The Big Ten is grumpy, part two.

Proof of an aging fan base:  Ohio State asks its fans to turn in reports to police of people who stand during game play.


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  1. heytogoober

    Can they use the app to report kids on their lawns when they get home?

  2. watcher16

    Maybe most of our aging fans should become OSU fans and start going to games on Columbus. They might be happier

    • AdmiralNelsonDawg

      I’m sure they would be. OSU is 25-2 since Corch got there.


      I would not care if the students who occasionally have seats in front of us were actually watching the damn game and not busy looking into their crotches to text each other while standing. Jesus.

  3. AdmiralNelsonDawg

    Why can’t the UGA PD and the ACC PD show the same kind of initiative?

    • Sh3rl0ck

      No! Do not give Jimmy Williamson any ideas. A lot of the players are standing on the sideline during the game. If Gurley gets arrested for blocking some old fart’s view while trying to rally the crowd, I will blame you, sir!

    • Dawgfan Will

      There actually is a place where you can sit and wnjoy the game without having to worry about passionate fans standing in front of you and spoiling your view. It’s called your home.

      • Well done, sir – +92,746

      • ugafidelis

        Well partner, in our case my Dad was a ’68 alum (so guess where he went in’ ’69) who was just starting his 4th year of a losing battle with cancer. He had a seizure in October due to a brain lesion caused by a metastasis of the cancer and had already had surgery on that. Then he flew in between his radiaton treatments to be at the game.

        So like I said below, it would be wise to use your situational awareness because there may be some DGDs out there that just because they don’t want you to stand up the whole time doesn’t mean they’re not as passionate about Georgia football as you are.

        Not trying to be an A’hole here, but this one is kind of personal to me.

  4. What fresh hell is this?

    Considering the slow, plodding nature of BIG10 football you’d think they would want a few people on their feet.

  5. DawgPhan

    Funny because most SEC fans would say that a good fan needs to be at least 2 of those 3 things.

  6. godawg

    “Nothing finer in the land…”

  7. Evil Conservative Dawg

    Not surprising about the standing issue. I have had security called on me at Sanford Stadium and they told me to sit down or police would be called.

  8. Careful Brad

    Myself and another GTP commenter were asked to sit down during a crucial Clemson third down in the first half. We were told the guy two rows behind us couldn’t stand up or down quickly. I would have had mor sympathy if he wasn’t the first guy out of his seat at halftime.

  9. AthensHomerDawg

    My youngest son and I road tripped to the Missouri game. Sat in the student section. No one sat down. EVER! I have never been high fived so many times at a game before. We sang songs and did cheers. One of the best times I’ve had at a game. At other games we’ve stood up and sat down only to find the guys behind us standing in our seats. On occasion they have spilled their beverage and after standing in it they have stood on our seats. Makes for a wet butt and unpleasant exchange!.

  10. DawgPhan

    Speaking of grumpy old men…..did any of you want to turn in your tickets after a night of piped in music? i thought that they did a pretty good job with the music for the game.

    • The selections didn’t bother me. The volume did on those occasions when I was trying to talk with my friend. Not to mention the time they forgot to cut it off so the ref could call a penalty.

  11. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    I’m an old guy and standing during a game gets me really tired. However, I would never think of asking people to sit if they are really into the game. We had three young guys in the row in front of us for Clemson and they stood most of the game. No one standing in front of them. Their enthusiasm infected most of our section and I got a nap on Sunday afternoon. Don’t you go to Athens for the excitement?

    • AthensHomerDawg

      *“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”*

  12. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    They updated with this …

    “UPDATE: Shelley Meyer clarifies the folks looking at an actual ejection will have to be “drunk, sloppy, obnoxious”, not merely standing.”

    But if someone sloppy drunk the last thing they usually do well is stand …

    • AusDawg85

      If they really enforce this, they’l have to widen the exits in the ‘shoe. By definition, that’s anyone in a BIGX stadium.


  13. ugafidelis

    I used to agree with y’all on the standing issue until 2012. My Dad, a lifelong Dawg, got us tickets to the SECCG. He ended up having to have radiation treatments at that time, but he flew in between his two weeks of treatments to be there.

    And early in the game, everybody was standing a lot. And I mean standing just to stand. And it started way down in our section, so of course everybody followed suit…

    Well, the guys in front of us and i had some words, and my Dad, obviously very frustrated said, “Don’t worry about it, when they’re old and their feet hurt, some sonofabitch is going to stand in front of them.”

    So use your situational awareness and if need be, keep your butt in your seat. Remember those folks came to enjoy the game too.

  14. diving duck

    I disagree. The entire trade off between the comfortable HD at home and traveling to the game is the in stadium atmosphere. It’s a unique environment during big games that doesn’t translate to television. If you don’t want to contribute to an engaged and enthusiastic crowd then just stay at home or your tailgate.

    • ugafidelis

      The problem with this argument is that it turns into a head butting contest of who the bigger, better fan is. It also unnecessarily turns people of the same fan base against each other. On your point it’s one thing to stand and celebrate after a big play, but it’s completely different to just stand for the sake of standing and think that everybody that doesn’t want to needs to stay home.

      • Diving duck

        You’re right. Also, my phrasing was poor. If you want to sit down that is completely fine. But I would be upset if I was standing up and yelling (to distract an offense not to cuss out Bobo) and someone told me to sit down.

  15. Isn’t just a matter of being polite? There’s an old couple that sits behind us, and we just try not to stand for the sake of standing – if these a big play, or a critical situation, or the guys in front are standing, we’ll stand, but really just try to be considerate. If there’s no one else around you who’s standing, you should probably sit down…

    • DawgPhan

      Oh…you act like a decent human being when in public. seems like that is in shorter supply than a cold bottle of water in sanford some days.

      Standing up doesnt make you a better fan.