Mark Richt is saying the right things.

“I don’t know,” Richt said with a laugh. “I just think we’re really young in so many ways, and there are a few veterans that understand the deal. But I don’t know how good we are, quite frankly. We had a good performance, we had one good game, and even in that one game there were some things that need to be corrected. So I’m not gonna get too excited yet.”

I’m glad of that, but as a Dawg fan with a long memory, I remember the aftermath of games like the 2004 smoking of LSU and AJ Green’s coming out party against Arizona State.  Georgia doesn’t always handle success well under Richt.

It’s a must-win game for South Carolina and it’s in Columbia.  Very dangerous, in other words.  Hopefully the coaches will take part of the next two weeks to remind the players and themselves that early season press clippings are BS.  If that lesson takes, we may be looking at a special year.


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Spurrier’s Choice

With Mike Davis still banged up – his head coach calls him “sort of doubtful” for the East Carolina game – it presents an interesting dilemma for the OBC.  As Tom Fornelli puts it,

As for whether or not he’ll miss the East Carolina game that’s sort of still up in the air. While it seems logical that Spurrier would want to rest Davis for the game to make sure he’s healthy for what’s now become a must-win game against Georgia on Sept. 13, East Carolina isn’t exactly a pushover. The Pirates averaged over 40 points per game last season playing an offensive style similar to Texas A&M’s, and we all saw the kind of trouble the Gamecocks defense had against the Aggies on Thursday night.

I suspect he’d prefer to hold Davis out.  Will the ‘Cock defense give him that luxury?


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SEC Power Poll ballot, Week 1

It’s back again.  It’s a power poll with the season’s smallest sample size, so realize there are many changes to come.  But right now there’s a huge gap between fifth and sixth.  Needless to say, the East ain’t looking too hot after week one.

  1. Texas A&M.  The Aggies had the most impressive win of the opening week, beating a top ten opponent on the road.  The defense still looks shaky, but with an offense that good, how much will that matter?
  2. Georgia.  If I were grading on the fourth quarter alone, Georgia would rank first.  (If I were grading Todd Gurley alone, I might do the same.)
  3. Alabama.  538 yards, but only 33 points against last season’s 99th-ranked scoring defense, and Nick Saban tells us we need to “fess up” about Junior’s greatness.
  4. Auburn.  Looks like the Tigers haven’t missed a beat on offense.
  5. LSU.  One day, America will realize that Les Miles is screwing with it.
  6. Mississippi State.  Stomped a mid-major, so the Bulldogs get a leg up on Ole Miss by virtue of style points.
  7. Ole Miss.  Took more than three quarters to put away an overmatched opponent.
  8. Missouri.  Toyed with a FCS opponent.  Meh.
  9. South Carolina.  Looked awful in the loss to TAMU, but I have a hard time believing the ‘Cocks are that bad.
  10. Tennessee.  Owners of the most soft bigotry of low expectations win of the opening week.
  11. Florida.  If the Gators choose to punt the “terminated” game against Idaho and there’s a God, they’ll finish 5-6 this season.
  12. Kentucky.  Okay, it was an impressive win against a lousy FCS team, but it’s not like the ‘Cats won’t take those when they happen.
  13. Arkansas.  Hung in there for a half, so progress of a sorts.  Not to mention Brandon Allen completed over half his pass attempts.
  14. Vanderbilt.  Gee, this looks familiar.


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Pictures, so it did happen.

So it turns out Saturday’s GTP tailgate was a real thing.

The Montana gang showed up in full force. All, it goes without saying, damned good Dawgs.


Hoppy is the gentleman sporting those super bad Italian restaurant tablecloth shorts.

We had a nice turnout of around thirty or forty folks throughout the afternoon.


Security was not called.

Seriously, it was a real treat getting an opportunity to put faces and monikers together. A good time was had by all.

Thanks to all who showed up to share in the festivities, especially those who travelled great distances (besides Hoppy and his posse, we had another guest who made it in from Dallas, Texas).


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