Boom don’t need no stinkin’ twelfth game.

Kind of amusing to see the preseason “keep an eye out for the Gators” talk dwindle to “7-5 looks a whole lot better than 6-5.” after the news came out that Florida and Idaho elected not to reschedule their rained out game from last weekend.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Oh. What a surprise.

    So the suspensions are fully served?


    • ClydeBoogie

      Agent Muschamp will go down in history as one of the greatest Dawgs ever!! Not for his play, but for the way he has sacrificed himself on the gator altar. His disregard for his own well being is amazing as he stone by stone destroys the Gator Nation from the inside. If only we could find a couple of daring dawg brothers to go behind enemy lines and give him a case of Moonshine and a six pack of Colt45 to help his frayed nerves


  2. uglydawg

    I have no idea how many Idaho fans made the trip. There had to be a few…and the players had to be excited to be playing in the setting.The game was cancelled for weather and that’s un-controllable. The game was being played (by Idaho) for a paycheck and they got it. Florida was looking for a lock on a 1-0 start to the season. ID got theirs but FU only get’s negative attention.
    What this has done is focus attention on Muschamp and his plight. It’s not a good thing for him or us…we need him to have some marginal success.
    I’m worried that our remaining days of having him at Florida are a low number.


    • siskey

      Yes! I feel the same way. He continues to get attention and say dumb things. I hope that he stays around another year but that seems unlikely and I can now see him getting Ron Zooked sooner rather than later. If they lose to Tennessee I think we’ll see a lot of shots of whoever their interim coach is during the WLOCP. Hopefully they will go after KIrby or give Derek Dooley a chance to redeem himself.


  3. uglydawg

    (To the punctuation cops on here…I’m sorry about the wrongly applied apostrophy in “gets” …and my poor spelin’ two)


  4. Irishdawg

    This is bullshit. So Florida basically gets an extra off week. I know no one controls the weather, but come on. There is a free spot right in late October that would be perfect.


  5. Spike

    Boom and the Gators punked out.


  6. DC Weez

    This is a great outcome for Idaho — they get the money and don’t get pounded. Not so great for Boom and the Gatas.


  7. AdmiralNelsonDawg

    I made sweet love to Corrine Brown.


  8. So would we call this a “rent-a-tie”? Foley can’t be happy about the $975k payout + the ticket refunds, which come out to about $3m+ (90,000 x $35). That’s a pretty big, unexpected hit to the reserve fund. They talk about insurance, but I wouldn’t think their insurance company would pay a claim for a game that could have been played later in the season.


  9. DawgPhan

    Would love to see the Gators end up at 5-6 and miss a bowl game for another season.

    that would be awesome.


  10. 3rdandGrantham

    It doesn’t make a lick of sense to me why they didn’t reschedule the game for late October. Boom wants to keep the by before UGA, but does it really matter when you’re playing one of the worst teams in Div. 1 yearly? UF could rest their starters and still win comfortably, thus essentially preserving the bye before playing us. More so, they wouldn’t take the financial hit that they’re taking over this.


    • I agree – I don’t understand this unless Boom has pretty much been told they must beat us for him to keep his job. Even then, I can’t believe Foley would be willing to take a $4m unexpected hit to their finances unless their insurance is pretty much covering the loss (which I doubt). UF has been a very well managed athletics department under him.


      • 3rdandGrantham

        As much as we might hate to admit it, Foley is considered by pretty much everyone as one of the top AD’s in the country. Something is odd about all of this for reasons mentioned above. We’re talking Idaho here. If Boom can’t beat them easily with his 2nd and 3rd stringers alone, he should be fired before the UGA game.


        • He has been a very successful AD – one of the best. He has made mistakes on a couple of football hires (Zook and possibly Boom), but Billy Donovan has been a true home run type of hire. Yes, he “hired” Corch, but that was more of Machen, who was the president at Utah before coming to UF. He has continued to run a successful athletics program even in the face of the facilities arms race happening all around him (sounds like McGarity).


  11. Bulldog Joe

    October 25 is sitting there pretty for both teams.

    What a puss.


  12. AusDawg85

    Certainly not to defend or diminish the deserved ridicule, but Idaho might be just fine with taking the money and not the beating. Just saying…


  13. No way was Florida going to use it’s bye before the Georgia game. This game never had a chance of being replayed unless it was after the SECCG, and that wasn’t going to happen.


  14. I still don’t understand why this game wasn’t just played the next day (Sunday). Yes, they would still have to issue refunds to some fans who simply couldn’t make it on Sunday due to travel plans, but you still would have ended up with a decent crowd, and avoided all this negative publicity. I saw somewhere that they didn’t consider playing Sunday because the field wouldn’t have had time to dry out or something like that. Which is nonsense because teams play on wet fields in the rain all the time.


  15. Dog in Fla

    September 4, 2014 at 10:45 AM
    “Agent Muschamp will go down in history as one of the greatest Dawgs ever!!”

    Tinker Tailor


  16. Rickdawg

    Anyone not see how day lose these 6 games? Alabama, Georgia, LSU, South Carolina, Mizzou and Fla St?

    I see 3 sure wins: Vand, E Mich, E Kent

    These are toss-ups: Tenn & Kent

    Ole Muschamp done Bro. 5 or 6 wins max.


  17. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    According to an AP article they had choices, one of which was to resume the game at a later date. They could also have declared it a “no contest” (my guess), they could forfeit (probably not), or they could “end the game with a predetermined score” which both teams agreed on. Anybody know for sure what they decided?


  18. Cosmic Dawg

    I don’t think this is too conspiratorial – when this was first getting discussed I thought, from a political point-of-view, an extra win against Idaho does nothing for Foley except make it harder to fire Muschamp if he has an 8-win season. And the money, which is negligible for a team like FU.

    However, if Muschamp’s Gators manage to beat UGA or FSU and pull out another surprise game or two, the fans themselves will remind each other about why the W-L record looks the way it does.

    I think Muschamp has to do more than maintain this season, he needs to beat some good teams, and wins over cupcakes will only cloud the issue for Foley come January.

    I totally understand why they wouldn’t want the distraction of a cupcake instead of the bye before WLOCP – give your coach the very best chance to save his job or prove definitively he shouldn’t keep it – crushing Idaho tells you nothing.


    • Mayor

      I agree with your evaluation, CD. However, the lack of the Idaho game puts FU behind a little in player development because of the disappearance of one of their tune-up games. I have felt for quite some time that Foley had already decided last year to fire Boom but didn’t want the new coach to come in and take the hit on the schedule described in Rickdawg’s post above. Foley wants to let Boom eat those losses and the new guy gets to ride to the rescue next season. I’m predicting Boom gets the ax before season’s end a la Ron Zook so FU will be ahead of all the other schools making a HC change at season’s end.


    • uglydawg

      Cosmic..the only thing wrong with your premise is an assumption that anyone at FU is thinking that deeply.


  19. CannonDawg

    Dan Mullen’s on line 1, Mr. Foley.


  20. They could have re-scheduled it for the weekend of the SECCG, not like UF will be busy.