Oh, yeah… wasn’t he the guy who was hurt all the time?

Seriously, if Todd Gurley manages to start every Georgia game this season, what do you think the odds are that the pundits will continue to characterize his career with “but even so there are concerns about his durability” qualifications?


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14 responses to “Oh, yeah… wasn’t he the guy who was hurt all the time?

  1. 69Dawg

    Senator it is what we old timers call beating a Dead Horse. In this case ESPN is trying to make glue out of the dead horse.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    No matter what he does this year, they’ll bring it up on NFL Live ad nauseam until the draft. They find ways to generate controversy even if there is none about a consensus top player. Just witness the laughable debate about Jadeveon Clowney (only months after they created a fake controversy about whether he should even play his junior year at all).


  3. americusdawg

    I try not to be concerned with Gurley’s durability, as I would think that his coaches/trainers, etc. are looking out for his best interests. With that said, I do agree with the title of the linked article “More RBs the better”. Thankfully we have at least 5 good/great ones. Hey Koolaid … oh yeah!


  4. sniffer

    I don’t remember now, but was Marcus Lattimore’s durability questioned?
    I do remember him trucking us, though.


  5. Brandon

    Luginbill was on Finebaum yesterday repeating the falsehood that Gurley missed games as a freshman, Paul nodding. I wanted to throw a shoe at both.


  6. uglydawg

    These guys are just too lazy to do their homework. They repeat a meme as if it’s an original thought.
    Speaking on Finebaum…I was watching the show recently and some guy called in and said he thought Auburn was better than Alabama again this year and Finebaum fairly bristled….He couldn’t believe anyone would hold that opinion. You can’t be a Bama fan and be objective….those things are mutually exclusive.


  7. Cojones

    How does it compute that dilution of individual runs makes you less valuable in the NFL? And how does that take the RB position out of kilter with all other positions? Is playing time the big evaluator to say a RB is valuable or not? Or a candidate for best FB player in America?

    Maybe we should just go for yds/touch as the indicator for athleticism and as a representative of all good life qualities that used to be included in evaluation of the HT. In light of these new measuring sticks dreamed up by the media, I recommend that QB touches be computed by halving the yards they get from passing divided by the number of attempts; also, they receive 1 point for handing off. Of course, this would result in most consideration going to a running QB.

    Yds/touch would get rid of the “missed games/injury” question by setting a minimum # of season total yds to qualify in that category(yds/touch).

    Media is becoming the enemy of CFB by trying to manipulate all thinking to their bailiwicks of self-interest. Preseason favoritism, that’s not based on what all new teams accomplish this year, results in ranking polls that are not a measurement of accomplishment, but rather, setting up false standards based on the worst of all judgemental criterion – subjective reasoning. Teams have to come “up” in rankings against a subjective stacking of the preseason team-ranking deck that’s influenced totally by the talking heads. A&M and UGA are prime examples. Teams like Auburn, Alabama and FSU are given favoritism carte blanche predicated on last year’s team which has little to do with this year’s team’s rankings before games are played. A&M is the best example of the subjective positioning horseshit that requires them to “rise” in the subjective reasoning poll made against them in preseason, while other teams have mediocre games and remain at the highest level. If the first-game merit-of-play objective criteria were used, A&M should be #1 and UGA, #2, followed by Oregon, Ok and then Ala, FSU and Auburn.

    If you look closely, I’ve just described a microcosm of the 4-team selection committee’s system that actually starts before the first game is played. Now, that same horseshit will be shoveled on the Heisman selection.


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well, ya know Todd looks trimmer this year, without the Bob Horner butt. 🙂


  9. JasonC

    Todd is an injury risk… and Murray can’t win the big game.


  10. Mike

    Assuming he declares for the draft next spring and assuming he does not get hurt this year, and assuming he does that while carrying a reasonably heavy burden of the rushing duties, he will have STILL been hurt two of the three years when he played college ball. i.e. I am not sure one year is enough to change a trend, albeit one that is only two years old.

    In a similar way, Driskel has been hurt and missed at least one game in all three years of his career. Should he play all year this year without getting hurt, I am not sure he will have shaken the “injury prone” moniker either