Oh Lord, please don’t let Boom be misunderstood.

It seems that Agent Muschamp is getting some pushback about ending three player suspensions based on a one-play game against Idaho and doesn’t particularly like it.

So what don’t we know, Coach?

While Muschamp criticized his critics for failing to have all of the information, he decided against adding any details that could perhaps cast his reinstatement in a different light.

I guess he could tell us, but then he’d have to kill us.


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48 responses to “Oh Lord, please don’t let Boom be misunderstood.

  1. Rick

    I actually have to agree with Muschamp. The suspension would be over had the game been played, so it seems unfair for the athletes to continue to be in ‘punishment mode’ for an extra week of practices because of the rain.

    I know it’s tempting for us as rivals to give him hell for it, just like StingTalk would give Richt hell for the same thing, but do we really want to be like that? We could be excused a bit if they were opening conference play next week, but they are playing Eastern Michigan. I don’t think competitiveness is playing a large role in tha Boom’s decision.

  2. H. Boots

    Apparently he just couldn’t do without those guys for the big game against eastern Michigan.

    • Jman781

      That’s what I don’t get. It’s not like they can’t beat Eastern Michigan without the suspended players. The Gators play Kentucky the following week.

      I’d understand (even if I don’t agree with) the rationale more if they were playing better opponents these next couple of weeks…

  3. GATA

    This should be fun as I’ve never attempted to type out of both sides of my mouth, but here goes. I don’t like or agree on his stance one bit (it is Boom and UF, after all), but I do hope JSW equally learned his lesson after sitting out our Clemson game…

    • Exactly, supposedly JSW was too injured to play anyway, and if that’s true, then he didn’t really lose any playing time due to suspension, yet we’re going to count it anyway. I also referenced the Bruce Figgins situation in a comment yesterday, he was suspended for 6 games back in 2009, but had a preseason shoulder injury, and ended up just redshirting that whole year. Yet we allowed the suspension to count for games where he technically redshirted, he never actually sat out games due to the suspension (In other words, he didn’t have to sit out any games in 2010). I get Bluto’s point about the hypocrisy of intentions, but I think way more coaches would make the same decision Muschamp did than wouldn’t. And based on the JSW and Figgins examples, I’m not so sure our own coach wouldn’t make the same decision as well. I think folks are getting into way too much of a huff about this.

      • Dawgbro42

        It is unclear if that game counted for JSW – I saw somewhere that UGA athletic policy is that a suspension cannot be served concurrently with a game missed due to injury. Not sure this rule (if it even is one) will be applied, but we may not see him back until Troy or Tennessee.

        • Dawgfan Will

          I wondered about this as well. Since Coach Richt isn’t publicly sharing injury information anymore, it’s a bit harder to read. If Scott-Wesley was injured AFTER the suspension was given, I’ve got no problem with Clemson counting as time served.

          • GaskillDawg

            Regardless of when he suffered the injury, UGA’s rule specifically disallows using a game in which the player was unable to play anyway as a suspension game.

        • GaskillDawg

          That is the rule. Georgia’s drug and alcohol rules are tough. The key, then, is could JSW have played if he had not been suspended.

      • Tlkdawg

        If I recall that situation correctly, Figgins was expected to miss 2-4 weeks due to injury. Then he was to begin serving a six game suspension which would have left him ineligible to play until the 9th-11th game. By that time, everyone is fully entrenched in their roles and there is no playing time to be had without disrupting the offense. A redshirt was given because the suspension effectively ended his season, not because he was unable to play at all that season. That situation is a Muschamp of a different color from the Gatorland debacle. And you can be assured that JSW will serve his game when he’s healthy.

  4. uglydawg

    UGA to Agent Boom, Is your circuit dead? Is there something wrong?
    Can you hear us Agent Boom? Can you hear us Agent Boom?
    “Here I am floating in my tin can.
    far, far away
    And I’m coaching in a most peculiar way
    And the Swamp looks very different today
    U of F is screwed and there’s nothing they can do”.

    (Forgive me David Bowie)


  5. Perfect line Senator: ” …he could tell us, but then he’d have to kill us!”

  6. Spike

    Some bedside manner the Boom exhibits.

  7. Mayor

    If you examine the 2014 FU schedule it is quite possible that FU will have 6 losses, IMHO. If FU doesn’t play the Idaho game and ends up with only 5 wins can FU be bowl eligible? Anyone? Beuller?

    • They’d probably ask the NCAA for a waiver.

      Boy, would I enjoy that scenario.

      • Macallanlover

        Let’s hope that becomes reality and the NCAA has to show their true colors or make FU take one for their actions. Good show either way, sending a 5 win team to a bowl, last man turn out the lights. Another new low is reached.

  8. 69Dawg

    Boom with his no game week suspension and Mark with the Figgins red shirt are mere child’s play compared to SOS’s five suspensions of Garcia which resulted in no lost playing time at all. You do have to give SOS credit, for as soon as he had Conner Shaw ready Garcia was toast. The press really admires SOS’s kind discipline.

  9. GaskillDawg

    You guys heard it all wrong. Actually Boom had given the three a one PLAY suspension.

  10. Dolly Llama

    Man, if you want to see how the UF have twisted themselves into knots over this, check out Swampgas:


  11. Homedawg

    Just saw the game has been officially erased. But it counts as a suspension somehow.