Labor Day buffet

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  1. Vindex

    Spurrier whistling past the graveyard on the bye week thingie after making it a pre-Cocktail Party institution when he was at Florida. So much so that their fans ( and probably Muschamp and Foley behind closed doors as well) are hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing at the idea of giving it up this year as a replacement date for Saturday night’s cancellation with the Idaho Vandals. Priceless.

    • Bobby

      That’s right, almost every year of that “run” UF had a bye week and often we came in on week 8 straight, usually after a brutal game up at KY. They were often a better team, but not always. We won the ones where they didn’t have that bye. We just simply were usually exhausted by the time cocktail party rolled around. Of course some of that is our fault as Dooley wanted the bye in between UF and Auburn in the 90’s.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Not just a “pre-Cocktail Party institution”, he’d make it a scu institution if he could – just like his annual Thursday night kick-offs have become an institution at scu. He wants every minute he can get to prep for the Dawgs.

      “..we’re glad we get a chance to play this week…”. That may be the biggest b.s. statement of all the b.s. he’s ever spewed.

  2. Tronan

    Doom, despair and agony in Shakin’ the Southland. And I though UGA fans could be gloomy in defeat.

  3. JG Shellnutt

    That Shakin in the Southland article sounds EXACTLY like what we have said time and time again over the past 10 years. It’s nice not to be saying it today.

  4. Duglite

    I understand big TEAM little me philosophy, but I sure hope MM is given a chip shot to get the record.

  5. Duglite

    Kentucky has a better avg yds/rush and 1 more rushing TD. UGA sucks. Fire Bobo!! I blame Richt.

  6. Spin44

    The rush game in the 4th quarter was terrific.
    Special teams were much improved
    Pass rush got better with a lead in the 4th quarter
    Hutson Mason led his team to a win over a ranked team

    Areas to work on:
    Didn’t win the turnover battle
    DB’s had tough time in man coverage, Spurrier will scheme to try and force that coverage
    Offense only scored 14 in the 1st half
    Rush game was ok 1st 3 quarters
    Keith Marshall wasted his reps and needs to be benched

    • Harsh comments about Marshall. stay classy.

      • Spin44

        Harsh? Marshall had 8 yards on 6 carries.

        Chubb 17.5 ypc
        Gurley 13.2 ypc
        Mcken got 9 ypc
        Hicks got 7 ypc
        Michel was 5.5 ypc
        Marshall got 1.3 ypc

        We stalled when Marshall was in there.

        • Macallanlover

          So those 6 plays define his capability to you? Is this the only UGA game you have ever seen where Keith Marshall played? I don’t know where KM will shake out when all is known but he deserves better from people who call themselves fans.

          He was our best hope as a RB last year after Todd was hurt against LSU. The way he started out in Knoxville it looked like he would dominate, then came the knee injury. Since then he has worked his ass off to get ready for this season and seemed to be fit. Now six plays later, with a few weak blocks and ill timed play calling he gets laid out by a guy sitting behind a keyboard. You would think a player who has performed well and never brought anything but Glory to UGA would get treated a little better. And he does by all but the lunatic fringe.

      • Can anyone give an update on whether Marshall was injured or not?

      • DawginArk

        +1 Yeah man, some of us, especially PTC, are very sensitive to certain words. Instead of ‘wasted’ say something like ‘underperformed a tiny bit’ and instead of ‘benched’ try ‘used more often on power sweeps’.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Hard to get a yard when three defenders are arriving at the hole when you are.

  7. Spin44

    Very dissapointed the team didn’t use JJ Green, he’s proven to be a big time playmaker, expect a transfer if that continues.

    I’d like to see him on ko or punt return and getting some carries on offense like Michel did, especially if Pruitt is not going to give him reps.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      They didn’t use Brandon Douglas to tote the rock either.
      Didn’t Pruitt say he would put the best on the field? I’m guessing JJ is not the best yet.
      We didn’t pass that much either. But Mason did hit 70% of his passes, several were dropped, no INTs and he scored a running TD.
      I’m going to let these coaches continue coaching. If I see something I really can’t abide I’ll step in and correct it.😉

      • Spin44

        I’m ok with Pruitt not using him, but he needs to give him up to the offense if he’s going to waste his mad playmaking skillz. JJ is too good, he’s big-time.

        • gatorhater27

          JJ played at least one series that I noticed. He blitzed from either the star or from safety on a couple of plays, including the one where Peake scored over Ramik.

      • Spin44

        JJ averaged about the same ypc (5.7) as Gurley (6.0) last year, Douglas was down around 4.1 ypc.

        Like I said, big time playmaker.

        • DawginArk

          JJ Green played a good bit of snaps, some on defense, some on special teams, some on offense, then official stat reporters just all missed it. Several of my buddies at the bar agreed he played great.

          • official stat reporters just all missed it.

            OK. Do you want to make a bet regarding whether or not Shattle Fenteng played? You name the bet. No limits, no maximum.

            • Never mind. I just looked at the thread and realized you were a troll. Had I known that 10 minutes ago, I wouldn’t have gone to the trouble. The bet still stands, I’ll gladly take your money. But you needn’t respond.

              So long, Thomas.

              What a waste of everybody’s time these trolls are. Bluto, there must be some way to get rid of them Can’t be more than a few, and could be just one.

  8. Spin44

    Little surpised the Senator was lauding the rush game so much.

