The Big Ten is grumpy, part one.

Northwestern’s head coach partly blames his team’s loss to Cal on local media and bloggers who didn’t report that the backup quarterback could run.

Take a victory lap, fellas.


UPDATE:  Too bad a blogger didn’t give Fitzgerald the lowdown about this.



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8 responses to “The Big Ten is grumpy, part one.

  1. Merk

    I blame this blog for not telling Clemson, that Gurley was going to be on Special Teams.The TD return was the turning point of the game and clearly the reason they lost.


  2. pete

    Seriously?!! Are you crying? There’s no crying in football!!!!!


  3. Macallanlover

    Just our societal wimpiness bleeding into football. I mean, this was the school where the unionization concept spread from wasn’t it? Why should a coach and his staff take accountability for failure? Let’s blame someone else, it’s the new American way.


  4. Mark

    I wonder if he is making a point to the bloggers and beat writers that cover Northwestern instead of really talking about the Cal bloggers.


  5. Spike

    They have run out of something to bitch about..


  6. Anon

    This was a guy I thought might be on the short list as a suitable replacement for CRM when and if it was ever needed.

    No thanks.