SEC Power Poll ballot, Week 1

It’s back again.  It’s a power poll with the season’s smallest sample size, so realize there are many changes to come.  But right now there’s a huge gap between fifth and sixth.  Needless to say, the East ain’t looking too hot after week one.

  1. Texas A&M.  The Aggies had the most impressive win of the opening week, beating a top ten opponent on the road.  The defense still looks shaky, but with an offense that good, how much will that matter?
  2. Georgia.  If I were grading on the fourth quarter alone, Georgia would rank first.  (If I were grading Todd Gurley alone, I might do the same.)
  3. Alabama.  538 yards, but only 33 points against last season’s 99th-ranked scoring defense, and Nick Saban tells us we need to “fess up” about Junior’s greatness.
  4. Auburn.  Looks like the Tigers haven’t missed a beat on offense.
  5. LSU.  One day, America will realize that Les Miles is screwing with it.
  6. Mississippi State.  Stomped a mid-major, so the Bulldogs get a leg up on Ole Miss by virtue of style points.
  7. Ole Miss.  Took more than three quarters to put away an overmatched opponent.
  8. Missouri.  Toyed with a FCS opponent.  Meh.
  9. South Carolina.  Looked awful in the loss to TAMU, but I have a hard time believing the ‘Cocks are that bad.
  10. Tennessee.  Owners of the most soft bigotry of low expectations win of the opening week.
  11. Florida.  If the Gators choose to punt the “terminated” game against Idaho and there’s a God, they’ll finish 5-6 this season.
  12. Kentucky.  Okay, it was an impressive win against a lousy FCS team, but it’s not like the ‘Cats won’t take those when they happen.
  13. Arkansas.  Hung in there for a half, so progress of a sorts.  Not to mention Brandon Allen completed over half his pass attempts.
  14. Vanderbilt.  Gee, this looks familiar.


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18 responses to “SEC Power Poll ballot, Week 1

  1. charlottedawg

    I think south Carolina is that bad and I don’t think Texas A&M is that good. Yes, one of the most impressive performances of week 1 but the defense doesn’t look improved and I’m not sure you can win a shoot out every week no matter how explosive your offense.


    • I think south Carolina is that bad and I don’t think Texas A&M is that good.

      I agree, Charlotte. But the thing for us is, we don’t get to play that South Carolina team. The team we’ll face in Columbia will be a very different team (though I won’t complain if I’m wrong).


  2. Chuck

    What about us? Are we going to become a D that can come out of the gate dominating or will we have to ease in and make adjustments to get there every week? We did give up 21 points. TAMU only gave up 7 more.


    • Are we going to become a D that can come out of the gate dominating or will we have to ease in and make adjustments to get there every week?

      Gee minetti, friend. We’re emerging out of 9 years of lousy defense. That it took us a half to start hitting on all cylinders can’t be bothersome. And there were no adjustments necessary, a testament to the brilliance of the game plan.

      For the first few minutes, we looked like the same ole Georgia team of those years. Shaky. Morgan’s kickoff wasn’t deep enough and they return it 32 yards. When, on the 2nd play, Aaron Davis missed the tackle on that sideline hitch route, turning a 2-yard gain into a 36-yard gain, I sunk into a cold chill. I’m like, oh no, not again, I can’t take anymore.

      The offense goes backwards in 3 plays, and we’ve already put the D is bad field position. But then a great 70-yard ST play by Barber,, flips the field. Now Clemson is backed up to their goal line instead of us. And the D starts playing a little better. The offense (mostly Gurley) helped the D along, as it should. Theus threw in a false start, just for good measure, but the offense became more solid as the half progressed.

      And it got more solid for the D as the first half went along. The second quarter was much better than the first, fundamentally, even though we gave up 2 TD’s. It was a close fight, but the D began to solidify.

      Then the 2nd half – how could we expect any more out of any defense? Shutout, 15 total yards, dominate 4th quarter!!

      Anyway, the point is we began the game like the Georgia of old, but it got increasingly better in the 1st half. By halftime we were playing pretty solid ball across the board. And the second half was very solid, I thought.