    Here’s the real stats:
    1st qrtr 58 yards rushing
    2nd qurter -13
    1st half total: 45 yards rushing

    3rd quarter 72 yards
    4th qurtr 211 yards

    So, the rush game had a great quarter, but was just ok 75% of the game, so a lot to work on.

  9. Spin44

    Another neat way to look at the rush performance ranking in the conf:

    1st qrtr 6th
    2nd qrtr 13th (last)

  10. Spin44

    After 1 game nationally:
    Scoring offense No 26
    Scoring def No 62

    In conference:
    4th on scoring offense
    6th in scoring defense

  11. Dawgfan Will

    Troll’s back. Don’t feed it.

  12. Spin44

    can’t tell you how pleased I was with Chubb/Gurley in the 4th qrtr, that was awesome.

    And Hutson Mason did everything smart, no bad passes, threw it out of bounds when the play blew up, no finger pointing, accurate, poised, just very impressive leadership to pick up a win in his 3rd start over a strong defense and highly ranked team.

    Nice to see 14th nationally in rushing, and 2 guys in top 15 nationally in sacks in Floyd (was unblockable) and Herrera.

  13. Jim

    Surprised Shattle Fenteng didn’t see the field

    • Dawgoholic

      He did on special teams. Somehow got left out of the report.

    • He did. I saw him out there on a punt return. So the official statkeepers missed it.

      Like you, I was very surprised that he didn’t play defensive backfield snaps. But he played on at least 1 punt return, so he wasn’t hurt. And I’m at least somewhat surprised Malkom Parrish didn’t play.

      • Dawgoholic

        Same here on Parrish. Will say though that from watching Parrish in a couple of HS games I’m not completely shocked. He’s a great athlete and maybe one of the best ever HS Qbs in GA. It was apparent though that most of his focus was on playing QB and that he simply relied on athletic ability on defense. Further, he played a lot of safety/rover on defense. He made a lot of plays there but he did not play as a traditional corner. That being said, corner is likely his best position long-term and he has a ton of athletic ability. I’d be shocked if he redshirts, but it may be halfway through the season before he starts to make an impact.

      • gatorhater27

        So the official statkeepers missed it.

        This may be a common occurrence as many kids as we played Saturday.

  14. Spin44

    According to CBS prediction, UGA will not crack the top 10 after that game.

    Guess voters arn’t as impressed as some blogs.

  15. Spin44

    Here’s the link:
    CBS predicts UGA will move up to No 11 from No 12 in the AP Poll tomorrow.

  16. W Cobb Dawg

    Without doing the research & math, I think half of the non-injured and non-QB recruits played. If we’re not gonna sign the limit, at least we got players who contribute immediately. Considering the opponent, and repeating what many other commentors have already said, it’s great to see the development of depth. That also had to make a big impression on the 2015 recruits who attended. Seemed to be a pretty big recruiting weekend too.

  17. SouthGaDawg

    The OBC sure is looking at lots of UGA film. He need worry about ECU this week. They have the potential to light up that secondary just like A&M did. Also, I like having to open week early because it’s so hot this time of year – should help us rest and get ready for Columbia.

  18. Will Trane

    Would like to know the formations the TD runs were made from against Clemson. Game rebroadcast last evening but started watching in mid 3rd quarter.
    Looks like they used flex sets, pro, but I’m not sure about the 3 wide outs.
    Is there a chart on the formations by quarter, down/distance. and time?

  19. Will Trane

    AU was a leading rush team last year in the SEC. They are back, but so could be the Dawgs.
    Think teams that run the well [time management, scores, field position, and etc] are usually solid winning teams.
    The LSU / USC games took a toll on Dawgs RB’s last year. Not enough rotation and youth. Marshall per CMR is ok, but I would think they bring him along slowly…feel, rythym, strength, confidence, and etc…play back to form..Marshall will be imiportant in the run game down the road. A must player in the RB rotation. Think they go all season with what they did Saturday. It showed in the 4th, Think back to last season after LSU game…that stretch with UT and Vandy.
    If the O can get back Mitchell and Scott-Wesley, this could be a very productive offense.

    • DawginArk

      Marshall did pretty good last year I thought, probably averaged at least 4 yards a pop. Nothing to sneeze at. And don’t forget, he’s a better passblocker than Chubb or Michel.

  20. Will Trane

    When you listen to the broadcasters they always talk about coaches making half time adjustments. Not if they are smart and into the game. Technology today allows them to make adjustments and changes during the game. Not only allows them to do in a game but for the next game. They compile that data.

    • Macallanlover

      True, and UGA began making changes much earlier than halftime on the defensive side of the ball. We dropped press, man coverage after the Watson TD I think. Defense made few changes at halftime but it seemed different because it was beginning to click in for them, and then we had them in passing situations in the 4th Qtr.

      • DawginArk

        +1 Even though the stats and score say the second quarter was where they burned us, I agree, great adjustment were made on our defense in the second quarter.

        Great post mac, sic em, woof!

  21. Mayor

    SOS is FOS. It is much better for Georgia to have two weeks to get ready to play USCe and for USCe to have to play a game. While I’m not predicting a USCe loss to East Carolina, it would not surprise me if that happened. The Dicks…er…Cocks stunk up the place against aTm.

    • KayJayDawg

      Spurrier will be ready, don’t even second guess that. Also, he might have meant we might get a suspension between now and then like we usually do to a key player.