Back in Knoxville again

I know plenty of folks are looking forward to the reception Junior will get when Alabama travels to Tennessee later this season, but another old, familiar face returns to prowl the sidelines in Neyland Stadium this Saturday, with backwards cap and towel in hand.

photo via Arkansas State athletics

I have this vision of Trooper in his eighties, in a wheelchair, still sporting the same dignified look.


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17 responses to “Back in Knoxville again

  1. SMDH

    This is clearly a photoshop. He was definitely palming dolla bill$ to pass off on that high five.

  2. watcher16

    That list is about a pretty sad list of games. Seems like the author had to struggle to come up with some of those

  3. Spike

    And don’t forget the shirttail constantly out.. What a putz..

  4. I’m not sure I’ll watch a single SEC game this weekend other than maybe a look-in on USCe. I’ll probably watch some of Sparty vs. Nike just to see if Narduzzi’s B1G players can slow down Phil Knight’s offense. I could care less about Micheeeegan and ND, but I was surprised that GameDay isn’t at that game as the last in the series for the foreseeable future. About 10 years ago, Va Tech and tOSU would have been compelling, but I don’t see the Hokies staying close in Columbus unless their defense plays lights out.

    • Macallanlover

      I know we all have our level of interest to CFB, and admit my “total immersion” is over the top but I am very excited about this weekend, although it doesn’t take much to get my interest on CFB….I watched all of last night’s game from San Antonio. I certainly wish there was something more entertaining in the Southeast but the national debate will have several puzzle pieces put into place with what happens on Saturday and I cannot wait for the two West Coast games that I would not get to enjoy fully if there were a big SEC contest opposite one of them. Even the Ohio/Va Tech game will be telling, although far behind the Big 2 games. The Michigan State/Oregon match up is the classic offense/defense battle, methinks offense wins out this time.

      I only get about 14 Saturdays a year so I block them all off, even when UGA is not playing, or playing a cupcake. My wife is kind enough to indulge me those few days a year and we go no where, for any reason, and have no one over except my adult children who understand how Saturdays flow at our home. I am a proponent of moving the non-Power 5 programs to a spring schedule just to give us another season of CFB. I would say “I have no life” but this is the best part of life, entertainment wise. The only thing that comes close is The Masters.

      • Mac, I think we may be related or at least cut from the same cloth. Throw in some gratuitous USC Song Girl shots & I’m all in! Of course with whatever game Herbie is on muted out (smiley face here).

        • Macallanlover

          Now you are going to make me fess up that I will tape the Duck’s game just for the glimpses of their cheerleaders…..the best (and not just in the West).

      • Not much of interest to me this weekend on Saturday for sure….

        Msu Oregon might be worth a look see.

      • I enjoy college football, but it’s hard to tell the family I’m going to sit in front of the TV all weekend after business travel for the entire week especially when the Dawgs aren’t playing and there isn’t must-see SEC TV this weekend either.

        There are some good games outside the region this weekend, so I hope everyone enjoys the games.

    • H. Boots

      If you can’t get excited about Oregon-MSU and USC-Stanford, there’s something wrong with you.

  5. Moe Pritchett

    AHHH… footballs very own “Fresh Prince”

  6. Gravidy

    This week’s list of games is pretty sad. It’s good to know I won’t be missing much while I’m sitting in the dove field tomorrow – uhhh, games, that is. Otherwise, I’ll be doing plenty of “missing”. 🙂