      To answer your question, IDK how dominate we can be on D early in big ballgames. Or if we can dominate at all in those games. But we have every reason to think we may come out next time and be solid on D. If we can play solid D for 60 minutes, with solid ST and offense (not beating ourselves), we’re gonna be a very, very tough team to beat.

      It was a shaky start, but I couldn’t be more pleased. This does indeed look like a different team, and a different style and level of football. I’m very pleased with the start, and the confirmation of the culture change.


  3. The other Doug

    I bet Idaho forfeits, UF gets the win, and since there was a kick off the fans do not get refunds.


    • waterloodawg

      I think the fair thing would be to play in Idaho when they both have an open date….


    • KornDawg

      That’s the thing I’ve been wondering about, the fans that bought tickets but didn’t get to see a game. Do they get refunds if it’s canceled? Granted, they’re Gators so I don’t feel that bad, but they’re getting screwed if they don’t get refunded.


  4. Bulldawg165

    “Owners of the most soft bigotry of low expectations…”

    I feel like I’m missing something about Tennessee here…

    Also, is it even possible for Florida to not reschedule the game? It seems like they’d be out several million bucks from ticket refunds if they didn’t.


    • Utah State was talked up big time before this game. Looked like a mediocre mid-major, the kind of team the Tennessees of the world are supposed to beat.

      We’re about to find out a lot more about the Vols.


  5. Will Trane

    A&M will move the ball on anybody in D1…no doubt…lethal on offense…even with a young like…but Hill is way better than Johnny Football.
    Bama has alot of talent on both sides of the ball and their new offensive coordinator, like him or not, will give the Tide much more scoring punch as the season goes on.
    Bo Wallace throws 3 picks in a half. 3 year player. Rebs could be in for a rough time because Bama, LSU, Missy State, A&M are all better than the Rebs…and the QB is the key to their offense. Throw 3 picks in half against those 4 teams…gets ugly in a hurry.
    Is Spurrier the oldest coach in the SEC. Plans to coach for awhile because he is looking for a new D coordinator. A&M and Dawgs of last year have convinced the “old” ball coach he needs one.


  6. Will Trane

    Tennessee. Only team in the SEC that thinks they are entitled to a Division and SEC title. Like the rest of the SEC owes them something. UT always think they are better than any team in the SEC. They whine about everything.


  7. 69Dawg

    A&M was impressive. Even on D they seem to have improved a lot.
    Georgia was a great surprise on D, with great RBs but force us to throw and we are in trouble.
    Alabama just can not handle an Up Tempo team. They can beat them but not humiliate them.
    Auburn kept me yelling at the TV for Arkansas to tackle somebody.
    LSU was just more talented than the Big Cheese. It took a while to get rolling but Les knew he had them.
    South Carolina will be a dangerous team no matter their record.
    The rest I know nothing about.


  8. Macallanlover

    Not enough evidence to rank anyone yet but there is a tightly bunched group near the top that still makes me thing the SEC champ could come from one of 5 teams and no one is dominant enough to make it undefeated. Our offense didn’t look good enough for me to put us quite that high if I were trying to assign a numerical spot, but as you say, the sample size is so small several teams can make that claim, why not us?


  9. H. Boots

    I think the Carolina TAMU game spoke more to how poorly SCU played than how well A&M played. It was blatantly obvious that the fightin’ poultry was vastly overrated and their defense was just giving up high percentage plays way too easy. TAMU played well, and you gotta tip your cap to that frosh qb for not letting the atmosphere get to him, but gaudy stats aside, he wasn’t making any Joe Montana throws. Simple short completions accounted for most of his yardage and most the time those catches were made in wide open space. On the defensive side for TAMU, you got the sense that they didn’t make any stops, SCU just didn’t have a clue what they were doing there either. The scoreline was more impressive, but I thought we played a more complete game.


  10. SouthGaDawg

    Agree with the ranking except I’d put Auburn ahead of Alabama.


  11. uglydawg

    I’ve never seen a more boring team than Utah State. The SEC network isn’t up to par with the broadcast either. I felt like I was watching a highschool game through a bus window. Finally I turned the channel and watched the replay of the UGA game..what a difference in quality of lighting, camera work and angles and announcing…Todd Blackledge is the best there is today… Tennesse’s stadium looks dank and old…like a 1920’s soccer stadium in Belfast or something.