Spurrier’s Choice

With Mike Davis still banged up – his head coach calls him “sort of doubtful” for the East Carolina game – it presents an interesting dilemma for the OBC.  As Tom Fornelli puts it,

As for whether or not he’ll miss the East Carolina game that’s sort of still up in the air. While it seems logical that Spurrier would want to rest Davis for the game to make sure he’s healthy for what’s now become a must-win game against Georgia on Sept. 13, East Carolina isn’t exactly a pushover. The Pirates averaged over 40 points per game last season playing an offensive style similar to Texas A&M’s, and we all saw the kind of trouble the Gamecocks defense had against the Aggies on Thursday night.

I suspect he’d prefer to hold Davis out.  Will the ‘Cock defense give him that luxury?


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10 responses to “Spurrier’s Choice

  1. bulldogbry

    SOS said something last week that caught my ear. Said there are no stars on his team but there was more talent across the board. Sounded an awful lot like our “the star of the team is the team” mantra in 2009. Didn’t really work out for us then.

    • Comin' Down The Track

      He has another choice to make as to whether or not they focus solely on ECU or gamble that his “talent” can beat the Bucs and try to install some UGA prep this week like he likes to do.

      • They’re facing another Air Raid offense this week, with a quarterback who completed more than 70% of his pass attempts last year. Georgia prep this week on defense seems like a luxury SC can’t afford.

        • Comin' Down The Track

          My thoughts exactly.😉

          • Comin' Down The Track

            Even still… part of me can’t help but wonder if his hatred for us and his precious ego aren’t going to be thoroughly tempted.

            • Sh3rl0ck

              Luckily for us, the only thing Stevie Boy hates more than us is losing. The coaches will be doing their eval on Georgia this week, but team practices will be 100% focused on ECU.

        • 66DAWGnNC

          I do not believe they will be spending practice time this week focusing on UGA, but it will surely be in the back of the player’s minds. I suspect USCe spent a good bit of the Spring and early Fall focusing on UGA. Overlook ECU, however, and you are 0-2, which would be too funny in my opinion. ECU is no slouch. I am about 45 minutes from their campus and will be pulling very hard for the Pirates.

  2. 69Dawg

    You have to remember that the egomaniacal Ole Ball Sack would rather beat UGA than win an SEC Championship. Every time he beats us it is just his revenge for his Heisman beat down. Screw SC, screw Davis it’s all about Steve. SC is a means to an end. At least by losing to A&M he wont be going for his 202nd win against us and to pass Vince on the all time wins. Think how much that would have pleased him. Thank you A&M for us not having to listen to that for two weeks.

  3. hot12dog

    If we beat SC it will be because of Pruitt and not CMR. In a game of this magnitude Spurrier will always out coach CMR!