“Obviously, we’ve got to do some things differently around here…”

Win, lose or draw in its game this week, South Carolina’s psyche is going to be an interesting thing to watch in the days leading up to the Georgia game.  One thing Steve Spurrier has highlighted was his team’s attitude going into the Texas A&M game.

“We won a bunch of games where some players don’t play all that super, but we win,” Spurrier said. “So we stop them on third down, get a few turnovers here and there. And when you win, everybody thinks, ‘I can play this way and we’re always going to win.’ And it doesn’t work that way. It didn’t work that way. We need to try and dominate out there.”

… Spurrier said his team wasn’t overconfident against the Aggies, who started a sophomore quarterback in the place of departed Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, and jumped to ninth in this week’s rankings. But, he admitted, the Gamecocks seemed a little lackadaisical in contrast to their opponent, one reason for the ramped-up tempo in practice this week.

Makes you wonder if somebody got caught doing a little premature looking ahead to week three against Georgia.

They insist it’ll be different this week.  It probably will.  East Carolina isn’t as talented as TAMU, and while it runs the same offense, it wasn’t as prolific last season, either.  (Although its defense did give up a lot less yardage than the Aggies did in 2013.)

If the ‘Cocks win in a blow out, all will be forgiven.  What will be interesting to watch is how the team and Spurrier react if they get in another shootout.


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21 responses to ““Obviously, we’ve got to do some things differently around here…”

  1. South FL Dawg

    Losing suits him; I think he speaks the truth.Of course, it’s entirely possible that the people that were overconfident and lackadaisical included the coaches.


  2. I watched SOS’s whole press conference and the essential message was “we have up 12 3rd down conversions. If we clean that up we get more possessions, more plays etc. and all of sudden were competitive again.” The implicit message is that they aren’t that far away from playing good football. Very smart IMO. We need to get ahead and stay ahead next Saturday. We can’t allow them to start gaining confidence.


  3. The other Doug

    Spurrier knows that they control their destiny. Beat the Dawgs and they are in the driver’s seat. Lose to the Dawgs and he will focus on beating Clemson.


  4. Spike

    Oh, PLEASE beat these guys…


  5. Will Trane

    Both coaches used the same word. Interesting.
    One loss. One win. Get over it. Move on.
    Agree with Pruitt…we are 1-11.
    No time to celebrate…no time to cry over it…long way to go for both staffs and players.
    Will be a fun game to watch…coaches and players.


  6. Baddawg

    look I know obc is a great coach. cocks haven’t really had the best experience winning though. they recently had an amazing player, and a tough qb. I just don’t ever see cocks being a great team. these last 2 ten+ win seasons were the greatest seasons they’ve ever had!! its going to be hard for them to keep that streak going. … I just don’t see it. they just don’t look talented on def to me… Thompson is streaky. hes not a well rounded qb. somebody school me how they beat us this year. I just don’t see it!!!!


    • Recipe: use desperation and emotion to get off to a quick start. Stuff the run. Get off the field on third down. Get a lead throwing the ball vertically. Pound our front with their running backs to hold the lead and keep Gurley on the bench.

      It’s a narrow window and you hope we can’t show up two years after crapping the bed and do it again but…

      This is going to be a test of the o-line. If were gashing them in the first q with Gurley, it’s over. If not, it’s gonna be a fight.


      • Baddawg

        I mean even if they keep gurley from running out of the I form, hes going to be in on the kicking game…. gurley gets his!!! I actually was pretty impressed with our safeties. corners are iffy, but our safties are laying the wood. we let Clemson make that game look closer then it was. Bennett fumble, BS!! Watson td pass, I still cant believe he held on to the ball, our safety laid the wood down. first drive that qb scramble…. and they took away our last TD to make it 52. should’ve been 52-7….. our def is better then a&m


  7. baddawg

    And don’t forget we ran them in the ground last year. Held the ball the last 8-10 min.


    • David K

      And don’t forget they embarassed us the year before and we had a pretty decent team. We can’t let them take the lead and get momentum. The stadium starts rocking with that fucking awful techno song and everyone is waving their hankies and it can go downhill fast.


  8. Brandon

    We are undoubtedly going to get their best shot.


  9. I saw somewhere, I think on here, where somebody said SC will be a good test for us. And that is certainly true. It was always going to be, and it still is, despite their first game.

    Maybe we get a clue as to what they’ll be this Saturday vs. East Carolina, maybe not. Even if we don’t, this won’t the be the same team A&M beat. It’ll be much tougher in Columbia than what they faced.

    No matter how good or bad SC is on September 13, it’s more about us than it is them, anyway. So it’s a very tough test for a growing team, which we are.


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Spurrier turned 69 on April 20. May we put his energies to a stringent test.


  11. raven

    Destiny cannot be controlled.


  12. HamDawg11

    It’s always sweet to see SOS lose…..it’s the sweetest when we’re the ones beating him!


  13. Reservoir Dawg

    The Ole Ball Sack as the haruspex of doom.


  14. Spike

    Spurrier is a Cock.