BREAKING: Todd Gurley isn’t injured.

Give Chris Low credit for bucking the trend.

It’s OK to call Georgia’s Todd Gurley a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate. Just don’t call him injury-prone.

The Bulldogs’ star tailback was mesmerizing last week with his 293 all-purpose yards and four touchdowns in the 45-21 win over Clemson. The only semblance of a question about Gurley coming into the season was whether or not he could stay healthy, something he was well aware of this summer when I asked him about it.

“People are always going to have something to say if it’s negative,” Gurley said. “You could run the ball 100 times and fumble once, and they’re going to talk about the fumble. It’s football. People get hurt.

“Peyton Manning got hurt. So did Tom Brady and Adrian Peterson. Stuff happens. You just come back even stronger.”

One game into the 2014 season, Gurley has come back stronger than ever…

Hope he’s still saying that twelve games into the 2014 season.  I expect Gurley’s going to give him every chance to do so.



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7 responses to “BREAKING: Todd Gurley isn’t injured.

  1. Now that Gurley brought it up, I really think a favorable comparison is Adrian Peterson in terms of running style (and maybe injuries too). I really think we have a college AP in the backfield.


    • SpaceStation

      “I really think we have a college AP in the backfield.”

      I agree. Been saying’ that TG reminds me of Peterson since TG’s freshman year. Has a similar skill set. Very rare.


      • SpaceStation

        As for the health issue, if he can get his 100+ yards/game on 16 touches like he did against Clemson, he will be fresh and have fewer hit / potential injuries. This will protect him to a certain degree simply by limiting exposure to hits.


  2. H. Boots

    Maybe I just have a bad memory but I saw all these people over the off season who said “Gurley can’t stay healthy.” Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t he only been injured once, and in fact played through injury before? If anything, I’d say that makes him a tough SOB.


    • Sh3rl0ck

      He was injured twice. He pulled his hamstring on the 75 yard TD against Clemson (that’s why he went back to the locker room before halftime and had his carries limited). That slowed him down a little bit in the next couple of games but he played through it. He was back to almost full strengh for the LSU game where he then the high ankle sprain. Those high ankle sprains take forever to heal. Does the “can’t stay healthy” meme apply to everyone who sprains their ankle?


  3. Dolly Llama

    I hope he’s still saying it 13 into the season. 🙂


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Think of Gurley like a cartoon super hero – the injuries and recoveries add to the drama. You’ll know he IS injured when he’s on the sideline or has a short gain. He’s NOT injured when he has a long run and/or TD. To summarize: he gets injured easily and frequently, but recovers rapidly. It’s so simple – don’t know why there’s confusion about this.