A pirate’s life, but a losing team

Sad to say, it may be time to admit the bloom is wearing off the Mike Leach rose.  Wazzou looked poorly coached on offense last night in losing.

It’s weird, in a way.  The Air Raid scheme Leach pioneered is still going strong (just ask Lorenzo Ward about that).  But Washington State isn’t really getting much traction.  I suspect that being the third or fourth best program in Texas gets you access to better athletes than you get a shot at as the number two program in Washington.

It’s a shame, because college football is better off with a few characters in it.  But Leach is being paid to win football games, not to be a character.



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  1. AthensHomerDawg

    Leech- (2.2 mil/yr 5 year roll over) was a favorite among some Bulldog malcontents to replace CMR. He’s a fun read and makes for a great interview. Don’t think he is a good fit for Georgia but the man can coach up quarterbacks and loves to sling it around.
    Drew Brees held the NCAA record for pass attempts in a game (83) for fifteen years, until Washington State quarterback Connor Halliday broke it in October 2013. The Pirate went 7-6 and 9-4 his first two years.
    After two rough years Richt opened the 2011 season 0-2 and fans got edgy but he turned it around. I don’t think Leech has those kind of horses to get up to speed and 9-4 might be the best he can do with the Huskies but not this year.


  2. What fresh hell is this?

    I had a chance to watch their first two games and they do look pathetic…a team that repeatedly shot themselves in the foot with false starts and holding penalties, and who have absolutely no idea how to score when they get inside the ten.
    It was hard to look at Mike Leach’s face last night. This season will surely accelerate the graying. Can’t imagine where the PAC12 win/s will come from.


  3. JasonC

    Yesterday after reading the Corch-Seat 37F post, I found myself thinking, “Why do I think Meyer is one of the biggest asshats in college football, but give Leach a pass?” I mean, both guys can be very prickly and both have had run-ins with the media and put restrictions on media access. But for some reason, I kinda like Leach and loathe Meyer (and it seems you feel the same way). Honestly, I never resolved why I feel that way. Thoughts?


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Odd question and I really wouldn’t be overly concerned about it.
      All coaches dodge questions and skirt the fine line between truth and fiction. Urban just flat out lies. imho. He is an ultra successful and manipulative coach with a poor moral compass. I admire his successes but not the manner in which he achieved them.

      How about the worst loss in Georgia coach Mark Richt’s career, which left the preseason No. 1 staring at being No. 2 in the SEC East for the second straight season.

      Florida coach Urban Meyer even called two timeouts in the final 44 seconds—surely to prolong Georgia’s misery. Meyer said he did it because running back Emmanuel Moody deserved a couple of extra carries, but no one inside Jacksonville Municipal Stadium believed that.

      As Ivy once posted it would be great to see Meyer and Coach Richt meet up again in the playoffs. If CMR were ahead at the end do you think he would call a couple of time outs in the final seconds… you know…because Mason deserves to toss another TD? Of course.
      and this…


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Corch kisses a$$, even (or especially) when they’re thugs. Any player who gets on Leach’s wrong side (or loses their spoon) gets a night in the box!


    • AthensHomerDawg

      I know you were referring to Cool Hand Luke h/t These here spoons you keep with you. Any man loses his spoon spends a night in the box.
      But that does pale in comparison to William Diehl/ Tai Horse— Los Boxes


  5. 81Dog

    if only there were more ballers in British Columbia, Alberta and Montana, Mike the Pirate would be plundering the west!


  6. Marshall

    I think Pirate Leach has lost his mojo and might be on his way to a “Mumme Slow Fade.” Lose this job and end up at a place like maybe…New Mexico St. Then drop to FCS, then Div. II and so on.

    I would hate that because I like him and agree that college football needs some characters. But you hit on the head, without the talent, his system just doesn’t work as well. Plus, the whole quasi-Aspergers/socially awkward thing probably isn’t doing him any favors.